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How Ryse could use the Xbox One controller's trigger rumble

"The crazy part about the rumble triggers is that they're so sensitive." (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

gaelic_laoch  +   306d ago
"The crazy part about the rumble triggers is that they're so sensitive."

Lets hope they can find and hit that G Spot!


"It's all about how much we can tune the vibration intensity and speed,"
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Nicaragua  +   306d ago
Hopefully they can use the rumble triggers to distract the player from the glitch ridden tedious gameplay
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theWB27  +   306d ago
Says the guy who's never played it and only seen snippets...yeah.
Nicaragua  +   306d ago
These guys played it, take it up with them - http://uk.ign.com/videos/20...
jgrigs09  +   306d ago
Dude they are playing the unfinished game. It's going too have errors.
golding89   306d ago | Personal attack | show
GmIsOnPt360  +   306d ago
My excitement for Ryse has waned, when they said we dont want players to get frusterdated????Say what, thats part of gaming and any challenge. It just seems like the whole game is a mo-cap QTE so in trying to attain flow they make it repetitive as all hell. HOPE im wrong, but not thinking so.
DoubleM70  +   306d ago
You can turn the QTE off. Did you know that?
gaelic_laoch  +   306d ago

OMFFFFFG its like you got in my brain found what I should have thought and commented what I was thinking!!!!
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falviousuk  +   306d ago
The trolls are strong within this and every other xbox related thread
FamilyGuy  +   306d ago
So not liking Ryse makes a gamer a troll?

Do you think Ryse is gaming perfection or something?

I'm sure there are plenty of X1 fans out there that don't like or have no interest in Ryse.

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