PS Vita TV Games Catalog To Be Expanded

During a press conference in Japan, Sony announced the PS Vita TV, a microconsole that lets you enjoy PS Vita games and services on a big screen TV. The major issues that don't let you play the entire PS Vita catalog are analyzed and possible solutions are identified, which leads to the conclusion that PS Vita TV's list of supported software will be expanded in the future.

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timzone1502d ago

Vita TV keeps on getting better. Can't wait!!!

h0stile1502d ago

I wish it were already available in other parts of the world and I hope we'll be able to play Killzone: Mercenary once the DS4 support is added.

Asuka1502d ago

more vita games! i want more vita games!

TimeSkipLuffy1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

First this hopefully push VITA sales to new heights... with that the games will come for sure :3

Asuka1502d ago

well i can tell you, i am definitely getting one when it becomes available. i already own a vita, and have no money to spend, but i will still get this to replace my roku, play my vita games on my 50", and play my ps4 games where ever i get wifi. Can't beat that $100 price tag for this thing

abusador1502d ago

I own a vita, ps3, pre ordered ps4 and this will complete my happy current and next gen family!!! :)

Sony has been on an unstoppable roll lately. They better offer this in U.S.

Protagonist1502d ago

Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Shuhei Yoshida and Kaz needs to be tweeted and give them some pressure, just to let them know that we also want PS VITA TV before the end of the year.

abusador1502d ago

Yeah def. will do tonight!!!!! They better listen to me i just bought puppeteer, kz merc and kingdom hearts lol

Otoshigamisama1502d ago

You can call them this cause with them together they're unstoppable!! :)

badz1491502d ago


haha...always love that gif but somebody should alter it a bit! Yoshida should be Ironman as he's the funny guy and Cerny the Black Widow as he's the serious one. The rest is perfect, though!

Protagonist1502d ago


Great at Tretton as Hulk...this is kinda funny, because just earlier today I was thinking about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and doing something like the Game Of Thrones family tree, where you see all the warriors of the different families...

Maybe someone with some skills could do this ?


5h4h4b1502d ago

Vita tv is really unique. I hope sony will get fruitful results of this new venture.

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