Diablo III Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Review | IGN

IGN: "Come for the action-RPG carnage, stay for the loot. Diablo III delivers for PC veterans and newcomers alike."

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Chaos_Raiden1716d ago

Just picked up this game yesterday. Excellent action-RPG game.

harv0521716d ago

Looks like they changed the drop rate of legendary items...reviewer got Leoric's ring at level 12....I didn't get a legendary item on PC even on my hell playthrough at level 60...

I want to get this game for console but I already played it to death on pc....

MysticStrummer1716d ago

I've been co-oping on PS3 with a friend who played the PC version a lot. He says the console version is much better, for whatever that's worth to ya.

annus1716d ago

I'm pretty sure all the drops have been greatly increased due to there being no AH.

Thehyph1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I'm nearing the end of act 2 on nightmare (lvl 40) and I've found probably 20 or so legendary items. Me and a buddy of mine who play it have also both gotten the same legendary twice. His was Monster Hunter and mine was Goldwrap.
The drop rate seemed to go up by a lot when playing two player. I haven't played four player yet, but I imagine the drop rate is insane.

I'm a big fan of Diablo 2 uniques being in the game. Goldwrap, Blackhand Key, Manald Heal, Nagelring, Bonecrusher, etc. I've found a few so far.
It's crazy that I remember them because I stopped playing Diablo 2 in 2003. Ten years... holy cow.

yeahokchief1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

Dragons Crown is better. My friends who own this and dragons crown played this for a day and went back to dragons crown. Waste of money.

Cash grab port with ps4 coming out in 2 months. It'll go down to $20 or less in no time.

worldwidegaming1716d ago

Well said! Dragons crown is a better investment until the ps4 port comes out!

yeahokchief1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


i wont be buying the ps4 version either though. i dont like the company.

the kids that work there are a bunch of inconsiderate snots who don't respect the people that built the franchises. they just coattail off their work and make worse games.

im going so far as removing anyone from my psn list who i see playing diablo 3 who hasnt played dragons crown. i d rather not be associated with ignorant gamers.

Highlife1716d ago

"im going so far as removing anyone from my psn list who i see playing diablo 3 who hasnt played dragons crown. i d rather not be associated with ignorant gamers."

Frankly I don't care what other people play. Different games for different people. But I would remove you from my list if you were on it. I would rather not be associated with an idiot.

MysticStrummer1715d ago

You have people on your friend list?

TheDivine1715d ago

Ignorant gamers huh? It would be funny if you meant to be ironical but I fear you didn't. Kicking friends to the curb because they didnt play a niche beat em up is ridiculous. He'll I love DC but won't buy it until its cheap because its way too short, has very few levels, and is repetitive. Nowhere near the length, depth, and quality of D3.

Feel free to block my comments and ban me from your frenemy list.

Thehyph1715d ago

I stopped playing Dragon's Crown when Diablo 3 came out.

Dragon's Crown is way more technique based and challenging, but Diablo 3 just has that action game steamroll everything fun factor.

Most people online in Dragon's Crown don't seem to be very good, either. People don't learn how to effectively use air and ground hits in their combos, they don't learn the limits on air juggling, and they don't know how to evade cancel when using classes that SHOULD be using it. (Elf)

I love both games, but Dragon's Crown is on the back burner now until I'm satisfied with Diablo 3

yeahokchief1715d ago

@mystic strummer

Full. I've resorted to removing people who haven't been online in 6+months to make room but now i have a better reason to remove.

These people don't have to be my bestest friends. We just kickass in video games together. Getting rid of the derps. This is really a non issue because none of my friends have been playing this game. I'm just saying if i had to make room for another player who i meet on dragons crown that I would by removing someone who was playing diablow. But im not gonna remove someone just because they play one bad game. activision makes lots of bad games. the odds of them playing one eventually are very high. the odds of me playing one of them are 0.

8 people who clicked disagree apparently never played dragons crown.

antz11041715d ago

Dude you post a whole lot about how bad this game is for probably never playing the console version (which from what I hear Blizzard took everything from the pc version that was bad and tweaked it or removed it). It just sounds like "blah blah blah im trying to prove to myself this is a bad game blah blah". Lol seriously you should read your comments again.

Everyone I know that has this game on consoles loves it, and rightfully so.

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ArchangelMike1715d ago

I'm itching to pick it up, but since blizzard announced the next gen versions, I'm going to wait for the PS4 version, see what they do with the extra power and the DS4 touch pad.

yeahokchief1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

This, at the very least, would be the sensible thing to do.

And this review is a joke. Miller and whoever else he was talking with at some demo were straight up laughing over the graphics on the PS3 version.

To give the game a 9/10 after that little incident is hilarious. I mean how much more obvious do you have to be.

If i took a piece of dog crap and put a 9/10 on it one of these fools would buy it. I'll put it up on ebay right now. 9/10 dogcrap limited edition for diablo players. buy now!

antz11041715d ago

Agreed, mechanics are smooth and from what ive heard the loot drops have significantly improved to compensate for the lack of the AH.

When it comes down to it just a damn fun game.

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worldwidegaming1716d ago

Smart move! Its playable but looks very VERY dated.
At least it runs pretty good most of the time.
Slowdown and down right stuttering at times.
(The framerate jumps up and down.)
With how people get graphics hard ones this game does not deserve such a score (more like a 7/10)
the best thing going for it is the controls and great controls do add up to 9/10.

MRMagoo1231716d ago

Me too, I have it on pc but i want to play it on console , the AH in the pc version makes the game bad tho i still enjoy playing it its very hard to get good gear unless you have millions and millions of gold.

Thehyph1715d ago

You won't regret it, man.

The IGN review seems to have hit the nail on the head for this game. It's exactly how I felt, too.
Roll dodging is sweet, the menus are super effective once you get used to them, the high drop rates make the loot system incredibly addictive, couch co-op rules, the game is incredibly smooth and didn't often take those frame hits to drop it below 60, and the graphics are average.

Those are all points I would have touched on in a review, and IGN did.

You should totally get it.

vikingland11715d ago


well said bubble for you I feel the exact same way.