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FIFA 14 Demo is Out

FIFPlay: FIFA 14 demo for PC is now live. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be available between 10am to 2pm UK time. (FIFA 14, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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2pacalypsenow  +   694d ago
going to origin to download right now
The_Con-Sept  +   693d ago
Just sold my pc for the PS4. (^,^)
Starbucks_Fan  +   693d ago
The_Con-Sept  +   693d ago
I would rather stick to console gaming. That's why. Anyone want to buy a rat 7 mouse entire kit or a Logitech g510 or g13?
joe90  +   693d ago
LOL see ya.
mikeslemonade  +   693d ago
Soccer is lame. NFL and NBA is where it's at!
TAURUS-555  +   693d ago
i bet its the same FIFA12.
KingPin  +   693d ago
luckily for me i only finished FIFA 09 100% 2 weeks ago lol
joe90  +   693d ago
Its very to different to 11,12 and 13. the game plays a lot slower but more realistic.
MuhammadJA  +   693d ago
lol playing football on PC.
joe90  +   693d ago
lol playing FPS on Console.

Most gamers who play footy games on the PC have a controller so why "lol".

You would be suprised how many people play Fifa and Pro on PC.

One of the most played games on PC is Football Manager.
Bobby Kotex  +   693d ago
lol people who can't afford a gaming pc.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   693d ago

Not really disagreeing with you about PC gamers enjoying footy too (I don't know where people play more FIFA, neither do I care, I won't touch this PC vs Console non-sense, yet I too know plenty of people who play FIFA and PES on PCs), but I would note Football Manager and FIFA are in completelly different genres...

Just because both are setted aroung football doesn't mean they are comparable, FIFA is a typical team sports game while Football Manager is (as the name implies) a management simulation game.

So yeah... That's kind of a lousy example.
MuhammadJA  +   693d ago
@ Bobby Kotex:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm a PC gamer. It's just funny when someone say "I'm gonna play football/soccer on my gaming PC".
Modi1984  +   693d ago
same ol sh!t .. this year me and friends for PES2014
Thefreeman012  +   693d ago
Im sure you are a PES fanboy that just says this every year...
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   693d ago
Quite frankly they all seen the same every year for me... But again, I'm not heavy on either, not a great fan of the genre (although I enjoy it for local multiplayer every once in a while).
2pacalypsenow  +   693d ago
O im getting it on Xbox 360 i just wanted tro try it out on PC, WHy the disagrees?
Forza  +   693d ago
same game as last year.
2pacalypsenow  +   693d ago
Nope wrong the players move differently and the defending is much better
Evil_Ryu  +   693d ago
dont support orign you are killing pc gaming when you do
inf3cted1  +   694d ago
Copy paste all over again.

Seems like theyre not even trying lol. The configs are the same, the arena is the same too.
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HammadTheBeast  +   693d ago
Wow. It actually is pretty much the same. Guess I'm going with PES this year.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   693d ago
PES is worse and fifa 14 isn't that bad..a little improvment from last year and it feels much better..loving the ball physics
Derajcan2  +   693d ago
what would you change about it? im curious to know
monkeyDzoro  +   693d ago
If there's nothing to change, then what's the point in making a "new" game entitled FIFA 14 which is supposedly a very improved version of the previous one.
If there's little to no changes to make, why not releasing a patch, update or telling fans : "We think our game is perfect and doesn't need any change. Stick with FIFA 13"
That game isn't perfect and need improvements. As gamers we're not compelled to know what changes have to be made. We give our feeling about the game. Improvements to be made are up to devs.
inf3cted1  +   693d ago
So do you justify changing the players overalls, changing a bit of the gameplay, a new Windows 8 like UI and a new soundtrack for 60$, instead of a title update like many games do?
KiLLeRCLaM  +   693d ago
It would have been better if they used the ignite engine for the pc version but they're leaving it for the ps4 and xbone.. Fifa15 will surely be great on PC
Gster  +   693d ago
Here's a very good run down of all the changes that have been made, in an interview with fifa producer, on cvg.com Sounds very good, a lot of steps in the right direction.
CaptainPunch  +   694d ago
Going to give this a try, I enjoyed FIFA 13 so why not.
Thegamer41  +   694d ago
I bet he thought he was playing Fifa 14 until he read the title lol.

EDIT: Reply was meant for Slapsta72 below.
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slapsta72  +   694d ago
my brother accidentally downloaded the fifa 13 demo off origin lol
mafiahajeri  +   694d ago
Loool, impressions please PC players.
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vulcanproject  +   693d ago
Is.....FIFA 13 with tweaks. Exactly as I could have told you a year ago.

I find tackling has been tweaked to make it a little easier, possibly because players have slightly poorer control when dribbling/receiving.

Shooting from distance seems a little harder to score, you have to be setup perfectly to get power behind the shot even with the best players otherwise its a bit slower and the GK can get something on it.

Graphics pretty similar, crowd seems to be higher resolution which is a minor but noticeable change.
Duddy101  +   694d ago

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Iltapalanyymi   694d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(3)
AcceptedWalnut  +   694d ago
Same old shite from EA, new features hyped to the max and then you play it and it feels all too familiar.

From the 6-7 games I played, I honestly couldn't really feel a major difference when passing the ball around or trying to score. It still feels really similar to FIFA13 albeit with some new animations.

The shooting whilst slightly more random with the ball trajectory doesn't feel at all that different either. I tried headers, close shots, long shots and volleys. Most of them just look like they did in FIFA13.

Substitutions ARGHH!! ...they still take around a minute to complete and you're forced to watch them stupid cutscenes whilst the CPU makes sure to use every sub available.

/rant over.
higgins78  +   694d ago
Some amazing comments here already. I mean, I'm not a big supporter of EA, being as they are simply a business, but what more can people expect when purchasing the "latest" sports franchise in videogames. Hopefully, the squads are up to date, animations tweaked and added to (where necessary), and gameplay refined...that is all. You pay for the latest instalment if (like me) you value the authenticity and are passionate about the sport.

On the other side. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing this year is PES has been able to close the gap.
Angerfist  +   693d ago
Sadly PES fails almost everywhere, The lost licenses to teams like Barcelona and various other Teams and Stadiums make it a no Buy, even though i wanted to buy it This year. Its technically more advanced with the Fox Engine but thats it. Not getting Fifa, its not Worth it
TAURUS-555  +   693d ago
PES doesnt have 11 vs 11 players online wich for me its a deal breaker since FIFA12 got it.

i just canto go back to play 4v4 its ridiculous i wanna feel the excitemente of playing one player in one position the entire match.
SuperLupe  +   693d ago
Thank you higgins. It baffles my mind too what people expect from a yearly sports game.

You are spot on. Glad to see some level headed comments like yours not trying be some hipster gamer or whatever.

1nsomniac  +   693d ago
I have to say, I actually really liked it which I'm pretty shocked by.

A few things I see though, the PC graphics engine still hasn't caught up with last gen console graphics which EA should be ashamed of!

Other than that the gameplay actually feels very different, it actually feels very much like PES. As for once FIFA actually feels VERY responsive which is a massive improvement everything feels smooth as it should do. There's now a lot more contextual moves also like PES so everything blends better so there's less animation lag or stupid movements.

The separate player & ball physics freedom works very well with the right stick as well making the skill moves less silly but more fluid & realistic - and work!

Also the menus are better & more integrated so you can change formations on the fly at the half-time screen without going into any menus & fatigue actually looks like it means something for once!

All in all I have FIFA 14 included in a PS4 Watch Dogs\FIFA bundle that I was planning on probably selling once it arrived but I've changed my mind I actually cant wait for it now!
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SuperLupe  +   693d ago
Bubbles for not being a phony hiptser gamer bashing the game just to be "cool".
Baka-akaB  +   693d ago
I'm shocked too . It's too early to tell ... as bug and issues can easily arise the more we play or in a final version , but it was smooth , fast and felt good .

Its the first time ever that i havent felt strangled by some script and automated controls in a Fifa game . The difference is so big i wonder how people can still seriously say it's the same as every year .

I guess this puts me in the mood for maybe trying it again on ps4 . Meanwhile i'll stick with PES14 on ps3
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KiLLeRCLaM  +   693d ago
"A few things I see though, the PC graphics engine still hasn't caught up with last gen console graphics"

You must not be running the game on ultra settings at 60fps cuz it looks beautiful on my PC.. not as good as the ignite engine though
ninjagoat  +   693d ago
Feels the same game to me :/. Gonna hold of the the next gen version but not holding out much hope tbh. Should have had that on PC with the next gen version imo lazy tbh.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   693d ago
I bet the next FIFA 15 game will be great on next gen consoles simply because they will focus more on them rather than porting from current gen to next gen.
Kran  +   693d ago
The fifa 09 demo is out today? Really thought that came out 5 years ago... Wait that was Fifa 04...
S_C  +   693d ago
Can't find it on UK PS3 store
AcceptedWalnut  +   693d ago
That will be tomorrow when the PSN Store update is published.

I've managed to find it on XBOX by going to Demos > A to Z > E > EA Sports FIFA 14 but the purchase price is -1 and it just closes instantly when you attempt to get it.

I want to see if theres a difference between PC and console.
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iistuii  +   693d ago
Ive in the console Beta & its the same game as the pc, but obviously the pc version can be tweaked for higher resolution & detail, but it plays the same.
berndogskate  +   693d ago
It will be on the uk psn store wedensday morning between 1am and 3am
S_C  +   693d ago
LJO1989  +   693d ago
I've heard the PS3 demo is coming today in actual fact
Grindlefly  +   693d ago
It's on already. Just go to games/demos and it's the 1st one there. I thought pretty much the same as fifa 13, a few tweaks. Still, the roster update is always a bonus. Contemplating buying every other year now
nerdeu  +   693d ago
Meh .. they have had exact the same menu-interface since FIFA 10 (released september 2009) which is reaaallyyy lousy from EA Sports. Not only do they re-use the same looks: they're laggy also. I'm skipping FIFA this year even though I'm a Messi-fanboy. EA has ripped me off too many times before and but I won't get fooled again.
#13 (Edited 693d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   693d ago
there was no way the menu would be smoother except on ps4 and XB1 with all those auto save and autologging stuff , on top of the ea soundtrack .

I dont disagree on the rest , just saying that
listenkids  +   693d ago
Played a few games on PC, a good entry, sounds good, plays better. A shame Ignite isn't on PC, because it looks terrible in comparison.
Stsonic  +   693d ago
Is the ignite engine based on cry engine 3 or is it totally new?
KiLLeRCLaM  +   693d ago
totally new
Goro  +   693d ago
What's the difference between FIFA 08 & FIFA 13 excluding the roster/kit updates?
jamz4  +   693d ago
I think 13, after almost 20 years, finally introduced 360 degree movement.

That's about it...
FRAKISTAN  +   693d ago
Dungus  +   693d ago
Why. Can't. Some. Other. Top. Developer. Make. An. Excellent. Football. Game. To. Compete. With. These. Cut N Paste. Crooks. Why. Are. There. 2. Developers. On. The. Planet. Making. Football. Games. Don't. But. EA. Waah.
darkbluecrayon  +   693d ago
I know, right? C'mon 2K
KingRecoN  +   693d ago
Do you need to have gold membership to be able to download the demo on Xbox?
SuperLupe  +   693d ago
Yep but i dont think it's available yet. I'm in France and I cant see the demo anywhere. I guess we'll get it tomorrow.
ebreda  +   693d ago
Any more comments please?
Smoey  +   693d ago
Same as 13. It felt like I was playing the exact same game with updated teams. The graphics look slightly (VERY SLIGHTLY) better.
Nes_Daze  +   693d ago
Sad part is you can't expect FIFA fans not to buy this game, my last fifa game was fifa 12, I skipped on 13 knowing it would be the same crap, but now the teams have changed and you can't play with outdated rosters.
Android  +   693d ago
Im often known to disagree with people every year when they say cut and paste. This time EA hasn't given me much to defend in favour of this latest version. Its the exact same. Now its my turn to add to this notion of "copy and paste". I believe if you had fifa 2013 installed on your pc and decided to paste fifa 2014 into the same location you would be prompted with "overwrite existing files?" For 100% of all files.
Pandamobile  +   693d ago
I probably would have bought it if it was the next-gen version ported to PC rather than the current gen version...
Scrivlar  +   693d ago
Takes way too long to perform actions. Nearly every time I recieve a ball by the time I've taken a touch I'm already closed down and muscled off before I can pass the ball on
musashiden  +   693d ago
Just tried it on PC, looks nothing spectacular... pretty mediocre models and shaders...
josephayal  +   693d ago
Fifa demo MEH!

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