Destiny: "It's all about choices"

Gamereactor's Gillen McAllister talks with Bungie's community manager, David Dague, about how players will shape their own adventure in Destiny via the choices they make and the gear that they use.

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VaporCell1554d ago

I chose to play the game right now ! >.<

skydragoonity1554d ago

this game will be the halo killer

DarkLord10031554d ago

I think it's great that you have the opportunity to choose but at the same time it kind of gets annoying. Everytime a new game comes out suddenly everybody acts like the "feature" of choices is something completely new. Even current gen is all about choices imo. There are some many games which claim to be all about choices... and choices changing your kind of gameplay and story....

So - am I excited about Destiny? HELL YEAH! But definitely not because of choices. I'm looking forward to explore the world and see all the different locations. That's what really interests me....

Lboogieskells1554d ago

I need some new gameplay, I'm losing interest in this title.

Mr_Danski1554d ago

Totally agree with you. Loved everything i've seen so far but im slowly losing interest.

Have to say though, I am very excited for it.

Brix901554d ago

Comes out next summer so there still developing it...So I'm sure they don't want to give it all upfront.