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Why Is Sexism an Emotional Topic in the Gaming Community?

The sexism debate in video games is the first time the gaming community has realized what the world already figured out in the 1990s: video games aren’t innocent. They can send or inspire powerful messages that can help shape our society, for better or worse. Adult gamers must accept this new reality to better handle their emotions in the Information Age.

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Community1505d ago
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Godmars2901505d ago

Because a majority of the side bringing up the subject are both very vocal about it but rarely are willing to actually debate it? Only shout their points as the only valid points?

malokevi1505d ago

It isn't. It's just an emotional topic... for gaming media... this month.

"journalism". Harumph.

sonic_boom1505d ago

I would recommend checking out reader comments from gamers about this topic. It's not just media. There's a reason articles about sexism in gaming get thousands and thousands of comments.

yewles11505d ago

Persecution... whether it's an action or a complex, the subject of blaming will always spring to mind in these subjects, and the pressure will always follow...

Megaton1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

The "sexism" and "misogyny" that bloggers usually rabble about is nothing of the sort. If a bikini-clad soldier (rumored to have photosynthetic abilities, in true Kojima fashion) is an outrage, handed down straight from the women-haters at Patriarchy HQ, then I really can't help you. Nobody can, because you clearly have no idea what real sexism and female oppression looks like.

Just as Anita Sarkeesian blames an anti-woman, society-wide conspiracy on media using a kidnapped loved one, often a woman, as motivation for the protagonist's actions. It's a lazy, albeit very reliable, plot device to make you care about the characters when done right. It's a crime against variety, if anything. Not the malicious, misogynistic conspiracy that she and her fellow feminists and white knights claim it to be.

A lot of the problem is the internet echo chamber. Just look at N4G. One blogger is offended? You can bet the house on all the other lower-level thinkers to present their offended blogs within the week, with a few stragglers keeping idiocy alive well throughout the month. Nobody will stop and question whether or not the first person is right, they just get in line and try to avoid flat-out copy/pasting as much as they can to score hits off the latest nontroversy.

Real sexism in society is a thing. Gigantic hangers on a sorceress, soldiers in bikinis, and men saving their loved ones is not it. You only trivialize the real thing when you waste everybody's time making mountains out of these mole hills.

0pie1504d ago

i hate kotaku and polygon for making sensationnal headline with the false gender issue