IGN: My Life as a King hands-on and screens

Business carried on as usual for Square Enix at Nintendo's Media Summit last week. While My Life as a King is already out in Japan, US gamers are getting their first taste of it now, so the company was set up in full force to show off the simulation sequel to the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles franchise. It may not be the most action-filled experience, but it's got a great visual look, some decent strategy and depth, and it could find its audience on WiiWare easier than it would as a packaged game. Yes it's an odd one, but it can also be a fun experience between larger games.

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PS360WII3895d ago

hmm it could be fun but as the writer said doesn't seem you can go to far with it... we'll see. I don't mind a Sim City Square Enix style ^^

ManOnFire3895d ago

Could be a game that you don't think you will get much out of and then end up putting in some serious time. I would give it a try.