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Guy Makes Melody Using Game Console Sounds.

After seeing this video, it made me realize how much sounds our beloved consoles make. From powering the console to turning it off, a pretty wide selection of bleeps, rings, beeps and other minute notes come out of our consoles.

Youtube user and avid console fan, liltommyj, composed the melody above using strictly the sounds of the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. (Culture)

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StraightPath  +   218d ago
so this is the music that will end the fanboy war and unite the console fanboys :D
Kran  +   218d ago
The music of the gaming universe
Redrum059  +   218d ago
New world gaming lol
Duddy101  +   218d ago
Actually really digging this!
TheParanoidx  +   218d ago
Found myself tapping my foot the throughout the whole song :)

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