Breathing New Life Into Your Dreamcast

John Meadows from GoozerNation writes, "I have always been a SEGA fan. The Master System was my first and the Dreamcast was of course the last. In my opinion, on 9/9/99 the greatest console ever made was released. I still have one of my three Dreamcast’s hooked up to my living room TV, a 52-inch HD LCD TV to be exact. The picture doesn't look that great on a huge HD screen, but did you know you can play your Dreamcast in 720p?"

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MadMax1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Hmm, interesting. Looks different than the one i have. Does it do the same? Yes, the dreamcast was one of the best systems to ever be released! Ive been gaming since atari and colecovision and its still one of my favorites.

Something about the it the minute you get that awesome sounding startup screen with the dreamcast logo! Best ever! I have this VGA box and it looks incredible on my 40 in led samsung! Is this the same thing pretty much?

PS4isKing_821684d ago

Even with the ps4 almost here, the dreamcast still claims the best launch lineup of games to this day. Soul caliber, sonic adventure, nfl2k, ready to rumble boxing, Tokyo extreme racer, marvel vs capcom, sega bass fishing and more.

Dreamcast forever!

SegaGamer1684d ago

It's because it had a game for everyone. You had a platform game, fighting game, sports game, racing game and even a fishing game :P

MadMax1684d ago

I have to agree, that was one of the best game launches of all time! I remember getting the PS2 at launch and getting smugglers run. Came home after waiting in line all night with it. My first reaction was, this is what everyone made such a big deal of? The graphics were so inferior to the Dreamcast, even the dreamcast launch games smoked it!

When i bought my Dreamcast at launch, no lines, no hassle. Just breezed right in to Target. With those type of quality games and graphics, there shouldve been mobs!!! All gamers shouldve heavily supported the Dreamcast, it was the best console around with the best games!

Its just too dang bad that people didnt quite catch on to it. I think about that alot. My launch Dreamcast still works great. Where as ive had 4 Xbox 360s and 2 PS3s die on me!