More Special Costumes For Lightning To Be Revealed Soon

As Final Fantasy fans surely already know, Lightning will be able to use a few costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII taken from other entries of the long running role-playing game series, like a Cloud Strife costume and another taken from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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-Foxtrot969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

I remember when you used to be excited for FF about the actual game...not silly costumes where you know they are doing them to try and squeeze more money out of us or to tempt us to buy the game since they know most people hate FF13.

cleft5969d ago

Same here Death. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with this game.

UltimateMaster968d ago

How bout a Tifa or Yuna costume?
You're already giving her the Cloud Costume.
Might as well add other FEMALE Costumer to the mix.

user5575708969d ago

yet again i see no article about the gameplay or story, but another racy photo and nonsense article about how you can change lightning's clothes

to recap: lightning has D cups, which are implants because she had C cups before. therefore if the boobs bounce its BS. and she will be able to cross dress in the game. sooooo more sexual marketing to please the tranny crowd.

so overall perverts, trannys, and some nostalgia win here

however everyone really loses because the last 8 years or so they dedicated to making the FFXIII trilogy they could have probably remade at least 2 of their classic titles

maximus1985968d ago

my thoughts EXACTLY, hey check out the new game mechanics or story, oops i meant dress up fetish

Sonyslave3969d ago

Damn Japanese Devs r the master of selling sexy dlc costumes.

maximus1985968d ago

i remember when they were also good at rpgs

fsfsxii968d ago

So SE = all japanese developers??

DEATHxTHExKIDx969d ago

i rlly want a squall costume.

cyguration969d ago

An article about sexy costumes from yep, that makes sense.

KonsoruMasuta969d ago

Whoever made that pic of lighting owes me a new pair of pants.

SaulGoodman969d ago

I didn't make the pic, but I made her hair pink. And her toes curl.

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