PS Vita TV An X-Factor

Max Level: "Sony’s pre-TGS conference last night was nothing but sheer hype for PlayStation fans. Despite the fact that many of the games shown won’t be hitting the US, there was still a great deal of excitement around PlayStation’s new television device. Here’s rundown on the device and what made the TGS pre-show a win for Sony!"

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BlackOni1748d ago

Another great video. I'm personally pretty excited for this. I've been torn with buying a vita, because I mostly game at home, but there are some games exclusive to the vita I'm interested in playing. And being able to stream my ps4 games to a separate tv when my roommate is watching soccer, just simply fupic.

Eonjay1748d ago

LOL at "Has vita finally awakened from its deathbed as Chuck Norris?"

FamilyGuy1748d ago

Yeah that was friggin hilarious!

FamilyGuy1748d ago

Never seen this dude before, he's really funny and super hyped. It's always nice to see other people that are as excited about next gen as I am.

miyamoto1748d ago

Andrew house spoke fluent Japanese was the biggest shocker! LOL!

Game4life1748d ago

i was completely shocked myself.I was at work like is he speaking japanese fluently? incredible.

cleft51748d ago

Yeah I was really impressed there too. Completely blew me away, Sony has some frighteningly talented people working for them.

pyramidshead1748d ago

I was surprised at that too, I was like holy shit House is laying down the JAP!

tarbis1748d ago

INDEED! I was expecting him to speak in English then a translator will come up on stage to translate for him.
My respect for that man has just went through the roof.

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Sunnyknight1748d ago

I saw Guilty Gear Xrd Signs, for PS3 and PS4. Nuff' said. Sony is winning at launch with me right now. If GGXrd is a Sony exclusive title along with Blazblue CP, it's a wrap.

MeatheadMilitia1748d ago

Deep down looks too much like Dark Souls.... and that's a good thing.

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

I wonder if this means that Demon's Souls won't be coming back.

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The story is too old to be commented.