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5 Video Games That Shamelessly Ripped Off Zelda

WC - The Legend of Zelda has been a fan favourite game ever since it first appeared in the late 80s on the NES, so it would be a fair assumption to say that many gamers, developers and game designers have been inspired by the green-clad hero of time. From fan-made art, Kickstarter movie projects and a musical concert tour, The Legend of Zelda has been the main source of inspiration for many individuals. And with the Wind Waker HD edition due out in less than a month, along with the November release for A Link Between Worlds, Link’s adventures won’t be grinding to a halt any time soon. (Culture, Legend of Zelda)

Wintersun616  +   219d ago
5 games, 6 pages. *sigh*

The games are:

5: Ittle Dew
4: Alundra
3: Anodyne
2: Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden
1: Ultimate iZelda Climb

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