Why I'm already bored of the PS4 & Xbox One

As the PS4 and Xbox One loom, there's a feeling that the launch line-ups for both systems are very underwhelming.

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TheGreatGamer991d ago

I didn't even bother to read this.

JunioRS101991d ago

That is hilarious. I clicked on this article to come here to say that exact same thing.

Like who invited this guy..?

XB1_PS4991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

I read up until he said this:
"Peggle 2 looks like the only Xbox One launch title I’d want"

OT: Finally, This looks like an article that the Sony and Microsoft fans can agree with each other. That it sucks.

Kevin ButIer991d ago

avant garde journalism... deal with it LOL

Saigon991d ago

I sort of agree to why you didn't read it, mainly because this is based off of what the next gen prospectively looks like. I think the author just needs to wait until the consoles are released before he makes a judgement and wait a year or two before he wrote the article.

Transporter47991d ago

Why I am already bored of something I don't own. Wait a minute....

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MizTv991d ago

More like
I'm Bored waiting for my ps4

Regis991d ago

I need to wait until they have more units to sell I need to still buy mine

Cuzzo63991d ago

Honestly, why do we have all these dumb azz articles... Please all these retard wanna be journalists please stop the bull. No more! For gods sakes.

sklorbit991d ago

Not sure how i even made it this far

3-4-5991d ago

This sounds like the type of rich spoiled brat who is "bored with my Maserati, I need a Ferrari now".

Eddie20101991d ago

I get more and more excited each day to get a PS4.

hell, now I want the new PS Vita and the PSvita TV too.

Shnazzyone991d ago

You and everyone else who comments on N4G. N4G is physically incapable of reading past an article title unless it has an game score at the bottom.

Hicken991d ago

Or, perhaps, articles with dumb premises stated bluntly in the title aren't worth reading?

Nah, that can't be it...

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GarrusVakarian991d ago

Chill man, there is the best part of a decade ahead of us filled with brilliant games and you are already judging the consoles by their launch line-ups (which in my opinion are pretty strong for both consoles).

jose1shot991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

This means only that you are spoiled ;)

Dlacy13g991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

The only thing I am bored of is the wait times I have to deal with on current generation...boot up, loading store, loading games, switching to a new game, quiting a game...everything takes time and it feels longer and longer each day. I don't care if the launch line up for these systems isn't OMGZ!!!! great...I just care that the systems will actually be able to do all the things the current gen do but 100% better. Apps will function like apps and not some hair pulling 90's load up program.

Myst-Vearn991d ago

didn't read the article. Just the comments ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.