Five of the Most Immersive Games Ever

The five games listed below are some of gaming’s crowning achievements in immersion.

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ifritAlkhemyst1776d ago

ICO, yes.

I don't get how running around giant, sparse environments in SotC is immersive. Good game, sure. Immersive, not really. It felt like a really protracted "Get from Point A to Point B to Progress".

Ezz20131776d ago

your comment make me won't like me when i'm angry

Mr_Danski1776d ago

I still play SOTC To this day. Got the HD Remake on PS plus, Still to this day its brilliant and immersive.

isarai1776d ago

Playing it with the Sony Pulse headset is amazing, you can hear every little lizard and trickle in a stream, the forests sound devine

AnotherProGamer1776d ago

Yes S.T.A.L.K.E.R!

one of the best open world FPS/RPG I've ever played. The Atmosphere is second to none, I highly recommend playing this game