Why PS Vita TV Could Be a Game Changer

IGN: "Is the set-top box one of Sony's most exciting new products?"

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darthv721504d ago

im excited for it. After playing a game on my vita i can pop my memory card or vita game card into the vita tv and pick up the controller to keep on playing.

like the old days of the turboexpress/tg16 and the nomad/genesis or the more recent days of the gba/gamecube w/gba player.

ohiostatesman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

This reminds me about how people were so excited for the original vita. But it didn't pan out well at all for the handheld. Getting the same vibes.

iamnsuperman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I think it was because the core gaming community was excited by a relatively cheap but strong gaming machine but didn't want to put down a lot of money for a handheld. Then the average consumer didn't want to do the same either. Handhelds are increasingly hard to sell because of the rise of mobile gaming. Looking at both the Vita and 3DS shows both suffered with what was seen as a good price point but in reality it wasn't viable.

This is different because it is cheap. Cheap streaming (media) boxes are becoming more and more popular. What sets this apart from its main competitors is that it can play games and still for a cheap price (while connecting/doing stuff with Playstation devices)

mushroomwig1504d ago

'Getting the same vibes'

Based on what exactly? We're talking about a $100 that can play Vita/PSP games and can also double as a remote PS4. Same vibes? I seriously doubt it.

PoSTedUP1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

@ ohiostatesman:
a $300 handheld with no games isnt suppose to do well in its first year. now with the price drop and more games... the brillant minds at sony wouldnt have come out with this as well as a new vita sku if they didnt see it picking up the pace, let alone just have pure faith in it. if its really tanking and doing that bad they would just say "ok we're done, we're not gonna stupidly keep loosing money if its really doing bad", but as you can see, that is not the case.

ohiostatesman1504d ago

Sony has been willing to lose money on lots of products though. This is why they were billions in debt. Because they took too many losses. Original Vita was 249 not 299. Please read up more about it if you want to respond accurately.

badz1491504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Yeah, the excitement about it is kinda similar but it's a totally different playground now. The excitement for the Vita was high when they announced the $250 pricetag - same with 3DS, as it's clearly a steal considering how powerful it is at the time of unveiling. Nintendo kinda killed the hype when they dropped their price significantly and suddenly the Vita was deemed "too expensive". Lack of original high profile games were not helping the Vita too.

But now, this Vita TV is a Vita but is totally not aiming to beat the 3DS or 2DS alone. It's practically a portable PS4 that you can play anywhere you want (with a TV, of course!). Priced at $99, sure the 2DS can't undercut it THAT easily now like before but it still offer something the 3DS will never be able to do its whole lifetime. Sure, many native Vita games are currently not gonna work due to input constrain but like I said, Sony are aiming this for the console crowd first in mind.

It's an alternative to the Vita that does a little less at 1/2 the price. As a sure owner of the PS4 myself, I'm excited to get the Vita TV as the vision of having a portable PS4 is too hard to pass.

XB1_PS41504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I'm not trying to sound negative here, but I just don't see this thing being that successful in the hardcore market. If you're buying a PS4, with or without having a Vita, you probably won't want to play vita games on tv. Considering that you have a PS4 that has way better graphics. I don't really want one, and I own a vita.

PS: This is going off of the assumption that the Gaikai service's latency is a burden. If the latency is low enough, then this thing will fly off of the shelves considering that you can have an actual Portable PS4.

With that being said, The only market I see this successful on is the same market as the OUYA. With the budget game machine, and people who want to legally own old PS games.. Or people that want to watch Netflix.

I hope it does succeed though, it's a cool addition to the PS army.

UltimateMaster1504d ago

It's good to remote-play your PS4 on a second TV.
Or bring your PS Vita TV to a friend and Remote Play your PS4 without the need to bring the big console because you don't want to break it.

And it plays Vita games along with PSP and PS1 games.

ohiostatesman1504d ago

I like MS idea better for remote streaming. All you need is your phone or tablet to do it. No need to spend another 150-200 dollars.

PoSTedUP1504d ago

a lil over $280 with tax, the $300 one came out to $350, still a lot of money. everything is sold at a loss. its how well it's recouporating that determines the continuation of support. and as you can see, the support is increasing big time as opposed to earlier on where it was a big question mark. now its clear and evident obviously.

UltimateMaster1504d ago

Totally missed the point.

kingPoS1504d ago

I don't get is your complete failure to mention how the Vita is doing everywhere else. Contrary to popular belief... US Vita sales does not equal the rest of world.
I blame loss of context. Do you need a dose of context?

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Gamer19821504d ago

This will increase games for the vita as there will be technically more vita owners to sell games to. However this will kill actual vita sales or maybe not as people may want to continue there games on the go. Though I don't get why you would want the remote play feature on this? Switch from your tv to.. your tv? switching from one tv to another is fine but you would lose a bit of quality so might as well just move console and get full quality..

Protagonist1504d ago

I think most would agree the PS Vita Tv is one hella exciting product.

Lord_Frieza1504d ago

i've got ps vita already and i'm gonna this as well
i'm so excited for the ps vita tv mainly because it's a games console for £100 from sony

Perjoss1504d ago

It would be fantastic if certain games that are not compatible with Vita TV (because of the touch screen controls) could be easily patched so that the touch control methods could be mapped to other buttons instead.

Would be a real shame if games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary would be left off the list of titles compatible with Vita TV.

nyobzoo1504d ago

I think it's a great idea, play your vita games on your TV, able to play 2 players on PS1 games and when Gaikai can stream PS3 games, all of it for $100 is a great deal

Lord_Frieza1504d ago

i've got a ps3 to play ps3 games with
i want Gaikai to stream ps2 games on it

KwietStorm1504d ago

I'll just say this again..

I think it's a pretty big deal, moving forward. You have to look at Apple TV and Google TV. This is Sony's move, and it "just so happens" to include damn near full PlayStation functionality, as far as straight forward gaming goes. Couple that with the internet multimedia streaming, whether it be their music service, video service, or their new initiatives like the deal with Viacom and their Gaikai purchase, this could potentially be something huge, and in a small and cheap package.

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