Sony takes aim at Apple TV with PS Vita TV, a budget-priced streaming, gaming station

Today, Sony announced the PS Vita TV, a small set-top, budget-priced multimedia streaming station that directly competes with Apple TV. The basic US$95 set gives users the basic streaming utilities they've come to expect from devices like Apple TV and Roku, including Hulu and movie rentals. However, it takes things one step further with the addition of DualShock 3 controller and PS Vita game support.

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alb18991502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

What I can see from this is that Microsoft has reason when they say X1 has more value for your money because for the ps4 do what the X1 can have to buy the SONY camera, the vita tv and the ps4 and won't be the same because the kinect is better than the SONY'S CAMERA.

And don't come here and say that you can play Vita games......who cares!
Must be really ugly a psp or vita game in a 50" TV.
Why will you want stream this ps3, psp, vita.......for what is GAIKA?
captain, you fans haven't use the ps4 and the X1 and already has conclusions about which is better

BlackOni1502d ago

What are you talking about? Xbone doesn't claim to do any of the things this is allowing you to do..

PoSTedUP1501d ago

this is a smart move by sony because the magnitude of their games catalogue Blows apple + anyother competitors out of the water (close with nintendos) but i much rather play playstation games.

badz1491501d ago

Why is an uninformed troll the 1st to comment?

UltimateMaster1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Because he's just craving the attention.
And the dislikes.

I only have 1 question for him...
Name 1 good kinect game.
Then, show me a review where it got a 9/10 or a 10/10 somewhere on the internet.

TheDivine1501d ago


While I agree sony's games catalog eclipses apples, the vita catalogue itself doesn't come close. I agree the games are better but there's very few good vita, dd psp, and ps one games. Apple devices have hundreds of amazing games from Kotor, Frozen Synapse, and Bastion to psx and n64 emulators. Once the vita library grows this is a no brainier, he'll I'm going to get one just because I loved the GBA add on so much back in the GameCube days.

Its def the best streaming box available because it does gaming with a controller as a standard and close to recent gen (relatively close, its no ps3 for sure but serviceable) gaming. Most people who want these devices are folks like my mom who may watch Netflix and browse YouTube. Being able to let the kids who visit play some games or possibly find a cool simple Indy game is an added bonus.

I'm kind of pissed that me, a person with a psp, vita, ps2, ps3, and a ps4 preorder has to buy a separate device to play vita games on a tv. It should've had hdmi out for vita owners or the ability to stream to the tv through the ps4. Sell the vita tv for casuals and people who don't like handhelds. For me its like making me buy two vitas (which I will because I'm a sucker). Jeanne D Arc, Gravity Rush, P4 Golden, FF Dissidia, and Golden Abyss on my tv is too awesome.

BlackOni1501d ago

@thedivine I agree, there should be a way to play vita games on a tv without needing to buy another device to do so. AND vita memory cards still shouldn't be anywhere near the price they are now. But that's asking for too much apparently >_<

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twdll1502d ago

Not sure you can play xbone games on another TV. I don't think.they have a function like that, or at least I haven't heard.

The Captain1502d ago

I don't think you understand what the PS4, Vita and Vita TV can do.... I did not know you used the Sony camera.... Your claims say so!

thebudgetgamer1502d ago

There was a report not to long a go that you can use your PS4 as a cable box.
Here it is.
"Sony's Viacom Deal Is Big News For PS4"
"In the console war, the Xbox One is the box with major TV offerings alongside its gaming functions. Or, at least, it was. Sony SNE +2.81% has reached a landmark deal to stream Viacom VIAB +0.14% channels via an Internet TV service, and, one assumes, the company’s soon to be released Playstation 4, according a report from the Wall Street Journal verified by the New York Times."
So now all you have is Kinnect 2, that's not something I would brag too loudly about.

Shadowsteal1501d ago

Sonys making their version of netflix ok dont compare that with what the xboxone is trying to cram down peoples throats.

tiffac0081502d ago

Ugh you do not actually need the VTV for the PS4 to complete its functionality. Its not an add-on and I do not think 50" is the only TV size in the world not that anyone of us have actually seen the VTV on a 50" TV to begin with. So yeah... chill.

sic_chops1502d ago

What are you talking about? Down vote for uninformed stupidity?

sAVAge_bEaST1502d ago


camera? GTFO.

Your post reads as clueless damage controller,. but makes Zero sense.. I'm not even going to explain why.

TotalHitman1502d ago

What are you a shill? I don't get why you fanboys go out of your way to attack and defend certain consoles. What do yo get out of it? Can't you respect people's choices and live with it? It's pathetic and it's a waste of YOUR time.

Bigkurz851501d ago

You're *

Lol I live when people look dumb trying to call someone else dumb.

zeksta1501d ago


Love* Hypocrisy much?

tiffac0081501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Guys there is no need to pounce on the man. He cannot even defend himself. We all know his statements are flawed and inaccurate. There is no need to rub it in. lol!

wishingW3L1501d ago

lol this guy really has no idea what is he talking about.

alb18991501d ago

You guys see what you want to see.
Since Microsoft talked about all the tv features that the X1 has, all you said was that what is important are the games but since then all what SONY release is about TV......but it is interesting to stream your ps4's games to your vita tv, just that is not the same as an HDMI 1.4 directly to your tv.

English is not my thing, I'm doing my best, sorry!

tiffac0081501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

^Bro, you kind of missed the point with the VTV. Its not going to go up against the Xbox One, Wii U or PS4. Its a middleware to take on Apple TV, Ouya and whatever Google has.

You cannot compare the strategy and this move was also to revitalize the Vita brand in hopes to get more software sales and support. Streaming PS4 games to it is only optional.

Remember the VTV is a stand alone device that can interact with other Sony products it is not an add-on like the camera. You do not need it to enjoy the PS4. This is what we have been trying to tell you.

LeCreuset1501d ago

"Since Microsoft talked about all the tv features that the X1 has, all you said was that what is important are the games but since then all what SONY release is about TV......"

You are aware that when people complain about Xbone's TV features they aren't complaining about its ability to output on a TV, right?

DeadlyFire1501d ago

What are you trying to say? Kinect 2 does look to have a little more tech in it than Sony's Camera, but both are set to run at 30 fps. Kinect 1.0 could never do that and people wondered why it worked so oddball.

As far as PSVita TV looks alot like this. Think about it. Compare the two. 2 outputs for controllers, Internet, TV connection. Just without the full Gaikai support until 2014. Then PS2 library likely will be added to it.

Sy_Wolf1501d ago

Actually the Kinect is worse. Way more latency.

NateCole1501d ago

For the last fucking time. This is not PS4 with TV functions like when ms introduced xbone with tv functions. Are you guys really this dense?.

alb18991501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I don't care about psp, vita or ps2.
Ok, tell me: if I have a PS4, why do I need this, other than stream my ps4 games?
I'll get my ps4 as always do in every generation just that this time ill wait until the games I like are out.

Yea, this time X1 first for me.

tiffac0081501d ago

^Then why bother at all if you don't care about its main feature? If the device was not designed for you. Then move on.

As I have been saying you do not need this to enjoy your PS4 because this device is not aimed for the core console audience.

Besides you may not even get a PS4 by the way you praise the Xbox One so much. So its really a moot point or argument if you put yourself in the equation.

DEEBO1501d ago

lol i don't know why this is so hard to understand.i could watch the video with the sound off and know what sony are trying to do.this is the solution i been looking for,instead of putting the ps4 in the bedroom i can buy vtv and use my vita when i'm not home.keep it coming sony!

DEEBO1501d ago

vita t.v is a way better deal then just kick a lot companys in the nuts with this latest reveal.

kingPoS1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Er.. What page are you on?

With my PS-Plus library building nicely, is it such a terrible thing for me wanting to experience my vita games on a 23' monitor or 40' TV. Sign me up!

If your so set against miro consoles, why not protest the Ouya or Shield or Apple TV? Why pick the Vita TV to shoulder your burden of animosity?

I don't understand why some folks are so deadest against having other options to choose from. Simply don't buy it if it bothers you that much. No need the spit hot fire.


alb18991501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Is true all what you said but now you know what it feels when you troll Microsoft articles.
If this was a Microsoft move you won't be so please with it!

This is the way it is!

kingPoS1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I know right... i try to be nice the Xbox, most of time I have nothing say. It's weird,.. something about N4G just make people turn green and has them diving under bridges.

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SpitFireAce851502d ago

If marketed right this should sell it has a good
price point.Other then that i still need too pick up a
Vita come black Friday.

Rimeskeem1502d ago

Ok sony just dont go overboard on all the TV stuff

The Captain1502d ago

At least this is all secondary and games are FIRST. Nothing forced on the "gamer"

LeCreuset1501d ago

Some of you really need to get past the name. It's called Vita TV because it's a Vita that outputs on a TV.

Rimeskeem1501d ago

Ok let me try this again in other words

Sony just make sure the gaming comes first over all and then add in TV as a NOT forced upon feature/add on and ill be happy

LeCreuset1501d ago

Let me try again. You worrying about that here would be like worrying that Sony might not put gaming first because the PSX, PS2, PS3, and PSP can output to a television.

twdll1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Wow! Playing a PS4 game on my bedroom tv if I want, is freakin awesome. That in and alone has sold me on this thing, not to mention everything else that it can do. Kudos to Sony for forward thinking.

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