This Super Mario World orchestral arrangement is glorious

"Video Games Live is making a final push for its Kickstarter campaign, unveiling a fantastic arrangement from Super Mario World (which you can hear below) that it hopes to take to Nintendo and get on the upcoming Video Games Live: LEVEL 3 album if it's successfully funded. The campaign, which only has three days remaining, still needs to raise a bit over $40,000 at the time of writing this post." -Destructoid

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tristanwerbe1842d ago

Speaking on behalf of N4G: If its not Sony it sucks Speaking on my behalf: Awesome

Snookies121842d ago

That's not on behalf of N4G my friend. I love lots of things by Sony sure. However that's not to say I don't love Nintendo and Microsoft games as well. I care not what system the game is on, so long as its memorable and wonderful. Super Mario World was a classic that will withstand the test of time for many years still to come.

no_more_heroes1842d ago

That certainly seems to be quite accurate on this site.

majiebeast1842d ago

You got a persecution complex going on.


Damn thats so good.

3-4-51841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

I prefer the original sounds.

They were unique and memorable.

Any music that is orchestrated sounds identical to other songs that are orchestrated because....


With Video game music, you can use thousands and thousands of different unique sounds.

In an orchestra your violins will always sound as such.

In a video game, with synths, you can make that Violin part sound like anything you want, thus adding a uniqueness to your games sound.

How don't people understand this?

no_more_heroes1842d ago

Nintendo, why you no do dis???

SonyNGP1842d ago

I really hope this is part of their set list for their performance in Dubai this December.

SaulGoodman1842d ago

No way, I'll be there at the DWTC too. That's kind of strange. It will be one heck of a concert though, I can't wait! See you there maybe?

CRAIG6671842d ago

This is amazing, try staying on-topic guys.

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