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2pacalypsenow1650d ago

going to origin to download right now

The_Con-Sept1649d ago

Just sold my pc for the PS4. (^,^)

The_Con-Sept1649d ago

I would rather stick to console gaming. That's why. Anyone want to buy a rat 7 mouse entire kit or a Logitech g510 or g13?

TAURUS-5551649d ago

i bet its the same FIFA12.

KingPin1649d ago

luckily for me i only finished FIFA 09 100% 2 weeks ago lol

joe901649d ago

Its very to different to 11,12 and 13. the game plays a lot slower but more realistic.

MuhammadJA1649d ago

lol playing football on PC.

joe901649d ago

lol playing FPS on Console.

Most gamers who play footy games on the PC have a controller so why "lol".

You would be suprised how many people play Fifa and Pro on PC.

One of the most played games on PC is Football Manager.

Bobby Kotex1649d ago

lol people who can't afford a gaming pc.



Not really disagreeing with you about PC gamers enjoying footy too (I don't know where people play more FIFA, neither do I care, I won't touch this PC vs Console non-sense, yet I too know plenty of people who play FIFA and PES on PCs), but I would note Football Manager and FIFA are in completelly different genres...

Just because both are setted aroung football doesn't mean they are comparable, FIFA is a typical team sports game while Football Manager is (as the name implies) a management simulation game.

So yeah... That's kind of a lousy example.

MuhammadJA1649d ago

@ Bobby Kotex:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm a PC gamer. It's just funny when someone say "I'm gonna play football/soccer on my gaming PC".

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Modi19841649d ago

same ol sh!t .. this year me and friends for PES2014

Thefreeman0121649d ago

Im sure you are a PES fanboy that just says this every year...


Quite frankly they all seen the same every year for me... But again, I'm not heavy on either, not a great fan of the genre (although I enjoy it for local multiplayer every once in a while).

2pacalypsenow1649d ago

O im getting it on Xbox 360 i just wanted tro try it out on PC, WHy the disagrees?

Forza1649d ago

same game as last year.

2pacalypsenow1649d ago

Nope wrong the players move differently and the defending is much better

Evil_Ryu1649d ago

dont support orign you are killing pc gaming when you do

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inf3cted11650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Copy paste all over again.

Seems like theyre not even trying lol. The configs are the same, the arena is the same too.

HammadTheBeast1649d ago

Wow. It actually is pretty much the same. Guess I'm going with PES this year.

KiLLeRCLaM1649d ago

PES is worse and fifa 14 isn't that bad..a little improvment from last year and it feels much better..loving the ball physics

Derajcan21649d ago

what would you change about it? im curious to know

monkeyDzoro1649d ago

If there's nothing to change, then what's the point in making a "new" game entitled FIFA 14 which is supposedly a very improved version of the previous one.
If there's little to no changes to make, why not releasing a patch, update or telling fans : "We think our game is perfect and doesn't need any change. Stick with FIFA 13"
That game isn't perfect and need improvements. As gamers we're not compelled to know what changes have to be made. We give our feeling about the game. Improvements to be made are up to devs.

inf3cted11649d ago

So do you justify changing the players overalls, changing a bit of the gameplay, a new Windows 8 like UI and a new soundtrack for 60$, instead of a title update like many games do?

KiLLeRCLaM1649d ago

It would have been better if they used the ignite engine for the pc version but they're leaving it for the ps4 and xbone.. Fifa15 will surely be great on PC

Gster1649d ago

Here's a very good run down of all the changes that have been made, in an interview with fifa producer, on Sounds very good, a lot of steps in the right direction.

CaptainPunch1650d ago

Going to give this a try, I enjoyed FIFA 13 so why not.

Thegamer411649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I bet he thought he was playing Fifa 14 until he read the title lol.

EDIT: Reply was meant for Slapsta72 below.

slapsta721650d ago

my brother accidentally downloaded the fifa 13 demo off origin lol

mafiahajeri1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Loool, impressions please PC players.

ProjectVulcan1649d ago

Is.....FIFA 13 with tweaks. Exactly as I could have told you a year ago.

I find tackling has been tweaked to make it a little easier, possibly because players have slightly poorer control when dribbling/receiving.

Shooting from distance seems a little harder to score, you have to be setup perfectly to get power behind the shot even with the best players otherwise its a bit slower and the GK can get something on it.

Graphics pretty similar, crowd seems to be higher resolution which is a minor but noticeable change.