MyGEN serve 2.5 Million Custom Xbox Live Gamercards in its First Month after Launch

MyGEN has had some success with its latest site offering, with its very own custom gamercard generator. The service can be used and shared amongst its registered members on fan sites across the world like MySpace, Facebook and other internet forums. Often used as signatures and avatars the system allows users to make their very own unique gamercard designs which updates dynamically every few hours with their real time Xbox Live information thanks to the Xbox XCDP program. Some of the designs have been showcased on hundreds of sites and received up to 200,000 views and more. Users have the ability to keep their designs private if they wish.

In June MyGEN will also be holding a competition open to the world which will involve someone creating a gamercard on their site with a few requirements, with the chance of winning $500 worth of prizes and an Xbox 360, so keep an eye out for that.

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meepmoopmeep3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

pretty cool service, the prize thing is awesome for those artsy talented people. $500/gifts + 360. for a bit of your time is well worth it.

3868d ago