Has Sony just closed the door on the microconsoles?

Vita TV has the brand, platform and price to own the market
Sony Corporation

Not so long ago, Sony had a reputation which had particular relevance for journalists: they were a leaky ship, unable to keep anything under wraps until its big on-stage reveal. If something was happening at Sony, it wasn't unusual for the news to be broken on tech sites and fan blogs well before the PR machine had all its ducks in a row, ready to whip away the velvet curtain.

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pwnsause_returns1503d ago

actually, they gave us hints as to what was happening earlier in the year, especially during that PS4 reveal in January when they where talking about plans on brining the Vita to the living room.

ohiostatesman1503d ago

All this talk of PS Vita TV and yet no word if it will even be released in the west.

s8anicslayer1503d ago

That's because it will be beta tested in Japan. Remember PS4 is not coming out there until Febuary but will come out in the west in November. I expect this around springtime or maybe even summer if the demand is there and it becomes somewhat successful in Japan. The potential is there!

Game4life1503d ago

i may just import one because i want it now. I have bad vision so me being able to play my vita on the big screen would be great

badz1491503d ago


it's basically a Vita too minus the screen and control interfaces. it WILL come to the west as it's not a device with Japan exclusive feature like the PSP 1seg TV receiver:

or PS3's Torne:

The_Con-Sept1503d ago

Ouya is more of an android tv.... This ps vita tv is actually kind of sexy. I already own a vita.... But I can play vita games on my HDTV.... And at the same time I can move to another tv.... Without moving my PS4.......

ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000 000000000 SHIZA!


I am a bit intrigued by this idea... And the 100 dollar price tag... And all of the vita games and PSP games you can play..... I think it actually stands a chance! A lot of indie games will have a better chance if they allow cross buy. So it looks like Sony is in a position unlike anything I have ever witnessed before since the SNES and mortal kombat......

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darthv721503d ago

sony didnt close the door. They are keeping it open by putting their foot in it with their own microconsole.

minimalism and digital downloads/streaming are the future and sony is proving that with every step they take.

Protagonist1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I do love minimalism, except when it comes to flatscreens ;)) thin is good though.

badz1491503d ago

yeah...what is this talk about closing the door thing? I don't get it.

but 1 thing I agree is it's going to be A LOT tougher for competitors to compete in the microconsole area as Vita TV is truly a beast! same price with the crappy OUYA but with better and more full-fledged games!


@Ohio - It is coming west, house said Japan are getting it ahead of a global release

pwnsause_returns1503d ago

also, this means that Developers who developed games on the vita in the past might have to 1, patch their games so that they can be playable on a DS3/DS4 controller, and 2,make 2 control schemes, PS vita controls (back touch/front touchscreen) and DS3/4..

extermin8or1503d ago

ahhh but all ps4 games have to have vita control schemes, so all ps vita games ahving DS3/DS4 control schemes really is very simple. Can't take more than a few hours to map them surely.... it's really not much effort, especially as most touch controls are voluntary anyway...

DigitalAnalog1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I believed it was confirmed that Native Vita touch screen support will not be supported with VitaTV. So no Tearaway on the TV.

Obamanationn1503d ago

DS4 should bring compatiblity back into touch pad games , dont understand reason for a DS3 pad

Blasphemy1503d ago

well its launching in japan this year, and they are not launching ps4 in japan until next year. i guess they dont want to release the ds4 until ps4 officially launches over there.

Dir_en_grey1503d ago

It's because the Vita TV will launch first way before PS4 in Japan.

On the official site it says it will support the DS4 in the future.

araman1503d ago

There will be DS4 support, bank on it. Easy to patch in as both controllers use bluetooth.

miyamoto1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

L3 R3 buttons will fill in for touch functionalities
like in Dragon's Crown and Minecraft for PS3


ps vita tv isnt a over blown cable box

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falviousuk1503d ago

This is doing the same thing that the Apple TV is doing. Allowing streaming of content from one device to another to put that content on the big screen.

The problem with these devices are that they are proprietory, if they would work with each other and coexist, then we can have a truly connected experience.

Regis1503d ago

Hey Hey haven't seen you for days where were you?

tiffac0081503d ago

But the VTV is a stand alone device. How can it be proprietary?

I mean it can pay PS1/PSP/PSV games directly to the TV without the need of an external source.

So can you clarify? I apologize if I miss your point. Thanks

extermin8or1503d ago

it can even use vita cards and I know atm the list of supported games isn't great but I bet by the time it launches in the west (inevitable tbh) they'll have fixed that. I expect it about feburary.

falviousuk1503d ago

What i mean is, you cant stream itunes content such as video to it, and you cant connect a vita to an apple tv. They exist separately, as do googles box, and the myriad other boxes out there.

They all play some content, but none of them can play all the content from all the providers.

We need one box that can do it all rather than be tied to a single company.

tiffac0081503d ago


That make sense, sadly I doubt anyone would make an all around machine (like a PC) since they want customers to stay within their ecosystem without having to pay too much royalty from others.

ginsunuva1503d ago

Except that this thing has a whole vita inside it, so it runs local games too.

Belking1503d ago

TV TV oh boy.

LordNikon1503d ago

Lol... you do know what a Vita TV is, right?

CGI-Quality1503d ago

No need to waste your time with a 1-bubble troll.

OT: I'm tempted to pick one of these up!

sincitysir11503d ago

AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA down to one bubble?!? Aaaahhhahahaha. Little sad troll

Insomnia_841503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Seriously, draw a forest and get lost in it forever please.

SpideySpeakz1503d ago

Misinformed as usual. Your mental capacity is on a slide down hill.
It's as expected from the Xboners.

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