You Aren't The Only One Taking A Day Off For Grand Theft Auto V

Here's a rather frank but hilarious notice spotted by lukedoof in front of a small British games shop called Console Yourself. Why bother opening the store when they know their customers and staff alike will be busy playing Grand Theft Auto V on launch day?

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ohiostatesman1231d ago

I plan to buy GTA 5 when its on sale or used.

OhhWerd1231d ago

You'll break, you know you want it

GarrusVakarian1231d ago

What was the point in saying that?

Millions of people are going to be playing it at midnight next week, who cares if you are going to buy when "its on sale or used".

And if you wouldn't pay full price for GTA5, then i would love to see what games you WOULD pay full price for.

cyguration1231d ago


What if he's poor and lives in his mom's basement?

3-4-51231d ago

I usually would, but I've been waiting 5 years for this game and I just don't have the self control to wait.

Most likely getting it at midnight release or early the next day......... as in the second Gamestop opens.

Agent_00_Revan1231d ago

I've been very good about waiting till games go on sale to around $30-40, but there is NO way I'm not getting this on release day.

kingPoS1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

If everyone had that same thought, how would more AAA games make it to production with decreasing budgets and deflating sales?

I don't get you, either you want the gaming market to to thrive or you want it to keel over. which is it???

Thank goodness different people have varying... opinions.

Spinal1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Well I won't be booking time of work for its launch but I'll take time off work for when GTA online kicks off!

The Singleplayer portion of GTA isn't that interesting to me. The only Singleplayer I enjoyed is GTA 1 and San Andreas but of course that's because there was no multiplayer option.

waltercross1230d ago

@ cyguration

Being poor is no excuse to not get GTA V, we are poor to...LOL, we pre-ordered it in Feb with Income tax money.

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dougr1231d ago

I took Tuesday and Wed off for this game with my remaining vacation days.

t0mmyb0y1230d ago

It happens to be my B-day week and I have the whole week off HAAAH!

OhhWerd1231d ago

Still figuring out the excuse to use to not go into work that day

TheDarpaChief1231d ago

Got a doctors appointment. That's my excuse

kenshiro1001231d ago

You can always use the 'I got sick the day before and don't want to spread my germs' excuse. XD

MrDead1231d ago

Just tell them you're at home playing GTA they will understand, I'm sure new GTA comes under the compassionate leave policy at all places of work.

PCGamingNoobs1231d ago

yeah it does, i definitely read that somewhere!! its like a national holiday thing, its just given.

Hellsvacancy1231d ago

Tell them you twisted your neck whilst you was sleeping, your in agonising pain

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Grave1231d ago

Haha Epic! I want to work there.

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