Rockstar's Houser: GTA V "Is The Endpoint Of The American Dream"

You won't be seeing a GTA film any time soon. "If GTA IV was a classic New York story," says Rockstar's Dan Houser, head writer and vice president of the studio, "[GTA V] is the endpoint of the American dream." It's where everything America hopes and lusts for, reinvents its past for, lives, or dies; the plastic, fake land of missed opportunity. Los Angeles is the dream that America invented, and the Rockstar team has spent over 100 days combing every last inch of the real LA to make the game world, in a process that started in 2010 at the height of the sub-prime financial crisis. But, Houser admits, creating the world is always the largest part of development. The team spoke to everyone it could, from cops to FBI undercover agents, Mafia experts and gangsters.

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Vip3r1533d ago

So could the next GTA be set in Europe or Asia?

YNWA961532d ago

Well, the rough streets of Glasgow, Guy Ritchies London, like Snatch... or allover mainland Europe....

SonyWarrior1532d ago

I hope not. There are still several American citys that I'd like to see GTA set in like Pittsburg, boston, detroit, chicago to name a few. I also wouldnt mind if the next one was in Florda again.

SanMarco1532d ago

How about the McCready Family. Set in Ireland.

XB1_PS41532d ago

Pittsburgh would be sick, all the bridges and ramps and water. Stadiums all over the place.

millgate11532d ago

Wouldn't really like England to be the area of the next game. Maybe Ireland, or somewhere in central Europe.

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GTAallday1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

London bro or remake of vice city.

ion6661532d ago

It would be a no brainer, And totally awesome. You would think the getaway would have popped up by now.

claud31533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Possibly, i would love to see one set outside the U.S, but time will tell

and we have GTA ONLINE and they said they want the world

Subzero2001532d ago

Classic? gt4 was the worst story.

porkChop1532d ago

I would love to see a GTA take place outside of USA. London, Tokyo, Toronto, Moscow, etc. There are a lot of great places that would make great settings for GTA.

raresteak1532d ago

Why do people keep comparing to films as the benchmark?

As far as I'm concerned some games and games series are leagues ahead of your typical film today. Even TV series are way better than films.

When producers are constrained within a 1.5 - 2.5hr running time a lot of elements and quality in storytelling is then compromised. For this reason, there are many game series I hope don't jump on the Hollywood bandwagon and tarnish themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.