Dualshock 4 to work on PSVita TV in the future

Yoshida confirmed that the dualshock 4 will work on the Vita TV.

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mewhy321502d ago

The trailer clearly shows the DS4 working with the micro console to provide second screen gameplay for the PS4.

UltimateMaster1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Obviously, if it has Remote Play for the PS4, then it should be compatible.

Also noticed that there's a USB in the back, could it be compatible with the camera as well? (For PS4 games, of course)

Eonjay1501d ago

I think we all saw this coming. Nice work Sony.

PSVita1501d ago

The camera uses a deticated AUX port I believe.

cleft51501d ago

I am really happy it was confirmed all the same. The touchpad on the PS4 should be good for emulating that functionality for Vita games.

DJMarty1501d ago

Camera needs an AUX port not USB, look at PS4 specs

FamilyGuy1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

The USB port might just be for charging the controller. Hopefully it can also be used to hook an external drive to the system for additional media playback.

Remember it is a console on it's own so it has media rendering capabilities.

They could make it compatible with the PS3 camera though, PS4 cam uses a dedicated Auxiliary input.

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PositiveEmotions1502d ago

He meant that the ds4 will work on the vita tv.

The trailer was just a remote play so the ds4 wasnt used on the vita tv but on the ps4 itself. Well from whan i can understand.

MasterofMagnetism1501d ago

I want to know if we can use the DS4 to play vita games that have touch controls.

yewles11501d ago

I doubt it, the touch pad is too small to precisely emulate the finger tracking of either the screen OR the back pad.

JayMurks1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I'm sure they will make the DS4 fully functional if it's compatible with the Vita TV... that would be the smart thing to do.

AbortMission1501d ago

Disagree. The Vita touchpad isn't entirely a "touch zone", it's actually a smaller area of touch sensitivity. You would be constantly inputting accidental touchpad controls when playing games if the entire touchpad was touch sensitive, which is not.

I don't see how the DS4 and its touchpad could not emulate the Vita's touchpad.

DJMarty1501d ago

I believe the touch pad is 1920x1080 so could easliy do PSV resolutions. so it migt be possible to map it to DS4.

ziggurcat1501d ago

i think that's the idea, yes.

Clover9041501d ago

Yeah, that would be amazing. Vita TV is great, but the limited Vita library compatibility is dissatisfying. I'd love for it to work with all Vita games. I'm sure future Vita titles will support Vita TV, but unfortunately games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush are incompatible. DS4 may be the answer for full Vita games support.

CaptainPunch1501d ago

Loving the PS Vita TV already, any idea if it's releasing outside of Japan?

riceking1501d ago

most likely if it sell very good in japan first and by the looks of it on amazon jp there a high chance it going to be release world wide sometime next year.

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