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Reviewer Leo Stevenson writes, "The Wonderful 101 is another “great white hope” for the Wii U. Unfortunately, it’s just not as wonderful as it needs to be. The game is another in the long line of niche titles for a Nintendo console. The Wii U faithful will buy it out of principle, while everybody else will collectively shrug out of indifference."

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ape0071593d ago

all i can do is LoL, i played the demo more than 8 times

no way a 6 out of 10 game

3-4-51593d ago

too much going on in the game to focus on what is happening.

Mushing all characters together was a very stupid idea.

This game could have been epic, but it's just kind of ok.

I like the idea, or most of it, but it's like watching the worlds fastest man finish in 6th place.

X1PS4WiiU1593d ago

Ive already put 12 hours into just the demo. I was still finding deeper game mechanics(just from a demo). I highly enjoyed it from what I played.

The combat, when done right, is very satisfying. Gave me goosebumps.

ape0071593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

some people want their "press X to win" Mcdonalds games(i like mcdonalds but want to show the idea lol)

some people appreciate theatrical qualities over actual "core game design" qualities

this group became popular in this gen, a game must meet certain "FLASHY" standard or it sucks

those aren't real gamers imo, im playing quake 2 on N64 right now and it's waaaay better than crysis 3 on max setting

_QQ_1593d ago

some people appreciate theatrical qualities over actual "core game design" qualities , pretty much the only argument people have to defend games like uncharted,i love uncharted, but i love SC2, Mario galaxy,Metroid Prime,DOTA2 allot more, for that exact reason.Gameplay>all

PopRocks3591593d ago

Let me guess, another person complaining about the controls?

*reads review*

Didn't disappoint.

1593d ago
naiyo1593d ago

I like the Wii U and I just didn't care for the game myself. You can't win them all.

LOL_WUT1593d ago

You're not the only one. ;)

Misaka_x_Touma1593d ago

yeah like you even have one

1593d ago
RAFFwaff1593d ago

utter drivel 'review.' Nobody i know has the extra money just to 'buy a game out of principle'. I bought the game because i played the shit out of the demo, and now im enjoying a game which, although probably wont sell great, is absolutely destined for cult status.

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