Grand Theft Auto V Map Leaked

Recently the GTA V map was leaked and coinpixels have got our hands on the leaked picture, please look away now if you do not want to see it.


High Quality One:

Apparently it's a real thing:

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TrevorPhillips1442d ago

Here is another link just incase that gets taken down

Could it be real

Prcko1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

yep i think this one is real

TrevorPhillips1442d ago

Thanks for the find my friend :)

Looks gigantic!!

ZodTheRipper1442d ago

And all the people that claimed their map was real failed hard. This looks like the real thing and nothing like earlier leaks.

SolidStoner1442d ago

it looks big, but I dont see this GTA5 map to be bigger that all other GTA's combined.. just saying..

cant wait to test all those landscapes...

TotalHitman1442d ago

It's nice to be right. Everybody was calling the fan made map crap when it was a hot story a few days ago and I got hate for it. Well, it was 100% spot on :)

There's the fan made map.

TotalHitman1442d ago

Liberty City has smaller and tightly packed streets. Los Santos has less streets, but they are wide and it's more spacious. The two cities have the same area. I think this is why people doubt the size.

lsujester1441d ago

Regardless of it's accuracy, that fan made map is still crap.

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ZodTheRipper1442d ago

My comment was regarding this by the way

Some even claimed there will be snow lol

-Foxtrot1441d ago

Does anyone think it's weird theres an airport in the middle of nowhere...I mean of that size anyway.

If it's a proper airport then why how it in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a city is supposed to be there.

porkChop1441d ago

It's called Fort Zancudo, so it's probably a military base.

GarrusVakarian1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Its the same shape as the map you see for one of the achievement icons, so i think this is probably it.

TrevorPhillips1442d ago

It definitely looks legit bro

Prcko1442d ago

i can't find north yankton lol

Jambab1442d ago

I bet Rockstar must be kicking themselves that they managed to keep this a secret so long and then a week before it gets leaked. lol

Only one city though? hmm

Prcko1442d ago

they said one city with countryside

Kingdom Come1442d ago

Maybe, but that city will be about the size of Red Dead Redemption's entire map.

steve30x1442d ago

Theres also Grapeseed , sandy shores and Paleto bay vilages

LightningSamus1442d ago

SA was the only GTA with more than one city, it had three cities Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

V was only meant to be set in Los Santos but a redesigned version and much bigger than SA's version of Los Santos.

Furesis1442d ago

i'm pretty sure one of the first GTA's had liberty city, vice city and san andreas all in one game but i might be wrong

steve30x1441d ago

@ Furesis : There wasn't any GTA with Liberty city , Vice City and San andreas. Those cities were all in their own game.

Jeff2571441d ago


The very first GTA had Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. GTA 2 had Anywhere, USA as the city. Then later London 1969 was released. When it made the switch to 3D we didn't get multiple cities until San Andreas.

steve30x1441d ago

I stand corrected Jeff. I played GTA 1 but it was such a long time ago that I forgot it had those three cities in it.

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