inFAMOUS Second Son Pre Order Video

Pre-order inFAMOUS Second Son at participating retailers and get a voucher code to unlock these exclusive in-game vests designed by iam8bit, Penny Arcade and more!

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mewhy321716d ago

Wow. That's awesome!!!!! micro$oft has nothing that can compete with this title. nothing. PS4 rulez for exclusives.

black0o1716d ago

this game is the next big thing in OW genra

warewolfSS1716d ago

Your a joke dude.

Someone has hurt feelins over a toy huh :(

I don't even care your gonna report this Asa personal attack. I just want you to know how stupid you look ALL the time.

EdoubleD1716d ago

I'm liking that skeleton vest.

sorceror1711716d ago

Man. Is that it? Infamous 2 had way better pre-order bonuses than *that*.

It had bonus skins, too, but a lot more besides. Extra powers, soundtrack, statuette, and most especially a messenger bag. (That has actually come in handy since - it's perfect for day trips.)

I'll get Second Son, sure. But that's not gonna motivate me to pre-order it...

Shadowsteal1716d ago

These are free bonuses to the standard game. The bonuses you mentioned was part of the collectors edition which cost more. Those parts were part of the product, not bonuses. So relax. These bonuses are free, just used to entice potential buyers to buy day 1.

LordNikon1716d ago

Well, i'm just glad the preorder bonus is not extra game content (extra powers). I wouldn't want to own an inferior version of the game when it launch's.

Shadowsteal1716d ago

Well if I mean if that were the case.

Almost 90% of pre-order dlc is put on the PS Store at a later date costing $.99-$4.99

Iltapalanyymi1716d ago

Wow cool! a bit of new gameplay too!

macethedon1716d ago

What is the name of the song?

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