PlayStation Vita TV Will Be Playable at Tokyo Game Show With God Eater 2 and Danganronpa 1-2 Reload

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced that PlayStation Vita TV will be on the show floor at Tokyo Game Show, and will be playable.

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Otoshigamisama1555d ago

Thats the bomb!! more PS vita games on TGS!! :)

Blacktric1555d ago

Buying one as soon as it gets released in the west. I picked a 3DS over Vita for Monster Hunter 3:U and 4 but now I can at least get to play all the games I've missed out on until I can get enough cash to buy a Vita.

FamilyGuy1555d ago

Not interested in playing on a small screen but VERY interested in playing Vitas exclusives. It's like Sony made this thing just for me! ^_^
All at a decent price too at $100, maybe less.

fsfsxii1555d ago

The vita now will rise from the ashes. Epic library incoming.