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Submitted by Mister_V 885d ago | news

Battlefield 4 Official PC System Requirements Revealed

MP1st - Battlefield 4 developers DICE have laid down the minimum and recommenced system requirements for the PC version of the game releasing this Fall on October 29. (Battlefield 4, PC)

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Activemessiah  +   885d ago
Hmm.. not really as demanding as I thought.. an AMD Radeon 7870 goes for around 140 these days.
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barb_wire  +   885d ago
$140, where? - the 2GB card goes for $190 on newegg but that's after rebates, considering the recommended specs calls for 3GB video memory..
awi5951  +   885d ago
Try ebay or amazon
Izzy408  +   885d ago
Frosbite 3 engine does a lot of the work, therefore, people are not required to purchase top of the line hardware to run BF4. If this wasn't the case, there is no way this game would have been released on current-gen.
MegaMohsi  +   885d ago
It's weird they recommend a GTX 660 but 3gb of video memory. I know they made a few 660 cards that had 3gb of memory but the standard was 2. Any idea what resolution the recommended specs are for?
vulcanproject  +   885d ago
PC will boss this game don't worry.

It still has to run on current gen consoles, which is why the minimum specs are basically the same as they were for BF3 two years ago.

Beyond that you'll just crank it to wherever your particular machine can handle. If you have a PC from the past 5 years it'll run better than existing consoles and a more modern one will beat up Xbone and PS4 as well.

I would imagine if you have a 7870 or better you'll be getting high settings and GTX670, 7950 or better ultra @ 1080p. We'll see.
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awi5951  +   885d ago
3GB ram yeah dont know about that. Remember how pissy BF3 was about ram if you didnt have 2GB it wanted to LAG.
3-4-5  +   885d ago
I have an AMD 7770 and I can run Planetside 2 on Max settings.

I'm assuming I'd be able to run 90-95% max settings for this game as well.

Still want to play this for PS4 more than PC though.

Just having 64 players on console is something I've wanted to play for a long time.
kingduqc  +   884d ago

"Max settings"

Unless you play in 720p or some absudrly low resolution you don't play in max settings stop lieing.
fooltheman  +   885d ago
Which console comes the closest to the specs for pc recommended?
Letros  +   885d ago
I don't think we'll know that until post launch analysis.
fooltheman  +   885d ago
Just based on what we do know...

I know we can't compare a pc against optimized consoles
Irishguy95  +   885d ago
Ps4 of course. Not quite there though, the CPU is too weak, the Gpu is not high enough either.
HeyImBen11  +   885d ago
You can't compare PC requirements with a optimzied console hardware build.

That's why you can only know something when the consoles are here, its pointless otherwise.
Irishguy95  +   885d ago
My 8800GTX runs games better than 360/Ps3. 8 years of optimization did **** all. Deal with it HeyIBen, you have no idea what you're talking about. Specs >>> Optimization. Ps4 version is already getting graphical and frame rate complaints btw.
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Bolts  +   885d ago
None of them is even remotely close. If the PS4 is armed with the recommended specs it would be able to run BF 4 at 1080p 60 FPS without breaking a sweat.
ATi_Elite  +   885d ago
so stop bringing up "which console is closest to recommended specs" because the consoles are using LAPTOP parts which are WEAKER than the Desktop hardware.

sure the CPu and memory requirements are meant BUT that LAPTOP Hd7850 GPU in the PS4 can ONLY achieve medium/high settings while running BF4 and so far 720p 60fps for MP and NOT 1080p

Frostbite 3 breaking Next Gen consoles even before they release.
bratman  +   885d ago
while the consoles are definitely using weaker hardware, the "LAPTOP Hd7850 GPU" can only do 864 GFLOPS (less then half of what the ps4 does) the ps4's gpu would be in between a 7950M & 7970M (:
testo6  +   885d ago


not too much diference...
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awi5951  +   885d ago
Too bad the CPU is the biggest killer in BF multiplayer you can have a really powerful gpu but your cpu can drop your fps badly in BF 64 player matches. When the physics and explosions go off if you have a bad cpu you can watch your FPS go from 80 down to 20 then you get shot in the head when your running at 20 fps.
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cannon8800  +   885d ago
ps4 probably dude, but pc will look and run best.
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Prcko  +   885d ago
GTX 770 gaming edition
OC - i5 4,2ghz
16:9 - 2930x1648 , 42''
bring levolution 2 life!
Kingnichendrix  +   885d ago
man them gtx 770 are just to damn expensive
Prcko  +   885d ago
w8 for price drop :)
Kingnichendrix  +   885d ago
yeah i do kinda miss physx
Pancit_Canton  +   885d ago
Console it is.

*Hides On Cooler Master Cosmos II Case*
Niv  +   885d ago
As soon as development on current gen ceases, the recommended will be the minimum.
orangechicken67  +   885d ago
damn ill be on medium settings till i buy the amd hawaii or 7990
ONESHOTV2  +   885d ago
Manufacturer CyberpowerPC--Fan g III X7-100
Processor Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4 GHz--6MB L3 Cache Max Turbo Frequency 3.4 GHz
Memory 8GB DDR3-- 4GB video memory
Hard Drive 750GB
Motherboard Intel HM77
Operating System Windows 8 64-Bit
Video Video Card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675MX
Physics Card Yes
Monitor 17.3"--1920 x 1080
WOO bf4 here i come lol ......... and the dude that dislike my comment do get a life don't be mad lol
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consolez_FTW  +   885d ago
lol do you even know what any of what you posted mean? Looks like you just copy pasted straight cyber power. Good your gonna enjoy BF4, but man,,you totally over payed for that PC dude looks like alot of unnecessary's.

but yeah, BF4 cannot wait! hopefully it's more like BC2 then BF3. Loved BC2 a ton more
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ONESHOTV2  +   885d ago
do u know any thing about pc mr consolez looks like that all u have don't run your mouth off if u don't know shit thank u.......

side note i can max bf3 with this no lags i don't see this laptop having any problems playing bf4 on high or more......
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ZoyosJD  +   885d ago
Gaming laptops...ugg.

You'd best keep those settings on very low.
Shakengandulf  +   885d ago
Whats wrong with gaming laptops, mine has a 780gtx 4gb, I7-4700mq and 16gb of memory. Guess i shoud stick to low....
I'll be playing ths on the Ps4 btw. : )
pandehz  +   885d ago
Lol I bet you never owned one.


dam lol your lappy will own the ps4
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ZoyosJD  +   885d ago
What's wrong. Where to begin?

price/perfomance ratio is half that of dektops

terrible heat dissipation

pain in the *** to replace anything

I had one and the cpu fried, replaced that and the HDD failed. Had to disasemble the whole thing the second time and the hinge on the screen bent. Biggest pain in the *** i ever had with a piece of tech.

Haven't spent more than $500 on a laptop since.
Shakengandulf  +   885d ago
Well mate, just because you've had bad experience doesn't mean i will.
Laptops have come a long way over the last couple of years.

Anyway, judging by those specs, I'm guessing a lot of people will sleep easy.
orangechicken67  +   885d ago
i got mine from cyber power as well
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Hazmat13  +   885d ago
disgusting pathetic PC race, all bow down to the Console master race! ( thats how some of your guys talk haha ) well sounds kinda beastly cant wait to play this game!
clmstr  +   885d ago
Damn, you're on N4G for almost 4 years and yet you're posting this nonsense.
Hazmat13  +   885d ago
*puts cigarette in mouth screen goes black and white* i lost all my bubbles then i was innocent, naive. until those goddamn pc elite attack. i lost everything so i vowed id get revenge even if it means sounding like a asshole on N4G.
Mini0510  +   884d ago
LOL kid. You are a classic example of console fanboy and pc hater. HAHAH
I bet some of your disagrees are from console gamers too. lol lol
Hazmat13  +   884d ago
its was a joke, clam down. haha
Fishy Fingers  +   885d ago
My 570 SLI had no problems with BF3 so I'm hoping it will be similar with BF4. Although I'm planning to sell them for a 780, maybe sooner rather than later now.
KRUSSIDULL  +   885d ago
I'm sticking with my 580 SLI's 2 more years even if that means I have to lower the settings.
Bolts  +   885d ago
These specs are very low, my 3 years old gaming PC can still run this at 1440p with no problem, it might drop down to 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS like BF 3 but that's fine. Looks like I won't be upgrading my system until the Witcher 3 then.
MegaMohsi  +   885d ago
Gtx 660 3 GB i7 930 OC'ed 3.8 Ghz and 8 GB of RAM. Looks like I hit the recommended specs on a year+ old system. Thought it would be more demanding.
jlo  +   885d ago
My GTX 780, i7 4770k @ 4.5ghz and 2560x1440 panel are ready!
clmstr  +   885d ago
My Zotac 670 4gb is going to have a tough time then I guess. Or not?
windblowsagain  +   885d ago
So more or less the PS4 specs.
Asuka  +   885d ago
core i5 [email protected]
8GBx1 corsair vengeance-lp @1600Mhz
gigabyte windforce gtx 670 OC 2GB
120GB SanDisk Extreme

will only be playing in 1080p so 2GB video mem will be plenty for me.
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clmstr  +   885d ago
How many frames do you think we can get with a single 670? I have one too.
Asuka  +   885d ago
i imagine not much different than with bf3. about 80~90fps. depending of course on the map size/playercount/etc.
KontryBoy706  +   885d ago
they recommend 3GB VRAM though. BF3 only recommended 1GB. That's saying something right there.
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Asuka  +   885d ago
yes, but that takes into account the resolution you will be playing at along with all the objects that need to be rendered(player count, map sizes, etc.) If you plan on gaming @1080p, 2GB is more than plenty. however, anything higher will require more videomem to be able to render frames at a decent rate. the sweet spot nowadays is 1440p, which would make sense to make 3gb the recommended videomem amount.
BlasterGR  +   885d ago
I better be able to play on ultra@60+hz on my gtx780 and i7 4770k or else...
Asuka  +   885d ago
lol you should get 1440p easy
BlasterGR  +   885d ago
I game @ 1080p! Bring it on DICE!
Kleptic  +   885d ago
ha yeah dude the 780 and I7 pulled 60hz on max settings with the alpha its only going to get better...7970's and 7990's were in the upper 50's with the same cpu...that tom's test last month recommended the 7970 for 1080p, and either of the others for you have absolutely nothing to worry about...
Are_The_MaDNess  +   885d ago
my gtx 580 didnt have any problems with BF3 at 45ish FPS witch is my limit. really want another card tho. not sure if i will go with a 780 or wait till Q12014 for the rumoured 800 series......... so hard to wait aswell >____<
BlasterGR  +   885d ago
I couldn't wait for the new consoles (here in Greece they are launching q1 2014) so I went and build myself a 1600€ rig! Never looked back since;)
KontryBoy706  +   885d ago
WELP... time to order that 780 now. I was putting it off but as expected my EVGA 670 FTW just can't compete lol
Faztkiller  +   885d ago
I barely meet the recommend time for an for a new build next year until then I'll be playing on PS4.
ginsunuva  +   885d ago
Really? A Gt 8800 is minumum?
TGR  +   885d ago
That card will never die.
RedDeadLB  +   885d ago
I knew I should have sprung for the 7870 instead of the 7850. Oh well, I'll OC brutally and I'm there. Now, lets see final build CPU benchmarks, those are more worrying than GPU requirements.
Gamingsince75   885d ago | Spam
ONESHOTV2  +   885d ago
dude shut the hell up u know what your talking about i got it off my xfire account under fucking were it say rig info and yes i do have the laptop it was set up like that so it was easy to copy it than put it in..... dam man keep talking shit
wtopez  +   885d ago
By the time this game launches, AMD will have released its new line of GPUs. There's rumors about it including BF4 with the purchase of the card. So new line of powerful GPUs by AMD (Titan killer at less than $600?!) which will of course make Nvidia drop in price and maybe even revise their 700 line. I believe that this holiday season will be a very interesting time to do some upgrades.
Kleptic  +   885d ago
^The 'Hawaii' line of gpu's is set to be announced in a little over 2 weeks...with all rumors so far pointing to the new GPU's releasing before BF4...

and yeah, AMD confirmed at E3 that BF4 will be bundled with their 'no compromise' line up or whatever they call it...even higher end 7000 series cards will get the gold pass, which lets you pick 5 'free' games, iirc...BF4 is said to be one of them...

So i'd expect another price drop on the 7000 line up around early October...the highest end new gpu is rumored to be around $600, but with a '7970 beating option' rumored to hit at $400...we'll see, but plenty of options coming soon...
gk07  +   885d ago
I'm golden for this bring it
Wikki  +   885d ago
30 GB? Holy Shit!
ninjahunter  +   885d ago
8800GT Still going strong! Haha
aLiEnViSiToR  +   885d ago
30(?)gigs install, 3GB for gfx and then you have 8800 for minimum ROFL they trying to get EVERYONE :D
airshiraz  +   885d ago
30 gb why???????
clouds5  +   885d ago
That's great news. I've got the 7850 2GB which i'm sure will do just fine in 1080p maybe not with ultra settings. But thats alright. My PC upgrade was cheaper than the ps4 so I'm good.
So BF4 is quite a demanding game i think and i'm guessing now we have kind of a base line hardware requirements for next gen games. At least for the first few years.
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