Interview with the new Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins, Roger Craig Smith

Nerd Reactor interviews Roger Craig Smith about his role as young Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. He talks about Batfleck, him being a superhero, and how it's like following up on Kevin Conroy's Batman.

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-Foxtrot962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

lol...young Batman

He's five years younger...they could of gotten the old voice actors back if they wanted. It's not like the game is set when Bruce first become Batman and went against the Joker for the first time

...which this should of been

Ezz2013962d ago

yeah also no one is better than kevin conroy as batman voice

but i got to say this guy is doing great job at doing bruce/batman voice

CC-Tron962d ago

Maybe they're grooming this actor to replace Kevin Conroy as Batman.

Kurylo3d960d ago

This guy would be better then ben affleck for the movie :P