PlayStation Vita TV: Solving Problems We Didn't Know We Had

TSA writes: "When Sony teased the news we had “been waiting for” yesterday, I wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not, and whether it would be worth getting up at 6:30am to report the news on TSA if there wasn’t going to be anything exciting aside from a Japanese PS4 release date."

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ricochetmg1622d ago

I love the idea and hopes it comes to the us

ziggurcat1622d ago

it will, it's just going to be out in japan first. that's why andrew house made the announcement, and why they broadcast the event with english translation.

FamilyGuy1622d ago

With the internet blowing up over this as huge positive news it will most certainly be coming to the U.S.

On top of that Sony gave us the heads up that they would be announcing something big and that there would be a translated stream. All so that we could see this things reveal.

100% chance this thing is coming to the U.S., no doubt whatsoever.

iceman061622d ago

House mentioned something about it being in Japan ahead of a "worldwide release". A product like this is pretty much a lock to come to the US.

Ginesis1622d ago a dumb idea. For a company in financial trouble this is a huge risk that won't pay off. Quit digging a hole that you've been trying to fill Sony!

dredgewalker1622d ago

Actually it's Sony's gaming division that's been keeping Sony afloat. It's the other divisions that were making lots of losses for Sony.

Ginesis1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

And now they're risking their profitable division by doing this. What they should do is focus on innovation in the mobile market because the next company with the next big idea in that market will reap the rewards.

Death1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Sony's gaming division has not been keeping Sony afloat. Sony's lost about 4-5 billion this gen on the gaming side. They've made a small profit in the tens of millions the last couple years. Before that it was huge losses. Sony Financial is their biggest profit leader that helps them the most. (pg.28)

With color charts and graphs.

Sony made about 1.5 million last year on the Playstation brand and close to 30 million the year before. Losses in the billions prior dating back to 2006.


Mobile is their market with the biggest losses. About a billion in 2012. They made about 7 million the year before that.

For the disagree, check the links. They are from Sony.

dredgewalker1622d ago

From what I understand most of the recent losses from Sony's gaming division is because of the investment in the cost of developing the PS4 and probably the newer vita models.

It's a calculated risk, if they manage to make the Vita Tv successful they'll increase the Vita's install base and garner more dev support.

Death1622d ago

Actually, the last couple of years they posted a small profit. The bulk of their losses before that had various reasons. Hurricane, drop of the yen, low sales, etc.

PS4 development is the least expensive of any console they have produced. It was subscontracted for the most part using off the shelf componants with very little modification relatively speaking. They claimed it is a result of listening to developers. Realistically it was about costs associated with R&D. It was a very good decision on their part either way.

dredgewalker1622d ago

Ahh I forgot about that whole tsunami incident.

WeAreLegion1622d ago

Innovation in the mobile market?

Have you not seen Sony's phones? They're incredible!

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Protagonist1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


You should apply for a job at the Sony Corporation, it seems you know what you are talking about... the analysis about the financial trouble/huge risk was spot on.


Software_Lover1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

That could apply to 80% of this website. /s

Ginesis1622d ago

Actually smart ass I have a Business degree in Finance so I know a little bit about economics and products and who's the market for said products. All I was saying is its hard to see their direct market for this device plus the vita name doesn't have enough market penetration to put out new devicse under the same umbrella and expect it to do any better. Sony needs to be a bit more conservative with their ideas right now

Protagonist1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


"I support systems that will be supported"

So now you can see in the future? you are "Genius"

Death1622d ago

They aren't risking their profitable market with the VitaTV. They make their money on the financial side more than anything. Without their financial division, Sony lost money last year. Charging for online is a step in the right direction if they want to be profitable. They also need to increase software sales. As a gamer I love the fact we can use certain games at no additional charge as Plus subscribers, but as a business owner I believe they are taking sales from themselves with the service.

Ace_Pheonix1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

*gasp* Oh wow, a business degree! Well everyone step aside, we got a guy here that has a degree in the same over saturated field as every other college student! I bet he was even able to not get a job with it! Haha, all sarcasm aside, I think it's a brilliant idea that will move more Vitas in the long run. But it really should be compatible with the DS4 for touch support.

Kujii1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )


The PS4 has over 1 million pre-orders. how many of those people do you think would have 2+ TV's in their house? And for $99usd they can play their PS4 on another TV in the house.

Money in the bank if you ask me.

Thats not including people that will buy it just because its a cheap way to enjoy PS1, PSP & PSV games or stream movies.

Being a parent this is an amazing solution for my daughter. I dont have to buy her a Vita that will most likely break or be left somewhere. And I can play the same PS1 classics with her that I played as a kid.

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sincitysir11622d ago

Someone's upset they're not getting a vita tv.

Ginesis1622d ago

No I won't be getting one I support systems that will be supported.

AznGaara1622d ago

Because a $100 box that streams tv shows, movies and plays video games have always failed. No wonder people don't buy the AppleTv... oh wait.

Ginesis1622d ago

Sony attempt to enter that market will be an uphill battle especially cause chromecast and good luck moving apples people to something else they have them on lockdown. Simply put...that market is spoken for right now.

Navick1622d ago


So much for your degree... You still don't get it. This is the first time something like this has been done. There is no other market to take notes, charts or. Past sells from. It's not an Apple TV or Roku, though it has some of those features. It has access to over 1300 games, psone, psp, and vita games. It also always u to purchase one ps4 and reap the benefits of having a second in your bedroom. On a big screen. Remote play at its finest. I think it's genius and will sell like hot cakes.

wishingW3L1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@Ginesis, don't even try to make sense out of anything because fanboys are just gonna fanboy. My console of choice is always Sony's but I'm nowhere near as delusional as them and I do admit Sony has made lots of mistakes and what they are doing now is indeed risky. But to the fanboys Sony's in a pedestal and they can do no wrong even though they really messed up with the PS3 and again with the Vita.

SirBradders1622d ago

Not a good idea to you maybe but to cash struck homes this is the nuts a vita on your tv for £80 and enables you to stream your ps4 throughout the house while watching tv through it so it has a place in cash struck homes and the better off with multiple tvs.

This is a good move from sony how can you think it is a bad move?

FamilyGuy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

You're crazy, they just introduce a $100 way to play Vita games as well as it being able to stream Gaikai content eventually. This thing is gonna sell through the roof.

You're over here talking about innovation in mobile market? lmao, did you not notice they also have revised PS Vita models that are cheaper to make (No OLED screen) as well? A slimmer, lighter, less expensive handheld vita as well as Vita Tv, the install base will probably quadruple within the first couple months of this things release.

$100 and less = impulse buy, when it comes to consoles. Vita tv = Vita console

If by mobile you're referring to cell phones well Sony has innovative cell phones already and the market is just over-saturated with competition. If some other company comes up with something great they'll all just copy each other anyway. Sony has a phone that can be submerged under water, they're already doing great stuff.

I'm really caught off guard by the people that see this as a negative thing. Realize that you are in the minority. Just because you're too narrow-minded to see the benefits of such a device and who is market will be you think it's a bad investment yet you can look at any news report story on the Vita Tv and see 100 positive comments to every 7 negative ones. 100 to 7... it's a really good sign that people are interested.

ginsunuva1622d ago

How is it a huge risk when it's just Vita parts w/o screen?

iceman061622d ago

While it might be considered "risky", financially it's not a huge risk. The R&D has already been done, games are being made and have been for some time since it supports various previous console iterations. All that they really have to do is market, produce, and sell. The ability for it to remote play brings this device into play big time. Assuming that it works as advertised, this allows you to play PS4 games on another TV or in another room for about $100. That alone will move units.

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miyamoto1622d ago

PS Vita games seen @720p or 1080i is not a bad thing...its actually very good!

i dont have to carry my ps4 to a friends house or at work to play ps4 games

this will encourage gamers to buy less expensive ps vita versions of ps3/ps4/ps vita cross platform games

very nice

loving it

and then there is Gaikai over the horizon

thrust1622d ago

I wanna see the ps4 games steaming over the net in uk!

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