Albert Penello Puts dGPU Xbox One Rumor To Rest

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Planning and Management denies rumor via his twitter.

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GarrusVakarian1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

There you go, straight from the horses mouth. This should hush all those delusionals who constantly spew garbage in all of the Xbox articles.

I don't think i need to mention any names.

Godlovesgamers1720d ago

It's funny that you really care that much about what someone says about one console or another. There are so many other problems in this World, how do you manage to focus so much attention on something so pointless?

Godlovesgamers1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )


You: Your reply to my post is extremely ironic, don't you see that?

Me: No. All I see is you caught up in a "War" of video game consoles. Funny that you still haven't responded to the question, but dodged it instead. Don't you see that as extremely ironic? I'm just curious as to why it is you and everyone else cares so much about something so pointless. Why do you care? Do you have stock in sony? Are you a sony dev? Are you even employed in any facet of the gaming industry?

You: Little do you know but i have no bubbles (replies) left in that conversation, don't you feel silly now? And if this is all so pointless why are you taking the time to reply to my messages, THAT'S what is ironic. Idiot.

"The user has blocked you"

Me: Evade, evade, evade. Obviously you don't have an intelligent answer to my question(s) and have now debased yourself by resorting to "name-calling" as your only defense because at the end of the day the answer to my question is really just a truth about yourself that you'd rather not address.

P.S. Nice move getting your pathetic little insult in and then "Blocking" me. How sad.

Oh and nice lie too, "Little do you know but i have no bubbles (replies) left in that conversation" LOL! You have 5 bubbles left!! Nice try. You're just as bad as "all those delusionals".

BallsEye1720d ago


Read up. From what it sounds is 1 gpu split into 2 units, stereo gpu or whatever. Read it :)

Flutterby1720d ago

Derp, it's obvious this guy has no idea what he is talking about by the fact the story changes after each story he makes up gets debunked , news just in mrx aka elite24gamer says the Xbox one has hidden alien technology that MS bought from Area 51 personnel and gddr42 ram from the future because they built a time machine , the ppl in the future can't say anything tho cos it's under NDA

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Prcko1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

all those rumors...
i will w8 for release,and ofc comparison

GiantEnemyCrab1721d ago

Arm your .gifs and commence the hate!

Never thought it was true but never thought it needed it. Looking at the launch games and if it's going to just get better from here then I'm not concerned. Not sure what tech deep-dives are but sounds like mumbojumbo.

M-M1721d ago

He's probably talking about the features in the CPU from the hot chips thing.

Horny1720d ago

Seriously, I think both systems will do just fine. Slight better performance from ps4 but it won't be anything game breaking and everybody will still enjoy the games.
I'm looking past this tech battle. I just can't wait to see what games are coming in the next two years.
Can't wait for mgs5

jimmywolf1720d ago

i agree with your statement, just don't like how x box handle last gen, nor agree with their vision for the future of gaming.

pixelsword1720d ago

I don't see how a 50% boost is slight.

BallsEye1720d ago

"The wording Albert has used in explaining the dgpu is correct ... there is no single big discrete gpu. As its all on the main single chip. And the components are split into two. That is also why there are three gpu blocks on the hotchip slides.
And this deep down tech = stereo driver. They are just wording things differently as to have impact."

I think it's not over


Flutterby1720d ago

It's not over because it was never under . You and anyone that links that clown are being marked as spam and have no credibility at all.