8 PS4 second screen apps explained – the future of PlayStation 4 cross-platform gaming

OPM: The PS4 is betting hard on second screens – addition iPad and android apps that let you manage and even play your game away from the PlayStation 4. Here are a few great examples of how they’re being used.

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theWB271685d ago

There's one game..per page so here's the list.

1. AC4- Second screen is a real-time map, in game data.

2. The Division- Lets you control a drone to scout ala at the end of the first demo show.

3.Watch Dogs- Can act as a third player to impede progress. Drag a Heli around to track the 2 console players and set up road blockers, traffic lights, bridges etc...

4. The Crew- Control basic in game functions. At this point mod cars and other customization.

5.NFS Rivals- Compare and Compete lets you watch a friends in game progress. ‘Overwatch’ on the other hand lets you help them as they play by refilling nitrous and other gadgets, or making repairs as they race.

6. MGS5- Series creator Hideo Kojima has revealed that players will be able to create their own personally crafted missions in MGS5 using a second screen app. Kojima explained that one of the main reasons that the studio had gone open world with MGS 5 was that they “wanted to use multiple devices” and that by using tablets and smart phones, “you can also enjoy MGS5 and create user-generated missions within the world.”

7. BF4- We've seen what it does...weapon loadouts etc...

8. Warframe- The free-to-play PS4 timed-exclusive packs similar second screen features to Battlefield. Again on iOS and Android, Warframe’s second screen allows for inventory crafting and setting up co-op games with friends which, while not revolutionary, still provide ample reason to dive in if you’ve got a tablet or smartphone. On top of that, you’ll be able to access all game info without even hitting the pause button on your console. One area this will come in handy are the timed missions that only pop up for a limited window (sometimes a few hours) and let you earn special rewards. The app will warn you when they go live so you won’t miss anything

5h4h4b1685d ago

Thanks bro. You saved my time +1 for being helpful.

black0o1685d ago

thx for time saving +bubble

ArchangelMike1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Cheers man. Bubs up for being helpful. BF4 second screen is mainly for Commander mode as well.

kayoss1685d ago

Its awesome that they are not forcing these features down our throat. They are just implemented what most people have and tried to integrated it into the console as an option. For people who already have a tablet it would be great. For people who dont, they're probably not missing out on much.

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PCGamingNoobs1685d ago

id like some stuff with the vita being the second screen, yeah i can use my phone or tablet, but they should make more in detail second screen stuff for vita using the controls on there as well. then again maybe that will get a bit much.

patsrule3161685d ago

I'm hoping for the second screen apps on vita as well. I understand why multiplatforms won't do it...but if a game is a PS4 exclusive, they really should work on the Vita for second screen apps, beyond just having remote play.

Tornado1685d ago

I like your username :)

PCGamingNoobs1685d ago

thanks! name of my youtube channel

Mr_Danski1685d ago

xbox or PS4, i think the tablet apps are really gimmicky, as well as phone apps etc.

I personally think it takes away from the game because devs have to develop these silly apps on the side.

Should be 100% focused on the games, Hopefully i see some really cool stuff done with them and come around to the idea.