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Submitted by TheNewSquid 885d ago | opinion piece

Six Ways That Vita TV Is More Important Than the PS4

GeekParty's Josh Engen writes: "Essentially, Vita TV is a simple set-top box, very much like an Apple TV, but when you start to think about it in the context of Sony’s entire product line, it becomes much more interesting. In fact, in a lot of ways, Vita TV has the potential to be a bigger part of Sony’s arsenal than the PlayStation 4." (PS Vita, PS4)

iamnsuperman  +   885d ago
I kind of agree. I see this device being more important to Sony as a company because it directly competes with Apple and Google. It is also a cheap platform to get people sticking with the Playstation brand. It is like a virus. You can pick this up cheaply (if you don't want a next generation system just yet as it is very expensive for a lot of people). Once they have this they could either (or both) get a Vita (when the consumer's library builds up. Not such a big ask to go portable if you have a number of games for it) and/or they will get a PS4 (again later on) as it can connect with a cheap device they already have (a big thing that has worked for Apple and Google: Connecting devices)
TongkatAli  +   885d ago
It's their cheapest device ever, good job Sony, market the f out of it.
ohiostatesman  +   885d ago
It's just not needed in my opinion. The device is too expensive. 150-200. Plus another 100 for the memory card. No 1080P support, no extensive apps, not all vita games will work.
Stsonic  +   885d ago
1080p for video and upscaled games or no?
tiffac008  +   885d ago
The memory card may not be needed if it works with an external storage. It does have USB at the back.

The memory card may only be for the Vita games that requires to save on it and/or for the owners of the Vita handheld to transfer their save games between the two devices.

The fact sheets only states 720p, 1080i and 480p. Not sure if its upscaled.

We'll just have to wait for more clarifications.
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ohiostatesman  +   885d ago
Why couldn't sony put hdmi on the new vita. Problem solved rather than creating a new unneeded device.
KShinigami  +   885d ago
I really don't understand who they will be able to market this too. They'll have to market it towards casual gamers who want a gaming console, without casual games. Would have made a bit more sense to make it a add-on accessory.
UltimateMaster  +   885d ago
I think I'm going to hack it, but only to remote play my PS3.
Unless Sony decides to release a firmware update that allows complete PS3 Remote-Play to happen.

Some people can play Tomb Raider and Battlefield 3, so yeah. Remote play both the PS3 and PS4 is better than just 1 console.
aceitman  +   885d ago
@ohiostatesman all I see in your comments is that ur trolling sony articles and praising ms . u sir are trolling u will not have many bubbles left if u keep it up .
Cupid_Viper_3  +   885d ago

Well Marketing it shouldn't be that hard. If the device is selling for $100.00, then it's safe to assume that it cost a lot let to manufacture which means that it's failure doesn't break the bank for Sony.

Now if you think about it some more, it's clear as day why Sony priced the PS4 at $400.00. Because now you see why the price advantage is like a Tripple Threat for Sony.

The XBox One=$500, The PS4=$400 Advantage Sony.

The XBox One=$500, PS4+Vita TV=$500 Advantage PS4

XBox One One=$500, PS4+2DualShocks+Camera=$500 Advantage PS4.

So it doesn't matter how you slice it really, the PS4 and it's peripherals comes out on top.

So now Sony can say that hey, for $500.00 you get a PS4 and a Vita TV, which let's you stream your PS4 onto any other TV you want to. Get access to 1300 games and counting. Take it to your friends house, it fits in your pocket. Take it to the grand parent's on for Xmas.

Yeah, they shouldn't have a problem marketing this.
3-4-5  +   885d ago
Having millions of people have faith in Sony again definitely helps the Vita's long term appeal.

People recognize a good things and appealing products almost always sell themselves.

Dev's having confidence in the PS4, will transfer over to the Vita and we should start seeing some amazing games in the next 1-3 years.
tiffac008  +   885d ago

That would increase the cost of the Vita and having an HDMI out on the new Vita would alienate the early adopters. That would be a slap on the face for the fans who supported the Vita. This is more like middle ground without coming off as an insult to the fanbase.

This device is more in line with Apple TV, Ouya and whatever Google has. That kind of market.


Don't you need the games themselves to have the Remote Play functionality for it to work?
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Grave  +   885d ago
To me this product is genius. I agree with you that it helps Sony compete in other markets and it makes the PS4 even cooler.
pwnsause_returns  +   885d ago
dude....its all about Gaikai with this thing. Gaikai is going to play a vital role if it works as advertised.
n4rc  +   885d ago
am i missing something or is this just a vita that connects to your TV?

is there really a big market for that?
badz149  +   885d ago
Vita TV will NEVER be more important than the PS4, PERIOD!

so many devices are already able to do Netflix and copying contents on the Vita just to play it on TV are not really worth it when you can just play it off any USB drive plugged-in directly to the TV or any other devices out there with USB port.

Many Vita games are not compatible (yet) because of the lack of control interfaces and it's really not worth it just to play PS1/PSP games on TV as those games are games you don't just pop in into tv anymore as they are old games! right?

the biggest draw for Vita TV (for me, at least) is the portable PS4! having the convenience of 'bringing' your PS4 in your pocket and play it anywhere with TV and Wifi is an unparalleled feature not offered by any other devices out there! but you NEED to have the PS4 first, so no matter how you see it, the PS4 is the KEY here! so NO, the PS4 is still more important.

back to the Vita TV; the Vita is clearly not for everyone as many are not into handhelds. but the idea of playing those handheld games on TV? and function as the portable PS4 too? and at only $99?? my can you NOT see the value in this?
FanOfRootBeer  +   885d ago
Vita TV, innocuous as it may appear, is a direct and mobile answer from Sony to Microsoft's push in multimedia, and one that will explode when Gaikai comes into the 2014 picture. The portability will make any streaming opportunities incredibly valuable for the little box, which is to say nothing of the low entry point for a handheld console. (Though, I'd still rather spring for a Vita.)
PositiveEmotions  +   885d ago
I think their both important imo
MizTv  +   885d ago
No.....just no
And don't get me wrong I love my vita
But please ps4 is going to be the shit
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The_Truth_24_7  +   885d ago
Sony = Geniuses.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   885d ago
This is priced just right, for grandparents - to kids, will eventually have it,.. super casual confirmed, big money confirmed.
ColeMacGrath  +   885d ago
They both work together simultaneously, so both are equal. It's like teamwork but better.
davidrobots  +   885d ago
It's kind of amazing. For $100, you get a decent set-top box alternative to the Roku or Apple TV. And, what's that? It plays video games? That's cool, I'll get a couple of those... wait, I can take those games on the go? Well, I might as well grab a Vita... That Vita interfaces with the PS4? That sounds cool...

It's a simple way to get you immediately invested in the Sony ecosystem without a lot of upfront cost from either Sony or the consumer. It's incredibly smart.
medman  +   884d ago
Sony is nailing it on every front heading into next gen. They've got you covered at home, a friends house, or on the go, anywhere you want. I've been sold for quite some time now, but this vita tv takes it over the top. Sony is trying to become a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs, but unlike Microsoft, they're not forcing you down the path. They're showing you the path and you can pick and choose when, where, or if you want to follow.
MilkMan  +   885d ago
How is it that a Ouya was disregarded but because Sony comes out with a device similar to that one all of a sudden its mana from heaven?

If anything Ouya was paid and supported by gamers and investors that believe in the validity of the device.

I know that they are not in direct competition with Ouya, AppleTV is their main competitor, however as gamers we should be praising the independent efforts made by Ouya.

I suppose this is a generational thing. I love that entrepreneurial spirit and I support it. I enjoy all platforms and I have preferences for different games on different platforms, but all this love for a Vita for your TV is straight out of a situation comedy.

I waiting to see the "how powerful is it" articles that seem to pop up every time any new hardware is mentioned, but I suspect it wont because of the general goodwill that Sony has.

Pity, whats good for the goose is not good for the gander.
OrangePowerz  +   885d ago
It might be because the Ouya plays Android games and wasn't as well executed as people expected. I never had any intentions on getting the Ouya because I'm not into iOS and Android mobile games, but I can see myself getting a Vita TV for the PS4 remote play on the TV instead of using the small screen on my Vita for it.
TheNewSquid  +   885d ago
Vita TV needs The Amazing Frog!
MrBeatdown  +   885d ago
Really, what is one thing the Ouya has going for it over Vita that makes it preferable? I haven't paid any attention to Ouya, but I can't imagine it has a line-up, a network, or features that come anywhere close to what the Vita offers.

The biggest issue with Vita was the price, and that's an issue blown right out of the water as long as it being a handheld isn't a concern.
palaeomerus  +   885d ago
The Ouya exsists for emulation/piracy and porn collections. It's a hacker's toy.

I'm not sure what the market for this is. Yeah Gaikai will add to it eventually, but right now it's for People who want a more expensive Roku box that plays digital PSX games, digital PSP games, and a selection of Vita titles on a TV? And the DS3 is extra? And you think you might use it to remote play a PS4 in a different room later? I'm personally not interested in that. I'm not sure about other people but PSP and Vita didn't sell all that well as portables. As a TV console? Eh.
Destrania  +   885d ago
Nothing is more important than PS4!!! *cough* Sorry, got a little carried away.
Remy_S  +   885d ago
This is an interesting device, I just hope it doesn't eat into the handheld Vita sales too much.
OrangePowerz  +   885d ago
Look at it that way they most likely will now have "Vita device" sales numbers so they will have more Vitas sold and that in turn would hopefully translate into more games for the Vita.
Software_Lover  +   885d ago
I'm thinking about getting it, but I still have my reservations. I do not mobile game, unless on my cell phone for just a few minutes. I'm just too busy (recording, power company I.T. work, plus my own PC business) to invest in a mobile gaming device. But I could seriously see this in my Studio while leaving the machine in the living area. My entire home is wired (I did it myself) so signal would not be an issue.

Now what would be great, would be if my Son could be playing the ps4 in the living area, and I could still stream a different game to the VitaTV (pipe dream I know).

Come on Microsoft!!!! Pump up Smartglass to do this (on the few tablets that have HDMI out). There is a rumored XBone phone, tablet being developed so that would be great.

You have to love competition.
M-M  +   885d ago
The people at Ouya must be crying right now lol.
medman  +   884d ago
I hope they were wearing diapers when they read news of vita tv.
ghettosmurf  +   885d ago
I can dig it.
jhoward585  +   885d ago
I've already reversed my PS4 along with 3 games. So now I plan on getting vita TV and a vita handheld.

Can't wait!
Sarobi  +   885d ago
While I don't agree that it is "more important".. I do think it's a great decision overall. It's priced fairly cheap and has a lot of entertainment value indeed. I can see this being a big hit.
Soldierone  +   885d ago
Sony basically hit both ends of the market. Can't afford a PS4? Buy a Vita TV. Want a "hardcore" experience? Buy a PS4. Want it on the go? Get a Vita.

The fact that its a digital box to compete with Google and Apple is just a bonus. If anything, this is what Apple feared the most.
jhoward585  +   885d ago
@ Soldierone

palaeomerus  +   885d ago
I doubt apple cares much about this at all.
medman  +   884d ago
When a company starts to not care about what is happening in the market it's demise is inevitably ensured.
OrangePowerz  +   885d ago
I don't think it's more important, for people like me the appeal on getting one is due to the PS4 remote play. I already have a Vita and don't want to play them on a TV because it is likely they won't look great upscalled to HD unless they came out with some amazing upscall software.

So for me without the PS4 and the remote play I wouldn't get one.
hop3lessfray  +   885d ago
Hopefully this finally gets some games to the Vita.
chamber  +   885d ago
It looks promising but sometimes Sony makes internal decisions that I just don't get. I think the main stumbling point would be if it didn't accept external hard drives, i doubt anyone wants a set top that can't connect to their libraries on their external hard drives.

Second why not 1080p, i get vita games won't be 1080p but it seems kinda weird not to have it as an option for playing or streaming video. I'm no resolution nazi and usually don't care what i resolution i watch stuff on but there are definitely a whole lot of people that do care and would not even consider a device not having 1080p.
gano  +   885d ago
this is genius.
I dont hafta get the kid a 300 sollar system?
100 bucks, and i can play with them from the handheld.
Plus we can share and buy cheaper premium games?!
And while getting to play classics, 100?

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