Vita Slim & Vita TV: Can they save a flagging console?

VideogamerTV go into the possibility of the Vita TV and PS Vita Sim saving the Vita

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1688d ago

I dont see the vita needing saving it is getting ALOT of indie games and some good vita games coming soon also, on the topic of vita to tv.. im not sure i would use it that much im far more taken by remote play ps4 games on the vita.

Kingthrash3601688d ago


though i like the idea of vita tv id mostly us it to stream ps4 games to my room. my vita as a portable is good enough....but options are always good.

PoSTedUP1688d ago

i wouldnt use vitatv, i might buy it just to have it cuz it kinda looks cool, but ima handheld gamer, it defeats the purpose of having console quality games in the palm of your hand on the go. having vita games on the tv... its like, oh hi super duper high-quality ps3 games, whats that? oh nothing, just sitting here playng lower quality games on the same tv i once shared with you, thats all.

hope not anyother gamer shares my same crooked view of this. im not hating, and i can see reasons why people would want this, im just not gonna mention them : P

NewMonday1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

vitaTV is brilliant, at $95 the install base will explode, and with that more games will come, and after that it will sell even more.

people have the choice of the full handheld or the mini console, play the way we want

3-4-51688d ago

I was going to get a Vita at some point, this makes me want it even more.

Not the tv thing, but the 2.0 version.

I was not expecting a 2nd gen version of Vita this soon, but a better product on the market is always a good thing.

Baylex1688d ago

It's just a great idea!! Having a Vita TV for 100$!! They can go against those new android consoles like the Ouya and stuff like that. People don't need to spend 200$ on a Vita..
In my opinion it's just awsome!!

jonboi241688d ago

The application and potential for Vita TV is mind boggling. This could literally be sold as a box for Sony's potential Internet TV and online streaming services. They can subsidized the Vita TV with their Internet TV. This can become the best cable cutting solution outside of a PC.

kneon1688d ago

There is a lot more than can be done with this device, they've only scratched the surface. And it wouldn't surprise me to see it integrated directly into some of their TVs.

Along with playing vita games it can be gaikai client once the service is live, it can be a Vita to TV gateway, and of course a streaming media player.

Another interesting thought, this device could easily be used to have local multiplayer across multiple TVs. For games that have local split-screen they could have the option to stream one screen to the local TV and the other screen to the Vita TV. Most games are unlikely to be able to support both screens at full resolution but it's still better than splitting up the screen.

And the other player doesn't even need to be in the same house, it could be your buddy across town that doesn't own a PS4 and you can still play co-op on a PS4 game.

Shadowsteal1688d ago

Dude that's an orgasmic idea!

Wireless system link with only 1 system!(And vita tvs ofcourse)

But whenever a friend comes over all they have to bring is their controller and the pocketable vita tv.

bothebo1688d ago

I thought indies were supposed to do that!Oh wait.......

Bennibop1688d ago

I am hoping the vita tv will help increase the number of apps available, would seem to be a good opportunity for the likes of now tv etc.

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