Let's Unbox the Zelda Wind Waker Wii U Bundle

IGN opens up the latest hardware bundle from Nintendo.

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ritsuka6661594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

IGN are suck luck Bastar***! I'm jealous now =/

AbortMission1594d ago

How are they "lucky bastards" when the Zelda game has been out for the past 12 years Lol

PopRocks3591594d ago

This remake/bundle isn't even out yet.

MNGamer-N1594d ago

That gamepad looks friggin sweet, release a decal pack please!!

Voozi1594d ago

Can't wait for my Wind Waker Wii U Bundle + Wind Waker LE w/ Gannon statue :D

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1594d ago

I sold my white Wii u just to get this bundle can't wait

quantae061594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I think I might do that. I want this Wii U bundle with the Wind Waker Gamepad. Plus, the Wii U I already own is scratched up! I'm not going to allow the new one to get scratched.

SaffronCurse1594d ago

Why would you even buy the White one in the first place?

josephayal1594d ago

I love the look of that bundle. And I really, really want to get it, I'm still gonna wait it out for the PS4, though

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The story is too old to be commented.