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Submitted by Prcko 885d ago | news

Albert Penello Puts dGPU Xbox One Rumor To Rest

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Planning and Management denies rumor via his twitter. (Xbox One)

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allformats   885d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
TIER1xWOLFPACKx   885d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(9)
GarrusVakarian  +   885d ago
There you go, straight from the horses mouth. This should hush all those delusionals who constantly spew garbage in all of the Xbox articles.

I don't think i need to mention any names.
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Angeljuice  +   884d ago
I very much doubt that.
Godlovesgamers  +   884d ago
It's funny that you really care that much about what someone says about one console or another. There are so many other problems in this World, how do you manage to focus so much attention on something so pointless?
Godlovesgamers  +   884d ago

You: Your reply to my post is extremely ironic, don't you see that?

Me: No. All I see is you caught up in a "War" of video game consoles. Funny that you still haven't responded to the question, but dodged it instead. Don't you see that as extremely ironic? I'm just curious as to why it is you and everyone else cares so much about something so pointless. Why do you care? Do you have stock in sony? Are you a sony dev? Are you even employed in any facet of the gaming industry?

You: Little do you know but i have no bubbles (replies) left in that conversation, don't you feel silly now? And if this is all so pointless why are you taking the time to reply to my messages, THAT'S what is ironic. Idiot.

"The user has blocked you"

Me: Evade, evade, evade. Obviously you don't have an intelligent answer to my question(s) and have now debased yourself by resorting to "name-calling" as your only defense because at the end of the day the answer to my question is really just a truth about yourself that you'd rather not address.

P.S. Nice move getting your pathetic little insult in and then "Blocking" me. How sad.

Oh and nice lie too, "Little do you know but i have no bubbles (replies) left in that conversation" LOL! You have 5 bubbles left!! Nice try. You're just as bad as "all those delusionals".
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BallsEye  +   884d ago

Read up. From what it sounds is 1 gpu split into 2 units, stereo gpu or whatever. Read it :)
Flutterby  +   884d ago
Derp, it's obvious this guy has no idea what he is talking about by the fact the story changes after each story he makes up gets debunked , news just in mrx aka elite24gamer says the Xbox one has hidden alien technology that MS bought from Area 51 personnel and gddr42 ram from the future because they built a time machine , the ppl in the future can't say anything tho cos it's under NDA
Prcko  +   885d ago
all those rumors...
i will w8 for release,and ofc comparison
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   885d ago
Arm your .gifs and commence the hate!

Never thought it was true but never thought it needed it. Looking at the launch games and if it's going to just get better from here then I'm not concerned. Not sure what tech deep-dives are but sounds like mumbojumbo.
M-M  +   885d ago
He's probably talking about the features in the CPU from the hot chips thing.
Horny  +   884d ago
Seriously, I think both systems will do just fine. Slight better performance from ps4 but it won't be anything game breaking and everybody will still enjoy the games.
I'm looking past this tech battle. I just can't wait to see what games are coming in the next two years.
Can't wait for mgs5
jimmywolf  +   884d ago
i agree with your statement, just don't like how x box handle last gen, nor agree with their vision for the future of gaming.
pixelsword  +   884d ago
I don't see how a 50% boost is slight.
BallsEye  +   884d ago
"The wording Albert has used in explaining the dgpu is correct ... there is no single big discrete gpu. As its all on the main single chip. And the components are split into two. That is also why there are three gpu blocks on the hotchip slides.
And this deep down tech = stereo driver. They are just wording things differently as to have impact."

I think it's not over

Flutterby  +   884d ago
It's not over because it was never under . You and anyone that links that clown are being marked as spam and have no credibility at all.
M-M  +   885d ago
I don't think Frigid will like this bit of information lol. A dual GPU would mean a price increase, and don't even say they can't announce anything because of the NDA.
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
thetruthx1, and elite24gamer will take this news even harder.
T2  +   884d ago
Maybe they wanted the 799 model xbone to be announced
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   884d ago
elitegamer didnt like this article. so much so he decided to pm this, he is so deluded he thinks there is 3 grahics processors totalling 4.2 tflops

Microsoft has been slowly moving themselves into sonygaf.. only right as to give clear info to the miss informed. You will see all this come together by the 30th. The wording Albert has used in explaining the dgpu is correct ... there is no single discrete gpu. As its all on the main single chip.

And the components are split into two. That is also why there are three gpu blocks on the hotchip slides.

grafix processer 1 = 1.95 tflops = orange square( Likely 2 DPUs working together with a cpu core or two to manage 1 probably for physics 1 for straight grafix)

Graffix processer 2 = gpgpu = 1.31 tflops = pink square (jag cores working with 12 cus for gpgpu in main soc)

Graffix processer 3 = 1 tflop= yellow square (Likely 2 more DPUs(dedicated Processing Units) working together, one for 1 rendering 1 for shading, also working with some cpu for management)

If you click the link, you can see there are 3 parts of the Graphics Processor. It's literally right in front of our eyes, it just hasn't been explained due to the NDA.

And this deep down tech = stereo driver. They are just wording things differently as to have impact.

BG11579  +   884d ago
Tier1xWOLFPACKx, I clicked on the link and only got "Not Found"? End of argument...
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pixelsword  +   884d ago
Well, the site was called "semiaccurate".
EXVirtual  +   884d ago
Yep. And misterx must be sitting in a corner.
DOOMZ  +   884d ago
Albert Pennelo is correct as dGPU inside Xbox One is not single big discrete GPU:
GarrusVakarian  +   885d ago
I bet that all the fanboys who spewed their crap about the Xbox One having dual GPU's wont even dare to reply to this article out of sheer embarrassment.
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True_Samurai  +   885d ago
I really wasn't caring for the dgpu I just want the damn thing on my TV stand
Baka-akaB  +   885d ago
they'll hide as usual , and then come back with some other fallacy or half truth
deSSy2724  +   884d ago
It was a rumor, you know what that means? and no, im not even a Xbox fan (never owned their consoles) but you obiviosly are a fanboy.
iamnsuperman  +   885d ago
Finally can we can put this bull that misterxmedia started (that is where this originated from) to rest.
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theWB27  +   885d ago
I only claimed there were components about the X1 that haven't been revealed. I never settled on the any other event. What are tech deep dives?
M-M  +   885d ago
No one asked you what you claimed. The tech deep dives are the features in the hardware that makes the console unique from it's competitors.
theWB27  +   885d ago
No one said you had to answer my post either. Still...appreciate the answer.

The main thing I run with are the games...they look just as good as the other platform.

My OG question was answered. I'll still be waiting on what the rest of the X1 has inside despite this...and still purchasing an X1 despite N4G or the absence of a dGPU.

You guys have fun with ensuing back and forth. I'll continue getting my script out ; )

Was already reading it.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   885d ago
" I never settled on the any other event. What are tech deep dives?"

Oh it's just the next thing you're gonna run with. Did you not get the memo?
Codey47   885d ago | Bad language | show
Thehyph  +   884d ago
Probably only runs 6 svchost executables instead of 75 like a proper Windows OS.

I'm still waiting for the day that I can buy a new laptop that either a) has Android, or b) has no trace of Windows.
aceitman  +   885d ago
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baodeus  +   884d ago
something like this perhaps?
cell989  +   885d ago | Well said
BS I clearly remember you boasting about the dGPU that would be revealed "once AmD lifted the nda" it was either you or your buddy Jokesonyou
theWB27  +   885d ago
Clearly it wasn't me. I say that tech sites say there are components missing thus they don't have a clear picture of what the X1 does. My argument is always "theres something missing" since Hotchips didn't lay everything out.

Try Jokesonyou...
n4rc  +   885d ago
Very few actually bought into all that dgpu stuff...

There was some hope for it, but it always seemed unlikely.. There is still info to come out tho..

I only remember one guy that kept linking to it..
MRMagoo123  +   884d ago | Well said

One guy kept linking it ???? I have at least 5 ppl on a list that said it was all true and the ps4 fans are gonna eat crow when it all comes out at least 5.
n4rc  +   884d ago
I only recall one.. There could have been more but I remember one guy that posted it a few times... People swearing it was more then a rumor is another story.. I'm just referring to the guy that kept posting that blog

I commented on it... It made some sense and was certainly possible with the NDA and Microsoft playing coy... They still are, but clearly not about the dgpu..
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PrimeGrime  +   884d ago | Well said
Trust me you said I have to answer your post. So I will, I am sure you remember our little debate yesterday.

You are so full of shit, you went out of way to tell me it wasn't just a rumor, way out of your way. No one believes me, read these posts in this other article. At the bottom.

I just spent so much time yesterday telling this person it wasn't true and they could not accept it for the life of 'em. Again one of the douche bags who never can admit they were wrong who instead just tries to twist it so they look good.

You try and play coy all you want.. You went to great lengths yesterday to say I was wrong and that this rumor was legitimate. You even went as far as to say how stupid is it that people aren't believing this rumor based on pictures that proved nothing.

Alright I think I am done here. No need to even talk about this crap anymore. I made my point.

Edit: Since I can't use anymore bubbles. Yea is that why you wasted you time with the second part of you comment. Pick and choose your words all you want, your true colors have shown.

You could have easily left it at that and you know what I wouldn't have had a problem with it but you had to respond even further trying to convince me this rumor had some type of purpose.

You aren't fooling anyone. I am sure I am not the only person who has seen you going on about this.
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theWB27  +   884d ago
From our convo
"I'm not saying there's a dGpu...but there's no way AMD would confirm the X1 has a chip that technically doesn't exist. That 3 billion dollars Micro is paying AMD has to account for something. "

If anyone wants to read the rest...I still maintain there are components that aren't known. No where in our convo did I say it's a definite Dgpu.

Go ahead and chest thump over something I never claimed was definitely there. There's nothing to hide in my comment history.

I went through great lengths telling you how wrong you were about the other crap you posted, like Sony making a billion dollars off of Plus last year. Or how a company that doesn't have as much money as another, can still spend as much.

EDIT- Who honestly gives a $&*t on trying to fool you. What true colors? I make no bones about preferring the Xbox. Whoever sees my comments on here knows I prefer Xbox. I don't waver. I'm buying an Xbox. My true colors are there...I've been there for two gens and Im making it a third with the X1.

Downvotes or your feelings being hurt won't change it. IM GETTING AN X1...that was the case with's the case after's the case after there's no will always be the same thing. I'm buying an X1. A forum will not change that.

Was that convincing? : )
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theWB27  +   884d ago
"Oh man you don't even know the shit I have had to deal with telling people this isn't true. Beating it into their heads. So fucking glad right now that this has finally been dismissed. So fucking glad..

With the Sony conference and this news, today couldn't have been a better day on N4G for me.

I was just literally arguing with people about this yesterday people who kept trying to tell me over and over again that this was real and that I am stupid.. Not so dumb now am I...? Oh wait, not even half those people are in this article of course.

That isn't surprising."

Reading your other're getting way too much satisfaction out of this. I mean seriously....when I'm gaming on the X1...and eventual PS4...these back forths on N4G won't make it any sweeter. I shrugged and went about what I was doing when I read this...but you seem's like winning the lottery or something.

Congrats on your self vindication...I just always look at this as fun. We rag on each other but when it comes down to it we enjoy the games....but your heart racing? Did you yelp with glee?

PS- I never PM'ed you over this. I rarely EVER PM. We went back and said your points, I said mine and I left it at that. I'm happy for you...really.
#9.5.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(28) | Report
glennco  +   884d ago
get a life dude
dp277407  +   884d ago
hey @Wb you forgot something at the end of your statement you put up (How dumb is it really to to wonder what else is there??).Talking about the dgpu or what else hmmm.
black0o  +   884d ago
it wasn't U it was the fanboy in U ;)
vigilante_man  +   884d ago
This applies to all blinded fanboys on all sides - great comment!
ziggurcat   885d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
The Captain  +   885d ago
Funny.... Devs like People Can Fly that worked on 360 exclusives say PS4 is 50% faster.....
n4rc  +   885d ago
Nope.. One guy that USED to work for them said that.. And later back peddled and said he meant development speed...

And he's going on his unnamed friends.. He's never worked on one as far as we know
Ketzicorn  +   885d ago
It's funny some Microsoft fanboys don't even believe their own representatives when they say it's so because they want to believe it has a hidden dGPU so bad. Just buy your system and enjoy it.Are you really going to be upset because of your console specs when your playing Halo or Sony fans are playing KZ. Buy what you like if you can't or don't want multiple systems and screw everyone else.
#12 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
5eriously  +   884d ago
Sad is it not? Poor eXBoner's.
#12.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   885d ago
So tired of this.

People should of accepted that ps4 is a lot more powerful and that's that. But no hard headed BN wanna keep grasping at straws
glennco  +   884d ago
I'm so tired of reading about the PS4 on xbox articles. If I want to read about playstation I will go to the playstation sections, unlike Ps trolls that sopend more time on xbox articles.

Why do people want to stop other people from buying something they want to buy? How does this effect the troll? Is the troll an asshole that wants to control how other people think, like religion?

My point is, there is little to no discussion on here because of the trolls. They have pretty much become the most hated group here, and for good reason, they are like a plague and because of the immaturity level, think that strength in numbers is a good thing. All it means is dealing with more assholes on each xbox article.

Are you guys that selfish that you want to also prevent any discussion on xbox as well as any sales? Do you even realise we do not want to even hear from you, or care about your lame immature little jokes, that are just too easy at this point. Grow up
vigilante_man  +   884d ago
On topic: It seems MS have confirmed that PS4 is the most powerful console just like Sony announced. Microsoft are disputing just how much more.

Does this matter? It seems to matter to MS a lot more. They have upped their GPU clock speeds and also upped their CPU clock speeds. At the same time Sony have - they just have the PS4 as it is.

Some undecided customers may now pick based on performance. Their choice. Not fanboys, just choice. Now it has even been declared by Microsoft that the PS4 is the more powerful only fanboys will argue otherwise.
thejigisup  +   884d ago
@glennco If you are tired of it, then i would suggest only to read the article and not the comments. You will always find someone that disagrees with you be it extreme or not. I can however see that the news generated by these companies(Ms and Sony) is a form of advertising and people want to know what they are getting themselves into. If you were cheated or lied to by a company or lets say a company was not as capable or reasonable as another wouldn't you want someone to tell you? It is consumer loyalty that drives the masses so honestly you should probably avoid anyone with an opinion on anything if you are looking to avoid fanboyism as well.

My boss yesterday told me she liked cocacola more than pepsi coca cola has more sugar and tastes better and the red cans are better...blah blah blah same shit about these consoles its preference. Doesn't matter if one is faster or works better(tastes better) so long as it does the shit you want it to do, and surprises you and does cool shit you didnt know it could do.
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Fergusonxplainsall  +   885d ago | Funny
No doubt, the XBone has a secret graphics processing unit!?!

One that will never be revealed to the people..

The one where clouds become more than puffs of smoke.

The one that need no introduction...

My ass.
#14 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(41) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Master-H  +   885d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   884d ago
As the old British saying goes...

ThatCanadianGuy514  +   885d ago
Well that settles that.Now, the sooner the xbox boys can stop thumping their chests and bragging over theories and speculations, and just accept the fact sheet reality, that yes, PS4 is just more powerful, we can all begin the process of being excited for games again.

You guys just keep stoking the flames, over and over and over.Cloud, upclocks, dual gpu's, secret untapped power, hypervisors, directX and so on.It's just sad to watch this stream of denial over the last few months.

Hopefully this reality check ends it.
Hercules189  +   885d ago
What some people also need to accept is that hardware is just one part of the equation, and Microsoft is THE master of software. Thats the reason why they use the car analogies because its pretty much the same way with this
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   885d ago
They are nowhere near the masters of software.Don't kid yourself.
5eriously  +   884d ago
Now explain to me WHY the "masters of software" neglected the 360 in the last few years and what's to say they would not do the same with the eXBone'd while in the mean time we saw excellent award winning AAA titles on the PS3 during the last few years with more to come? If you can explain away that bit I will invest in an XBone.
I_am_Batman  +   884d ago
"Microsoft is THE master of software."

Lol. That deserves a funny bubble. Unless you're serious. Nah you can't be serious.
Codey47   884d ago | Bad language | show
badz149  +   884d ago
"THE master of software"

first1NFANTRY  +   884d ago
"Microsoft is THE master of software"

OMG the delusion in your post is mind shattering. so how is that amazing software going for 360 fans so far? oh wait
MasterCornholio  +   884d ago
Hasta la VISTA baby.


Motorola RAZR i
NarooN  +   884d ago
Microsoft is anything BUT the "masters of software." Don't misconstrue their market dominance with OS's and software sales to correlate to quality.

Why do you think Windows is still relevant and Linux never took off instead? Because of Microsoft Office -- the one software bundle that just about every business and school uses. Even though today there are various freeware and independent alternatives available that either match or exceed the performance of MS Office today.

Another thing is gaming, Microsoft came up with their Direct3D (Direct X) proprietary API to force people to use Windows. Even later on as Direct3D matured, most developers just use DirectX because it's the "standard" and they know most PC gamers are using Windows as their OS. The fact is that OpenGL has been around for ages and is capable of the same things Direct3D is capable of. If OpenGL would take off, gaming on Linux would've been a much more viable alternative.

Outside of various software that wouldn't run on Linux (mostly really old apps), Linux is better than Windows in many ways.

Barring the tangent I just went on, a lot of MS software is crap anyway. Everyone knows what MS Office is, but can you name any other software or hardware besides Xbox and Office that was wildly successful and sent shockwaves through the industry?

Didn't think so, lol.
whoyouwit04  +   884d ago
We will do that when you sony fan boys be realistic, and admit that there is no game on PS4 that shows it's the most powerful console. And I mean not one. seriously, what has soy shown to says this is 50% better? hell what have they shown that shows 1% more power?
user7402931  +   884d ago
deep down
thedon8982z  +   884d ago
I second that : DEEP DOWN it is!!!
T2  +   884d ago
Kz shadowfall multiplayer is clearly superior to dr3 and ryse in terms of power right now .... Thats pretty much it for now .... Until ms can show that halo can compete
Pintheshadows  +   884d ago
Deep Down, Infamous and Killzone look superior to anything the X1 is offering. If you can't see that then I feel sorry for you.

Even the general public, those dribbling, shuffling maniacs can see it. And they are dribbling, shuffling maniacs. A lot like most Xbox fanboys.
OrangePowerz  +   885d ago
Can we put that rumour to rest now or will people claim he isn't allowed to talk about dual GPU?
Metfanant  +   885d ago
thats EXACTLY what they will claim...or they will say "he doesn't know, they have not unlocked it yet" or "newest dev kits have not shipped yet"
#16.1 (Edited 885d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   885d ago
Maybe, for me it was obvious when they announced the price as there was no way in hell to make a console that includes Kinect and implement an APU that has a dual GPU for 500 without loosing a good amount of money. There are no commercial APUs with dual GPU at the moment so making one would be very expensive.
rainslacker  +   884d ago
now now, it's obvious that MS is just trolling us, only to come out later and say that it does have a dGPU, much the same way they trolled us on the always online/DRM issues only to come out and say they weren't true to look like heros a while back. /s
Metfanant   885d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(5)
The Captain  +   885d ago
The cloud is getting old.... Does not work in defense. Sony has already stated they can utilize the cloud the same way MS can. Mark Cerny said it's not really effective.
Indo  +   885d ago
Theirs really no effective way of implementing the CLOUD in the ways M$ wants to, gameplay wise. Theirs are numerous factors in work against it, internet speeds,connections,the shear amount of players utilizing it, etc.
SKullDugger  +   884d ago
How do you know? Please explain or is this just your opinion?? Just the facts those work the best when trying to make a point. Oh and you used the wrong their I think you meant there is...
#18.1.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
BlackTar187  +   884d ago
Skull Dugger,

Internet speed and connection issues are facts.

What kind of facts do you have to say it works like MS is saying under the US circumstances?

I mean all of US not selcet market like buffalo or SEA where they have Millions of dollars put into updating the Internet on a broad spectrum. The rest of the country has internet issues. This is a fact can you dispute that?
bligmerk  +   885d ago
How many thousands of posts about the 12GB RAM? These MS loyalists are so clingy, clinging to the wishful thinking that the RAM would get increased, clinging to the wishful thinking of a no-Kinect SKU, clinging to the wishful thinking that an older GPU would outperform a newer one, clinging to the wishful thinking that the cloud would mean 10,000 times the powerz, bladda, bladda, bladda. And notice, all of these hallucinations have been expounded on, post after post, by people that claim they know something about electronics design or maybe they just think they work for IGN, just before the recess bell rings.
Vip3r  +   885d ago
If it did have dual GPUs, the DDR3 RAM would be a major bottleneck.

Ah well, guess the PS4 is still the power champion then.
Metfanant  +   885d ago
you guys should head over the the MisterX blog and see what they are saying about this!!


now they are saying...

"he said there is no SECOND that means we have the GPU on the APU, and the dGPU, but not a SECOND dGPU"

they are trying to spin this as CONFIRMATION of a SECOND GPU, but denial of the THIRD GPU...OH EM GEE!!
windblowsagain  +   885d ago
The guy is a total idiot.

Everyone knew the PS4 had more power, was confirmed by enough devs. Even E.A stated as much regarding N4SP.

Nobody is saying xbox one won't have some decent games and look good. Of course it will.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   885d ago
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
oh, for the love of...

joeorc  +   884d ago
Giggle, OMFG face Palm for the Win...LMAO

Not a confirmation of a 3RD GPU..?

.Bwhahahahaha, but a 2ND...there is just no words to express the smile on my face right now, This is just priceless. Many told them , for the Price there was no d@mn way it had a 2nd GPU and now with even direct confirmation it has no 2nd GPU they still continue on...,LOL
sAVAge_bEaST  +   885d ago
bwaa,ahahahahahaah.. Wow,. -to be delusional.
Sarobi  +   884d ago
This guy can believe his pipedream all he wants. The dGPU stuff just wasn't adding up and at the end of the day, he was the only one talking about this out of all the other "insider" goofs (CBOAT for example).

Everything that we need to know is on the table. The specs inside both of these consoles are very similar, and we've been told this by several developers already.. so it's silly to think that they don't know about a possible dGPU in a "final devkit" or what not.. it's just silly
MasterCornholio  +   884d ago
A third GPU?

WTF those people are retarded.

Motorola RAZR ii
worldwidegaming  +   885d ago
Gamers love to beat on a dead horse.
Its like when the telemarketers call you over and over.
at first your like " thanks" now
we are currently at "WTH!? I know already! stop calling me!"
nightfallfilms  +   885d ago
PC it is then.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   885d ago
Like this needed a confirmation, like seriously, what buffon would believe that the Xbox one had some hidden GPU that not even the developers working on the console knew about. I hope the morons who preached this blatant lie just to feel better about themselves feel the utmost shame and humiliation right now.
Coastiej1982  +   885d ago
Same as last gen, before the launches everyone was saying ps3 was the more powerful console. Did that stop me from buying a 360? Nope! Did I eventually buy a ps3? Yep 6 years after launch and I quickly sold it after a month. The games just werent to my liking killzone 2 was my firsf purchase and it was absolutely horrible! People are going to buy a console for the games, who really cares about specs your comparing apples to apples! Its consoles for Christ sakes you only see major differences in gaming PCs because of the customization factor!
davidj88  +   885d ago
Agreed, but people will argue for the sake of arguing in the hopes they can be all high and mighty to feel some sense of achievement. You weren't into the PS3 games so it wasn't the console for you, others won't be into what Xbox offers so they won't want to purchase it. What matters is that you got enjoyment that suited your tastes, problem with some people though is that if your tastes don't match theirs then you're a fanboy :/

Many people seem to have an inferiority
complex and feel the need to spread these rumors, for them i say go get a PC and upgrade it to your hearts content. I'm liking what i see from next gen and i'm satisfied that my money will be well spent, i'll be buying the PS4 and looking forward to many good gaming years ahead.
Coastiej1982  +   885d ago
Agreed. Its turned into a I'll show you mine if you show me yours game! Same as last gen! And as far as the 180s and things go, I for one am glad they changed their policies if only to show that consumers have some power in keeping corporations in check that goes for both Sony and Microsoft. The next gen looms and it looks to be a great one! Enjoy your gaming! :)
SKullDugger  +   884d ago
bubble up I agree with what you said but there are to many fan boys on this site to have an intelligent opinion. I'm buying an XBOX ONE and for the games and maybe later a PS4.. Both consoles are great new hardware.
nub_cakes101  +   884d ago
What are you talking about? The ps3 and 360 have the same titles the only difference is the controller and first party games. If the only game you played was Killzone I feel sorry for you because you missed out on all the best games. What does xbox have that ps3 doesn't? Halo, Forza and Gears of War. What does ps3 have? Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Resistance, MGS4, God of War, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank etc. Why buy a 360 when you can get a gaming pc for third party titles and a ps3 for exclusives? And on top of that, what does the Xbox One offer that the PS4 doesn't? So you have Dead Rising, Ryse, Forza and Titanfall. Dead Rising looks good but Ryse looks like garbage (my opinion). Titanfall is a timed exclusive, don't care about Forza. What launch titles does the PS4 have that Xbox One and PC will never see? Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall, The Order:1886 (Santa Monica studios), Deep Down and Knack. Add onto the fact that Sony still has boatloads of first party titles in development, most importantly Naughty Dog which puts any Xbox exclusive to shame and you have a winner :D
#25.3 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SaulGoodman  +   885d ago
All Microsoft does is lie, lie, lie. Whoever believes anything they say should get their heads examined.
SKullDugger  +   884d ago
Sure thing and thank you. Walt White and Jesse.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   885d ago
Major Nelly has responded with "Don't know'em"

While Major Nelson is flying on his Thunderbird, has messaged via Text message
" W.T.F is going on"
thetruthx1   885d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
icerob  +   885d ago
one could think you guys were stockholders in either MSFT or SNE.. why not just wait and see which console makes more sense for you when they have been released? Embrace the competition, it is making both consoles better! ;)
Fergusonxplainsall  +   885d ago
Buzz kill. Money is money and people like to talk with it.

I'm all in, PS4 and Wii U.
T2  +   884d ago
I appreciate this thought but im not about to go out and buy an inferior product just to get those competitive juices flowing
Nocando  +   885d ago
Why couldn't MS build something more powerful? It's not like they can't afford it. Now I have to go another generation hearing this crap.
GiggMan  +   884d ago
At first I laughed, then I felt bad :-(
user7402931  +   884d ago
i stayed laughing.
GiggMan  +   884d ago

shhh... *I did too* ;-)
Nekroo91  +   884d ago
they can afford it but you cant ,you i mean most gamers, imagine if the xbox had a better gpu and ram the console would cost more than 600 because of the kinect.

kinect is your downfall
Clarence  +   884d ago
They have the money but not the know how. Thats why.
Nocando  +   884d ago
I admittedly don't know why it bothers me, but it somehow does. And I disagree on the "know how" statement, their engineers know full well what they are doing. Look, I realize it seems silly, but Sony's exclusives have just never appealed to me, it just is what it is. I am not saying they suck, because obviously millions of people love them.
Right now I am a little disappointed with the guts of the XB1. I don't think Cloud will materialize into this endless fount of processing power that some seem to think, because I am not stupid. And regardless of what anyone says, even 30% more power is substantial, especially a few years down the road. I am not going to lie to myself about it. I suppose the sting will wear off once I fire it up and start playing Forza 5 or Ryse.
moparful99  +   884d ago
@nocando I think the answer to your riddle is profitability... Microsoft is all about as much profit as fast as possible. I have no doubt they could figure out how to build a beast of a console but they would have to sell them at a loss to break into mass market sales.. Just look at the uphill battle Sony fought with the PS3. Advanced yet complex hardware and it took huge lossess, hardware revisions, price reductions, and an onslaught of AAA exclusives to break into profitability.. Getting the perfect balance of tech, cost, and market appeal is an art. One that Sony is really really good at.
beebap  +   884d ago
@nacando As you know sony is hardware company and accept new tech risks as they know this is why they are still going,yes it takes large research capital and ends up with dearer products but take microsoft, mostly software but took a risk with kinect and even customised their chip this time with amd just consulting.So it about how much your willing spend/risk on the technology but also it show here that sony experience and microsoft lack in hardware technology is a factor.
Angeljuice  +   884d ago
Had to give you a bubble + (for intelligent). It takes a lot to say what you said and I have to respect you for that. I genuinely hope you enjoy your Xbox One experience throughout the coming gen.
T2  +   884d ago
No they cant afford it , they want YOUR money not to give u stuff
Statix  +   884d ago
Microsoft isn't just going to give away more computational power, and eat the extra cost themselves.

No, they're a company, like any other company, driven by profits. Implementing a more powerful, high-end GPU into the GPU would have resulted in an even more expensive console (not to mention even an even bigger size case). Their engineers probably estimated a few years ago, that a GPU in the ballpark of the HD7790 would result in sufficient graphics quality for 90% of the people buying the console--whether they're right or wrong.
#30.5 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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