70° at PAX PRIME 2013: The Nintendo Crescendo

"Regardless of how critical my position on Nintendo may be as of recent, my travels on the floor led me to the familiar brand. I tasked myself with getting the best out of what the Big N had to offer. So after a couple of games later, I can safely say that while my faith is still shaken, it is far from lost—Nintendo is dropping some real winners after all this Holiday."

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kirbyu1557d ago

Donkey Kong Country Returns is awesome. I'm really glad they're making a sequel.

TongkatAli1557d ago

Watching Conan play Mario Kart was awesome, have to buy that when it comes out. Also have to buy Pikmin 3.

swice1557d ago

This guy says he hasn't been this impressed with a Zelda game in a long time (Link Between Worlds). I'm so excited :-)