Video: New PlayStation Store in action

The PlayStation Store was officially launched today. Check out this video to see how the store works.

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Blackcanary3894d ago

All i've got to say is the UK PS store sucks compered to the US one. You guys get a Preview button we don't.

Jim Crowslaw3894d ago

dam i feel bad. i kno u dont wanna subject urself to using ours but just kno that option is still available

Blackcanary3894d ago

Damn if i had a credit Card i woulod just use the USA site but i don't why can't sony add pay pal to the USA site so i can buy things from it.

riksweeney3894d ago

Wait a second though, am I right in thinking that Europe got something BEFORE the rest of the world?

jkhan3894d ago

Well I think Europe and Australia gets everything after everyone in the world:(

Mikelarry3894d ago

wheeeeeeeeeere arrrrrrrrrrrrre yoooooooooooooooooou secret application.

brothersimon3894d ago

If only it was as good at XBL :(

They could only wish.

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The story is too old to be commented.