LostWinds hands-on and videos from IGN

If Nintendo's recent WiiWare launch in Japan left a putrid, toothpaste-resistant taste in your mouth, rest assured that the service's American debut is going to arrive like a bottle of fresh, minty mouthwash. Indeed, games like Defend Your Castle and World of Goo will make you forget you ever bought an import system and wasted valuable Wii Points on titles like Pokemon Ranch. And if those games weren't already enough, there's LostWinds from development studio Frontier, a game that proves right out of the gate that WiiWare titles can play, look and sound just as good -- better, in fact -- than some major retail Wii titles. All within the confines of Nintendo-set 43-megabyte WiiWare file limits, mind you.

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PS360WII3843d ago

I like the art style and the control looks fun as well

BrotherNick3843d ago

When I get my new wii, that'll be my first wiiware game :O