Editorial: The shortsightedness of fanboyism

What purpose do the Fanboy Wars serve, and if one side won would we be better for it? Chris Root muses in his latest article.

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user55757081537d ago

brand loyalty for me is based on reliability.

every console has good games but when my super nintendo and playstation 1 still work and i see multiple friends with 360's that dont last them more than a year or 2, i am reminded as to why i chose nintendo and sony products. don't get me wrong 360 has some great games but ill never buy one

does that make me a nintendo and sony fanboy? no, it just means that i dislike what microsoft does. i feel they have no respect for the consumer, it literally took them 5 years to make a 360 that games could safely play without a fear of overheating and scratching up a disc. oh, we'll replace it with a refurbished 360 that last for 3 months. I'm so happy i never had to deal with this frustration, and the problem is that no one should have to deal with things like this.

i refuse to support a company that can have so many pieces of hardware fail and then go on to have the best sales figures in north america. i feel that consumers just blindly buy things and are uneducated when it comes to the product they are spending a few hundred dollars on.

when you buy a console it's supposed to last...not conveniently break down just in time for a price drop and/or redesign. i want my consoles to be like the super nintendo that lasted me about 20 years and my playstation 1 that still works just fine.

anyway thats my rant. fanboys feel free to bring up ps2 disc read errors, ps3 YLOD, and original nintendo screens getting fuzzy...ugh i have to blow in my games to get them to work!? :)

warczar1537d ago

While I do agree that the name calling and inflammatory statements that have been thrown around in this next gen console war go too far, I think the demise of Microsoft is a good thing for everyone. from overly proprietary software to forcing half-assed operating systems on people (vista) we've all been dealing with Microsofts shit for far too long, the only reason they are as big as they are is because the only real competition they had in the pc market was apple, and we all know everything apple makes has a 1000% mark-up in price. The writer of this piece acts like if Microsoft hadn't thrown there hat into the console race there would be no competition. BS. If Microsoft stops making consoles tomorrow the steam box would get released next week. Point being there's always going to be competition from somewhere in the console market.