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New PCH-2000 PS Vita Model Exhibited Publicly, Pictures Show How Thin it Is and the Screen

The new model of the PS Vita is being exposed to public scrutiny for the first time at the Sofmap shop in Akihabara, and since a lot of Japanese gamers don’t go anywhere without a camera, pictures are starting to surface on the internet. (PS Vita)

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allformats  +   468d ago
Look at that Vita! Man, Sony's been on a roll, lately.
Vitalogy  +   468d ago
The more I look at the pictures the more I think they are using very cheap material with the new version. Build quality seems to be affected, I guess that's what you get for trying to lower the price (ps3 super slim is in the same boat).
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FunAndGun  +   468d ago
Not sure how you can tell build quality from a picture.
sobotz  +   468d ago
Judging from the pic, I think they're using the 3DS plastic-like now.
guitarded77  +   468d ago
I don't think "very cheap" is accurate. Maybe some lighter weight material... the OLED->LCD screen is different, but looks good from the pics. I think the new Vita looks like it can better withstand a hit... I've dropped my 1st gen Vita on the concrete a few times, and it has some scuffs.
Dee_91  +   467d ago
you said that like the original vita was made out of carbon fiber or something.Its more than likely just a lighter plastic.Lighter dont mean cheaper.
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yeahokchief  +   467d ago
Looks like a lot more plastic, but not bad.

On the bright side for the new version, the L and R triggers look more comfortable as are the start and select buttons which you actually use quite frequently in a few games.

I'd still probably go for the original wifi version if you can find it because the screen is a bit nicer. Best buy had them on clearance for $150. That was the time to buy. I told everyone of my friends about that deal.

Plus you're going to have to wait on Hori to release a new type of screen protector for this model because Hori screen protectors are, without a doubt, the #1 accessory to have with the vita. Goes on so easy and you don't even notice it's there. No more worrying about scratches on your screen.
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GribbleGrunger  +   468d ago
We need a comparison between the OLED and the LED screen to see how much difference there is. If both are comparable then there's no problem, but if the OLED is markedly better I'm hoping Sony leave both on the market and advertise the 2000 as an entry level handheld. Maybe $150 V $200 would suffice to reflect the difference in quality.
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SaulGoodman  +   468d ago
Either way I'm getting PS4,VitaTV,Vita in that order. Sony will receive all my money now, and beyond the near future, at least.
spok22  +   468d ago
better call saul!
DoomeDx  +   468d ago
totally read that with Saul Goodman's voice.
Abriael  +   468d ago
There you are, found a couple of the screen as well and added them.

Mind you, taken by a camera, it's really hard to judge its quality.
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sobotz  +   468d ago
It's LCD not LED.

Tei777  +   468d ago
are you sure, LED TVs/monitors are still technically LCDs. I don't think sony has specified what the screen is other then the fact its an LCD and using "improved" technology.
sobotz  +   468d ago

It's quite different

Maybe it's not significant, but it's still not the same thing.

Yes, Sony said they're using the improved LCD screen, but still they need to show to us how much different than the current PSVita's OLED.

I still prefer the original version of PSVita than this version though.
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--Onilink--  +   468d ago
technically LED and LCD are the same.. because what you know as LED screens are actually LED LCD.

LED is the lightning type, LCD is the type of display.

I know what you mean that they havent specified what type it is and LED TVs are better that regular LCD TVs

But Tei777 is also right in what he says..

Though i doubt it will be LED, probably just regular LCD
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GribbleGrunger  +   468d ago
yeah, it was a typo I was too late to correct.
ShinMaster  +   468d ago
You're comparing with old LCD tech.
Abriael  +   468d ago
By the way, they said that the old 3G/Wi-Fi model will be still on sale. So yeah they're keeping a model with the OLED.
Bundi  +   468d ago
Well that's cause they still have a whole bunch of them in storage. They can't exactly just toss them away now can they?

Once OLED Vita inventory clears which could take a while given its selling pace-it will no longer be for sale since Sony are now only making this cheaper material version.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   468d ago
OLED suffers burn in and that's why they got rid of it.
Otoshigamisama  +   468d ago
That issues lies,not with the system but the user its a gamers job to take care of their own gaming systems right?
dredgewalker  +   468d ago
Never had a burn in on my vita and my brothers vita's are also fine cause we always turn them off after playing. It's not just oled's that suffer burn in. I've had a friend who has the lower screen on his 3ds xl and that's definitely an lcd.
ginsunuva  +   468d ago
$50 for the screen difference?

No way.

LCD will just have slightly less-natural colors and a bit more sun glare.
miyamoto  +   468d ago
OLED has good color saturation(sometimes over saturated), deep blacks, good viewing angles too
but more expensive to manufacture than LCD

I have a Galaxy S3 with Super AMOLED and New Nexus 7 with IPS LCD

lasts longer more durable than OLED,
less expensive,
correct color profile,
more mature technology,
brighter than OLED indoor or under direct sunlight,

HD LCD has good viewing angles and dynamic contrast now too
Just look at how gorgeous the Xperia phones and tablets' LCD screen are

the bonus of PSV 2000 is 1 GB internal memory, lighter, slimmer, micro usb support

it might be $175 here in NA
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kayoss  +   468d ago
From what I understand is that LCD uses a backlight to produce bright colors. However, for this reason black is not as dark (more washed out). OLED can produce their own colors this give it an advantage when it come to black color. Black color on the OLED is much more darker therefore the color look much sharper in a darker screen. A benefit of OLED on handheld is that they really showcase the colors on a slimmer and smaller screens. Another benefit of OLED is that when view at an angle there is no loss of quality when compared to LCD. However im not sure if this applies to smaller screens like the PS vita. LCD can have dead pixels but OLED are more susceptible to burn ins, worst then Plasma.
This is just my personal understanding of OLED and LCD. I might be wrong though.
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jhoward585  +   468d ago
OLED is way better than LCD because OLED doesn't use a back light.OLED ammit light through each pixel, allowing for maximum brightness even outside.well, As long as you don't play it outside then LCD is OK.
slivery  +   468d ago
Chances are very likely those are Super-LCD's. I see many people complaining thinking this is some basic LCD tech, like the ones used in the PSP.

I can assure you that Sony is not putting old ass LCD's in this new Vita.

Super LCD's are practically identical in terms of quality compared to Super AMOLED Plus screens these days. As always the only difference you may notice, which many don't is the lightness of blacks in S-LCD's but its nothing to write home about.

People keep saying this one is cheaper or kid friendlier. It is the same price and knowing Sony didn't slouch around the first time using a crappy screen, its safe to assume they put the best LCD screens available in this which are probably Super LCD 3.

Like seen in the HTC One X. You can find many comparisons of these screens and not a single one will come out with a definite answer on which is better anymore.

Now if this was the oldest LCD tech around, sure be worried but it would be very stupid to think Sony is going to revert back to the PSP's screen type. Which is the most basic LCD tech, LCD's have changed greatly since then.

I know I will be switching my Vita out for these new models. I don't think for one second the screen is going to look worse than the OLED in the old Vita. It will be almost identical and in some cases LCD is better, definitely better for gaming and will last you a lot longer. Much more reliable than OLED screens.

Production costs will be cheaper now also because Super LCD's are cheaper to produce than OLED's. That is why you see a lot of people making that switch now with many screens from monitors to phones.

Ah forgot to add this but the pixel density in the LCD can be higher also, so there is actually a chance this screen might be sharper than the current OLED because it has a slightly higher pixel density.

Based on the images here it looks of excellent quality to me. If it were the old LCD's you wouldn't even get that quality in an off screen picture. Just look at PSP images.
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GamerGuy153  +   468d ago
Exactly. Sony has said themselves that this LCD screen has the newest LCD technology available. The new screen is likely not a downgrade at all.
Edi007  +   468d ago
nintendoo look the 2013 -2014 designs and hide your ugly 2ds ho look like part oh mufin or cake
JBSleek  +   468d ago
Look at that price though.
nick309  +   468d ago
Im kinda tired of re releases of consoles, feels like a waste of your money and never truely want to get them day 1.. Thats how i feel bout my vita ):
Abriael  +   468d ago
Honestly, with the fact that my "old" vita has the OLED and 3G i feel very confident on my day 1 purchase :D
TimeSkipLuffy  +   468d ago
I like these kind of redesigned hardware... far better than Wii Mini XDD
Edi007  +   468d ago
Wii mini is like lwata face without his hair
TimeSkipLuffy  +   468d ago
I will save money for that model later. First I want my PS4, then I gonna wait for VITA TV and after that I gonna get this as a replacement and keep my current VITA as backup device... and after all that I might consider the X1 or even WiiU XD
r21  +   468d ago
The LCD makes the visual a bit washed out, based on that Miku game image. I need an HD shot of the Vita 2.0.
5h4h4b  +   468d ago
Vita means LIFE ^__^
blademaster09  +   468d ago
So the mysterious port located at the top on the previous Vita was removed eh. I wonder why was that port created in the first place and for what purpose.

btw, that LCD display actually looks good.
WitWolfy  +   468d ago
I always assumed it was for an HDMI out cable adapter.
boybato  +   468d ago
Did they? The top flap looks big enough to house both that and the vita game slot :-)

Edit: reviewed the pics and i think they did remove it. Lol
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DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   468d ago
Hopefully we get some comparison videos soon...
Williamson  +   468d ago
I hope the original vita can coexist on the shelves with the new one, I love the oled screen and I want many to experience how amazing the screen is.
nades_all_night  +   468d ago
I personally don't mind the LCD/LED screen in the new PSVita 2000 model. I find myself playing portables outside or in brightly lit rooms anyway so that will benefit me and gamers like me, and I know that its not flashy OLED, but honestly the only thing I really will miss are the super crisp black tones, and less motion blur. I like the way Sony developed this product as well. Its not a complete replacement to the current Vita and it serves its purpose catering to other demographics of users while not segregating current PSVita owners. Also, do any of you know if the PSV2000 is region locked? I missed out on my change to pre-order a VitaTV and am hoping I can jump on that sexy flatfish black Vita2000. I cant find info on this anywhere, and also didn't see a timetable for NA release. I need this in my life ASAP. Thanks.
MorbidPorpoise  +   468d ago
The shiny glossy look reminds of the original PSP.
Pancit_Canton  +   468d ago
Sony should have made that waterproof and using triluminous display technolgy kinda like their Xperia line up.
ColeMacGrath  +   467d ago
1080p would make the handheld more costly but imagine P4G on that!
kingPoS  +   468d ago
I'm reminded of the PSP go for some odd reason.
Ragthorn  +   468d ago
OFF-TOPIC: Should I just stick with my original Vita model, I just got it recently, but after a week this gets announced. I am a little sad, but I want to know if my older Vita will still be good. Thx if you can reply.
ON-TOPIC: It looks really glossy, that's alright but would prefer a less glossy model. Everything I have heard about this seems better except for the screen imo.
bromtown  +   467d ago
I don't think it looks as nice as the original Vita, but I'm happy they've released it if it means more people will buy one and more top quality games will be made.

It looks a lot more like the launch PSP to me, then again, this is just a mock-up and the final console will probably be a little nicer.

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