Knack’s New Trailer is Heavy on Story, Light on Gameplay

Today during Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia’s Press Conference a trailer of Mark Cerny’s PS4 exclusive Knack was broadcasted.

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mewhy321593d ago

Sony's first party devs have always been great at telling stories. Pretty graphics are great but to keep the adult gamer interested you need a good story. This original IP exclusive for the PS4 is just another example of that creativeness coming through.

Bundi1593d ago

Killzone is the exact opposite of what you described. Pretty graphics, horrible storytelling.

I suppose when the game has great graphics, that's what will focus on and say Sony's first party always been great at graphics...the same when it is gameplay heavy and so on?

Love the subtle hint that adults only game on PlayStation. Lol you guys are the best.

Sevir1593d ago

The story telling in Killzone isnt Terrible or horrible, its just not anything to write home about.

But Shadow Fall looks to surprise everyone at launch so i wouldnt write GG off till youve experienced Shadow Fall.

GameCents1593d ago

They've managed to keep the storytelling at meh levels with all KZ games so far, I don't see how Shadow Fall will change that.

They do make pretty games though. They are the Crytek of PlayStation.

golding891593d ago

Knack is one kiddy game. My little cousin will love it.

pedrof931593d ago

I got Jak and Daxter Hd from ps+, and now my childhood hunger for platformers came back.

Knack. You're next.

wishingW3L1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Knack doesn't look like a platformer though, just a dumb beat em up heavy on story.

pedrof931593d ago

Well I know what I'm saying, go check the 10 minute gameplay video.

majiebeast1593d ago

Sassy voice: Everything here belongs to me
Some scribbles


Destrania1593d ago

This new trailer actually got me excited for Knack again. Props Sony.

TongkatAli1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

: ) Can't wait to buy this. The translator makes me ROFL!

X D I love hearing engrish.

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The story is too old to be commented.