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PS Vita TV, Sony's smartest piece of tech in years

We are given a better explanation on what exactly the Vita TV is and how it'll benefit you. (Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony, Tech)

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miyamoto  +   724d ago
So we have a new next gen HOME console coming out this year?

The PS Vita TV.

I love gaming on the big screen but...

I still think PS Vita with mini HDMI out is the best thing Sony should have done besides the PS Vita TV. Like my PSP 3000 has A/V out and it can connect to any TV.

And I don't wanna have to buy nor carry a Dual Shock 3!

Can I use a PS Vita or DualShock 4 as controller for PS Vita TV?

PS vita is supposed to be a console, controller, screen all- in-one solution like the PSP 3000.

Throw in the 720p or 1080i HDMI display output and media streaming tech and you have one helluva portable gaming machine with the redesigned PS Vita!

Should I wait for PS Vita 3000, Sony?
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mewhy32  +   724d ago
This is a great idea. Another trump by Sony. Being able to second screen to another tv for the PS4 is a really really good idea. I'm sure that it won't be long until the mongers at micro$oft copy this idea. But you'll have to have an xbone live gold account to use it LOL.
warewolfSS  +   724d ago
Your still a joke.
darthv72  +   724d ago
It reminds me of the PSP GO in a way because it can plug into a TV and use a DS3 (like the GO).

And it also reminds me of the prototype UMD drive sony was working on before they came out with the PSP 2000/3000. That was supposed to be a USB device that you plug into the PS2 to play PSP games on a tv.

It may not be a fully revised Vita with tv out but it is still and neat idea.
miyamoto  +   724d ago
Look at my disagrees!
People we need discussions not angry disagrees, LOL! Man up abit.


PS Vita TV Adapter...
PS Vita TV Adapter...
PS Vita TV Adapter with extras in it...

is a nice way to look at this whole bloody thing.

I will now let it sink in a bit in my head.

Now it makes sense to me.

Even if the small form factor is aimed at Japanese gamers I really hope its around $75 to $80 in NA.

Bye Bye Ouya!
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ShwankyShpanky  +   724d ago
And your post was a "reply" to miyamoto in what way exactly? Oh, it wasn't. It was just riding coattails on the first post. Lame.
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TotalHitman  +   724d ago
I love this idea. No PS3/4 or Vita is needed. Buy PlayStation Vita TV, buy some Vita games and your set to play Vita games on a TV. This could be big if Sony market the product right.
iamnsuperman  +   724d ago
The only issue with that is price. Price is still a big problem for the masses and Sony needs to sell more systems so companies like Ubisoft and EA will develop more games for it (as well as indies) building up the library so more people buy the Vita.

This is smart as it is a very low entry price for people wanting a media system. It combats like likes of Apple TV and Chromecast as it offers big games too. Combine that with the relatively low entry price means people who are not ready or sure to pick up a next generation system could pick up this as games are being made (quite regularly) for it. It then gives people a taste of Vita games which means they could buy a Vita if they want to go more portable (more justified if they have a large library already which this device could offer).

Then you have the PS4 connectivity side of things which means people who don't buy a system immediately but get this as it is a low cost multimedia system would stick with playstation as it all connects together (big thing for consumers. Another tick in the box).

Sony's main mission is to get more people buying Vitas (as it isn't selling well) and this is what this does (like a trojan horse). Sticking a HDMI on a Vita doesn't change the fact people do not want to buy it. This device is all about the masses and keeping the masses with Playstation and Sony
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black0o  +   724d ago
I was thinking the same thing, they wanna expanded the in-base for vita and they can't drop the price anymore for now

and also it support both DS3 and 4 which is win for console owners that luv to ply on big screan and can't stand handheld

and down the line when gaikai launches its gonna be another story
Maddens Raiders  +   724d ago
Warpath. Sony is on it. I haven't seen them this aggressive and hungry since the PS2 days. The potential for viral marketing due to the inherent capabilities of the Vita is simply brilliant.
dredgewalker  +   724d ago
The problem with adding hdmi output to a vita will probably add more cost to the unit itself. This is actually a very smart move by Sony. This might even serve as an introductory model to getting a vita handheld. For $100 you get a small console that adds additional functionality to your tv.
miyamoto  +   724d ago
This is why I love good discussions.
We see things from all angles.

PS Vita TV could sell at $75 to $80 in NA
New PS Vita could sell at $150 here in NA

not bad

i hope it supports Gaikai too
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dredgewalker  +   724d ago
I respond politely to people who have genuine concerns and questions. To be honest I also wanted the hdmi output for the vita too since its always good to have that option. Maybe we'll get that feature in another revision.
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Saigon  +   724d ago
I think why I like this so much is because Sony just told me that have more choices to game from anywhere. I don't have to purchase multiple PS4s; I can game on the go; I can game on vacation; I can game from anywhere in the house that has a TV and the device connected to it. I have to admit, at first I did not like this idea, but I am coming around to the possibilities...
kneon  +   724d ago

"i hope it supports Gaikai too"

I expect it will be a Gaikai client, it's likely that the technology they are using for streaming PS4 games is the same as Gaikai under the hood, it's just that they have substituted your PS4 in place of their servers.
Dan_scruggs  +   724d ago
I'm not seeing the logic here. Sony Announces a new model of PS Vita and then announces and very good reason not to buy it. Also you wont even be able to play many of the games on your TV because the PS4 doesn't have the touchscreen capabilities of the Vita. This will make the Vita library even more limited for TV play.
dredgewalker  +   724d ago
Do your research please before spouting anymore nonsense. Most of the touchscreen capabilities are gonna be addressed by the dual shocks l3 and r3 buttons. Also the DS4 will be supported upon PS4 launch and that controller has a touchpad.
miyamoto  +   724d ago
hello DualShock 4 has a touch pad, mate. And DualShock 3 L3 and R3 buttons will compensate for touch functions like in dragon's crown Ps3 version.

all bases are covered. Sony ain't stupid you know.
Tapani  +   724d ago
Dualshock 4 has a touchpad and two extra triggers to cover the touchpad behind the ps vita. They cannot announce all those touch-based games now for PS Vita TV, because it's coming out only in Japan, and PS4 (read= dualshock 4) will be out in February there.
GraveLord  +   724d ago
These 2 new products are aimed at 2 different markets. If you like portable gaming, you won't buy this, you already have a Vita.
Conzul  +   724d ago
But can you mirror your Vita screen onto a larger TV screen? Methinks that is the question.
If not, then it's still the same market.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   724d ago
yes, it will be limited. Even the additional buttons on the vita won't compensate the touch functionality. Devs would have to create patches to replace the functions. But it will be great to play all the indi titles and psp\psone titles. Gaikai might add ps2 games as well. There you have a console with a vast library of games.
GraveLord  +   724d ago
Are you stupid? You don't have to carry a Dualshock 3 or Vita TV. It's meant for TV USE.

The portable Vita with a screen will still continue to be sold.
nunley33  +   724d ago
and you wouldn't be carrying a ps3 DS3 for vita tv,it's for home use.If your out and about,you would just use your vita like normal.
PSjesus  +   724d ago
Very well written from gamesraddar
this device well be essential for any gamer who travel alot,and ll make PS brand bigger than ever
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OrangePowerz  +   724d ago
I kind of prefer the Vita TV over a redesigned Vita with HDMI out. It will be cheaper for me to buy the Vita TV over trading in my current Vita to get the new one because the trade in price at best would be probably 80 bucks
Jaqen_Hghar  +   724d ago
At Gamestop maybe. A man would recommend selling on Ebay.
kayoss  +   724d ago
From a guy who couldnt even use the correct word to trash talk. It's "You're" not "your".
edgeofsins  +   724d ago
A lot of people say the Vita performs bad in sales. I guess making the newer Vita offer the new features in itself would have been a great selling factor.
ovnipc  +   724d ago
another crap from sony. I never like handhelds yea the vita is cool but if I connect to a TV for that its better the x1 or ps4, not a vita, a vita is for video game on the go, being at home playing on a 5 inch led it stupid, better to play xbox or pc.
edgeofsins  +   719d ago
A Vita is for gaming before anything else. People really like the $100 for a near PS3 experience on their TV, as well as the extra features it has.
malokevi  +   724d ago
When I read about this, and considered the applications, this morning, I was very impressed.

Basically it's #1 function will be to hook up to a second screen in the house. Essentially enabling a single PS4 for two screens without having to move the console. Rather smart. MS is probably kicking themselves.
Snookies12  +   724d ago
Not to mention it's small. So you can take it to friends' houses and play your PS4 games remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   724d ago
I would
love to play my ps4 games in a hotel because I travel a lot. Only problem: Internet usually sucks...
P0werVR  +   724d ago
The only thing I have an issue with this feature is whether this has always been in the design or is this just a recent feature being added.

Can anyone confirm when is this release or when were any news in the past on it's development?

It's at least important to me because it'll only work as good as it should IF it had time for to be designed. If it was just recent then this is nothing than a mere respond to what Microsoft is doing and not operate as good.

Similar to their deal with Viacom out of the blue.
rainslacker  +   723d ago

Releases Nov 14th in Japan.

I really don't think there was much involved in having to design this. It's just a vita motherboard, likely the new redesigned one, in a small box with HDMI out(something they already have on dev kits. They probably just needed to update the OS to adapt it's functionality. I believe Vita already supports bluetooth so it would have been easy enough to add DS3/4 support...and hope it comes to the regular Vita too.

The Vita itself was designed around remote play, so doubt that will be an issue. They've already shown it working, and I've used it myself from time to time.

There may be some hiccups with the software at launch, but Vita itself is pretty solid right now.

Only thing I would want more on it is a wired Ethernet port for home use.:)
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jp_footy2  +   724d ago
Hi malokevi,

Do you know if ps4 games will be able to be played at 1080p? I know that Vita games will be outputed at 720p, but what about PS4 games?...

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rainslacker  +   723d ago
According to Sony's spec sheet on it the max video out is 1080i. PS4 games will likely play at their native resolution if they are below that, as it's just a video stream and there is no heavy work going on in the device itself.
AznGaara  +   724d ago
Not just in your house either. Its through wifi so you could theoretically take the VitaTV to your friend's house. Hook it up to his TV. Connect through his wifi, connect to your Ps4 and have a good time. lol.
Anon1974  +   724d ago
That's what I saw as the main take away for this device as well. At home, I have a main PVR and a box that connects to the PVR in another room. This is the same idea, a PS4 extender that allows you to play your PS4 in another room without needing to move the unit. It's a fantastic idea. The fact that it plays Vita games and streams media almost seems secondary to me, but is still a shrewd move to move Vita software.

For $100 I'll certainly be looking at picking one of these up down the road. I currently have a 2 PS3's, one on my home theater in my den and one on the TV up in the living room. Being able to extend my PS4 to another room without shelling out another $400 is good news, and I'm already a Vita owner so it's nice to be able to plug in my Vita games to play on the TV if I so choose.
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Death  +   724d ago
If it works well as a remote access spot to play your PS4 games. If it does not, then what?
Darrius Cole  +   724d ago
I move my PS3 ALL THE TIME. Constantly going from the one room to the next but now that is out the window for less than $100.

But doesn't it play Vita, and PSP games natively on its own? I thought I saw that. If it does then it's a full stand-alone console, as well as a PS4 extender.

This is the best idea I've seen from a console maker in years. When they start putting that in bundles with a PS4 then it is going to sell monstrously.

I wonder why they paired it with DS3. Does anybody know if it will work with the DS4 as well?
rainslacker  +   723d ago
Yes, it's a full Vita without the OLED screen. Comes with 1GB of on board memory and takes Vita memory cards and retail games. Can use it to download PSP/PS1/PSVita titles, as well as stream games from the PS4, and I'd imagine PS3 games that support remote play. I'd imagine this will be a big part of Gaikai when they launch that.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them launch a line of TV's with these embedded in them too.

And yes, it'll work with the DS4.

Sony really wasn't kidding when they said they had an announcement that was beyond anyone's wildest imagination the other day. Can't believe Sony was able to keep something like this from leaking out...it's so unlike them.:)
kayoss  +   724d ago
I dont think i would want to carry xbox One anywhere. That thing will hurt my back.
joeorc  +   724d ago

"When I read about this, and considered the applications, this morning, I was very impressed.

Basically it's #1 function will be to hook up to a second screen in the house. Essentially enabling a single PS4 for two screens without having to move the console. Rather smart. MS is probably kicking themselves."

Yupper's, this have been a goal , to expamd the playstation Eco System, because when Sony was Also creating the Playstation Suite, which is now playstation Mobile. They were looking at being able to make existing Android Powered devices, being able with just a download APK. to be able to be used as an extended Arm of the Playstation Eco System. the key is Microsoft is also doing that with SmartGlass. the New xboxone can have upto 16 smart glass enabled devices connected to the xboxone. Sony's idea is along the same lines, but using Android stack instead of Windows OS off the bat. Having two more dedicated PSVita powered Hardware platforms though does give more developer's directed platform uniformity on hardware. than just the many types of smart devices out there. But with both dedicated and smart devices being able to be used.

Sony's remote play was not just going to be the PSVita only, but it was going to be the main device for such platform targeting for mobile gaming on the go for a playstation Eco System.

It was one of the thing's Sony's engineers was talking about many years ago in 2003 when they wanted to build up a playstation Eco system of moving the playstation experience from just the living room to the Mobile space. this is just the many, years of Evolution to this idea.
InSpectre  +   723d ago
The wife and I have two PC's in separate bedrooms. I'm thinking about getting a PSVTV for each of them so we can have PS4 content anywhere we need it. I'm psyched!

I love the idea of having my PC and PS4 content right on my PC as well as the PS4 in the living room. Freaking cool!
GreenRanger  +   724d ago
They should let this thing play digital PS2 games.
WeAreLegion  +   724d ago
Agreed. I'd love if it could stream PS3/PS2 games from the PS3.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   724d ago
might come later with Gaikai
sAVAge_bEaST  +   724d ago
This will stream Gaikai, when it launches.
Yep  +   724d ago
Not in the slightest in my opinion.

I think PS Vita TV is a terrible idea.

In summation, it's a device with the PS Vita System UI that allows you to play PSV, PSP, PS1 and Media content only on your TV. Also since it has the PS Vita UI it is able to play all PS4 games via remote play powered by Gaikai.

First of all, between the PSV, the new model, and PSV TV, they're going to end up confusing consumers unless they can find a way to explain the uniqueness of all three. But who are they marketing this to? Is PS Vita TV supposed to be a substitute for getting a PS Vita? If so, great (Cheaper), but how will it look playing the PS Vita on a, say, a 32" TV screen? It'll most definitely look worse playing Borderlands 2 on PS Vita TV than on PS3, PC, or Xbox 360. You also forfeit true portability as the device doesn't have a screen. Is it supposed to make the PS4 more portable? If so, can't we already just take the PS4 console with us if we're going on vacation or is it really worth the added portability (also does it even stream in the same resolution)? If I already have a PS Vita, is the ability to play on the TV really worth the extra money?

It just doesn't seem to even have an actual market. I think scrapping the PS Vita, making all PS Vita exclusives PS4 games from the start, and making a new device (with a screen) with the sole purpose of allowing you to access PS4 games on the system (Via remote play), would have been more ideal. Pretty much, I think Sony would have effectively created a portable GamePad for the PS4 albeit with a smaller screen. Sure this would further perpetuate the stereotype that Sony just borrows ideas from Nintendo, but at least I think it would have made them more money perhaps.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe this is just what Sony needed.
1lawrence  +   724d ago
it has an lcd screen what r u talking about
Yep  +   724d ago
Wait a minute, no it doesn't. I'm surprised you even got "agrees". If it did, it would be redundant and wouldn't be so cheap.
BLow  +   724d ago
ITS AN OPTION!!! Some people like me don't like handheld gaming. This let's me play Vita games if I choose. It also allows you to stream from any TV in your home with 1 system. If your can take this out of the home then your can take this(which can fit in your pocket) as opposed to taking a $400 console around with you while your on VACATION. It's called convenience.

These companies make most of there MONEY FROM SOFTWARE. This is just an OPTION to get more people to buy more games which means MORE MONEY. More people to enjoy more games is not a bad thing. This is just a cheaper option than actually buying a Vita to enjoy its games. If it's pointless like you say then it won't sell. Who knows. Time will tell.
Yep  +   724d ago
While I disagree with the convenience point (it really isn't hard to put your system in a suit case or even a bag and bring it with you on vacation. I just did it with my Wii U a couple days ago.), you make a good point in your second paragraph. Hopefully this things sells well enough to make the increase in software sales worthwhile.
Death  +   724d ago
They don't need to scrap the Vita, they just need to make more games that show what the Vita can do instead of ports. It's a great device that Sony is really missing the market on.
Yep  +   724d ago
More games is something I can agree with.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   724d ago
for that to happen they need to sell more vita units. Vita TtV could do the trick
Death  +   724d ago
VitaTv isn't compatable with Vita games that actually utiize the Vita's features like the touch on the back of the unit or the touch screen. Comes with the Dualshock 3 and not 4 either so I'd like to know how remote play with the PS4 is affected.
OrangePowerz  +   724d ago
Look at it from this way. I'm often away and sometimes several weeks but I dont like giving up gaming during that time. With thr Vita TV I can potentially only pack that tiny device and a DualShock and play my PS4 games on a tv when I'm away from home.

Its less hassle compared to taking my normal home console with me as it is a lot smaller and less likely to break.
Yep  +   724d ago
Is it really worth the extra cost though?
OrangePowerz  +   724d ago
I rather spend 100 bucks on the Vita TV and take that with me, especially for when I travel by plane as I usually have anyway a full backpack with me in case the luggage get`s lost (not uncommon) and the laptop bag. Given how often my luggage got lost so far (always got it back some time later) I wouldn`t want to put my console in there for that reason and that the bag might not be treated very well.
Campy da Camper  +   724d ago
I have a 55 LED in my living room. This is where my ps3 is and where my ps4 will go. Every night I want to lay down and keep gaming in bed on my 44" plasma but I'dhave to unhook the unit and hook it up in the bedroom. Then the next day unhook it from plasma and hook back up in living room. This device will eliminate that process. That, to me, is worth $100.00
Darrius Cole  +   724d ago
I disagree with you here on almost every point. You mentioned

1. Confusion between PSV, PSVita new model, PSVTV
2. Resolution
3. True portability
4. Having an actual market

1. Its's a simple question of screen. If you want a portable screen by the PSV or the PSV(new model name). If you don't need a portable screen you can buy the PSVTV and save yourself some money.

2. 480p is 480 x 720 = 345,600 pixels
720p is 720 x 1280 = 921,600
A PSVita screen is 960 x 544 = 522,240

So, a Vita screen is a little more than half of 720p and 1 and half time 480p. I think that is plenty of resolution, especially, for people who know that they are playing Vita games. Lots of people watch standard def content on their HDTVs now.

3. True portability - First, I don't think it is designed for people who want to take their games with them and don't have a Vita. Second, and more importantly, I think it adds to the appeal of the Vita. If you have Vita, you may not want to be looking at that small screen while you are at home.

4. This turns the Vita into a $100 home console, and it extends your PS4 to a second screen. That is two major markets right there. If you have a PS4 and 2 tv's you probably need one. If you only have $100 and want a console or want to buy one for a kid etc. That is another market.

I think this is a master stroke by Sony.
Dlacy13g  +   724d ago
I think the PS4 feature sounds interesting... but wonder about latency with anything like this kind of tech.
iamnsuperman  +   724d ago
in the home it should be unnoticeable. Remote play (as it is right now with PS3 and Vita remote play) has unnoticeable latency within your own Wifi (it has to have some but I didn't notice any). I am unsure about it outside your home network which is wear a problem may lie (depends on network speeds)
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Kydawg  +   724d ago
Question, is $135 a good price for a used but mint condition original Vita? That's with shipping and tax included. I'm on the brink. Do you think the price will come down more? I'm going to buy the VitaTV also.
dredgewalker  +   724d ago
It's a good deal especially if it's in mint condition and comes with the box along with a memory card. I also got mine second hand for that price but with 2 memory cards, 2 vita cartridge games along with a 1 year subscription to ps plus (as long as I don't log out of that account).
Kydawg  +   724d ago
Damn that's an awesome deal! It doesn't come with the original box or games or memory cards or ps+ so maybe ill wait a little longer, but eventually it will be mine.
dredgewalker  +   724d ago
Well it didn't have the box though :P Yeah you should wait, I'm certain the new model would drive the prices of 2nd hand Vita models down. Just remember that when buying a second hand unit always look for great condition items since it most likely been well taken care of. Also I've had better luck getting 2nd hand gadgets from girls, since they tend to be more careful with their gadgets.
user7402931  +   724d ago
this thing will be big.
Death  +   724d ago
The Vita has no identity as it is. A Vita TV has almost no chance. You can buy a Roku for half the price and have more streaming services. You won't have access to PSP/Vita games, but what is the point of buying a retro Playstation box?
Drekken  +   724d ago
Roku can't stream PS4 to my bedroom. This thing is going to sell like hotcakes.
Pancit_Canton  +   724d ago
The author needs more research. Sony flexible oled display, Blu-ray (lead R&D), Cell processor (ibm venture), Mirror less camera, waterproof phone,Exmor camera and etc. They innovate while others imitate.
Death  +   724d ago
Maybe to a degree. Blu-ray and HD-DVD were not innovative products. They were an extention of the existing CD/DVD format. The blue laser diode was actually invented in California by Shuji Nakamura. Sony and Toshiba modified DVD tech with Nakamura's blue laser technology to create their formats. Cell was a marketing term by Sony for their modified PowerPC technology. They abandoned it pretty quickly selling the plant to Toshiba and then buying it back when Toshiba didn't want it anymore. One of their biggest sellers is the Playstation brand and that started life as a cancelled addon for Nintendo.

Here's your oled and flexible glass. http://inventors.about.com/... Neither of which was Sony.
Oschino1907  +   724d ago
Sony is def one of the front runners when it comes to consumer tech for decades now. Like many companies they often colaborate and work together to extend resources. Sony and Philips have been working together closely on many projects for a long time now.
goldwyncq  +   724d ago
Persona 4 Golden in an HDTV? Hell Yes!
Belking  +   724d ago
Vita TV? This isn't gonna make people buy a vita IMO.
M-M  +   724d ago
That doesn't even make sense lol.
Inception  +   724d ago
It's on the other way, it will made people buy a Vita & a PS4 imho.
Belking  +   724d ago
probably not. no one wants a vita to play the same games that the consoles have. When will sony learn this.
Inception  +   724d ago
"no one wants a vita"

Speak by yourself ;)
mayberry  +   724d ago
To me, thats like saying.."candy? This isnt gonna make kids want to buy it imo".
Shawtymann  +   724d ago
I wonder if it'll allow to pay logical multiplayer on PS4 on two different screens without the split-screen view
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one2thr  +   724d ago
I was thinking the same exact thing!...

Like a "own-screen-split-screen& quot; feature, via wifi or wired connection :)

Or even allow the PS4 to have a multi screen feature, similar to that of some Pc set ups...

The possiblities are truly endless, with Vita Tv (PS Vita Tv)
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Roper316  +   724d ago
where I think they screwed up the Vita TV is by not letting you use the actual Vita as the controller or by not making it DS4 compatible so you have the touch pad so more games would be compatible to play.
SpiralTear  +   724d ago
My issue with this is that, while it's a cool idea, this device negates many of the selling points that the original PS Vita had. Now that you can get all the features of the Vita on a cheaper box for the home, why buy the Vita handheld at all? Vita TV is 100 dollars cheaper, after all...
Oschino1907  +   724d ago
So people don't buy Vita handhelds for portable on the go gaming?

Wow, here all this time I thought Vita handhelds were mainly designed to be an all in one portable gaming system... I feel like such an idiot...
#13.1 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
SpiralTear  +   724d ago
Yes, portability is important and the Vita's big feature, but is it worth another $100 to do so?

I think this tech would've been better if it was all about streaming. You could get PS4 remote play, stream video and access the web from a different TV in your home. In fact, if there was no Vita functionality, the box itself could probably be much cheaper.
Oschino1907  +   724d ago
If you were someone who wanted to play games anywhere anytime and be able to be connected online in a majority of places you are traveling while playing.... well then I guess that's up to that person to decide if another $100 is worth it.

There are soooooooooo many benefits still in having a 3g/wifi Vita handheld over the Vita TV but the biggest and one that makes a majority of them a benefit are the fact that it's a portable all in one device.

Again if you are someone who likes or is looking for those types of things its up to you to decide if $100 is too much or not. It goes both ways as well, some aren't going to see the value in Vita TV either because it's not geared towards them.

Clearly a regular Vita handheld is not something for YOU, but I can clearly see the plus sides for both and would have a hard time choosing one over the other let alone keeping myself from just getting both at some point.
#13.2 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SpiralTear  +   724d ago
I really like the Vita. I have mine sitting in front of me as I type this, so it's all the more difficult for me to agree that this idea of making a home Vita and a portable Vita that can be played at home as well is a worthwhile endeavor for Sony.

That's what I'm trying to get at, actually. I own a Vita handheld already, so Vita TV isn't a day one purchase for me. If Vita TV was just a streaming box for PS4 remote play and video streaming (no Vita features at all), I'd be much more open to buying one, but Sony is going to market this as a "Vita console" of sorts instead of a "hotspot" for PS4 streaming (Vita is in the name, for crying out loud). That's the biggest error I see with this product.

And buying both is even more costly and even more difficult to justify.
#13.2.1 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
NateCole  +   724d ago
Vita is a true mobile gaming device. This is not.

With the introduction of Vita TV it will help sell more Vita games which in turns get more dev support for vita games dev which in turns make both Vita TV and Vita marketable to people. You see, devs will count Vita TV as another potential customer that will buy a vita game as it can play vita games.

i.e it will help sell more PS vita.

The added bonus is the integration with the PS4 which will help bought PS4 and Vita TV sales.
rainslacker  +   723d ago
For me, I love my Vita when I'm out and about. I also really enjoy the games on it, so I play it quite a bit at home. If I can play it on the big screen with a more comfortable controller(I have carpel tunnel and Vita can be bad for my wrists after a while), then I'm all for that. Using cloud saves I can easily switch between them no matter where I am.

This device isn't meant to replace the Vita. It is meant to supplement it, or offer the option to those that don't want a mobile gaming device. It will help give Vita a bigger install base, which only means that developers will start looking to it more to make more Vita specific games.

Add on the fact it's an inexpensive streaming gadget, offers a lot of functionality with the PS3, has a huge catalog of games available to it day one, and it's just a recipe for success, especially among the budget/casual game player.

This was one of Sony's best ideas in years. I just hope they market it properly so it can get the attention that it deserves.
ricochetmg  +   724d ago
I'm buying it. I don't want vita just the games.
Oschino1907  +   724d ago
I agree for now. I have a bunch of Vita games through PS+ i would like to play but I am not big on handhelds.

Down the road (1-3yrs) if they have an improved/updated PS Vita for a cheaper price I would consider one seeing as combined with PS4 and Gaikai it could be a very nice complimentary device. Also depends how phones/tablets evolve and how Sony Online Entertainment/Playstation is intergrated with them.
terrordactyl  +   724d ago
Does it have internal storage? Can I download all of the PS+ Vita titles to it?
abusador  +   724d ago
This system for only like 100 is epic imo and i will buy to have along my vita and ps4. Vita has some full fledged console like games ppl would love to play on big screen like unit 13, gravity rush, soul sacrifice, and many others.

Add to that the fact that you can remote play ps4 games via it and you can be playing mp games via this and your ps4 for mp if you have someone else over and man that is awesome sauce!!!!!!

And for the ppl talking about ps vita on the go gaming. Many ppl are like me they do take their system on the go and game but alot f ppl also just like the portability at home and gaming on their bed.
XboxFun  +   724d ago
So basically it's a Roku box with some Vita game functionality.

I don't understand the appeal for this. And also any game that has touch functionality won't work. So will games from now on made for the Vita not have this function in order for it to be compatible with the Vita TV? And if so why even have a Vita?

I like the idea of the PS4 streaming that Gamesradar suggested but is this true. I keep reading that it allows you to use a Duelshock 3 controller, will it let you use a duel shock 4?
SpiralTear  +   724d ago
The Vita touch functionality will be replaced with using the L3/R3 buttons on the Dualshock analog sticks to activate a cursor interface, with you'll then use the analog sticks to move the cursor around in a swiping motion.

Whether that's a worthwhile replacement or not is up to you. For me, it sounds obnoxiously complex.
joeorc  +   724d ago

"So basically it's a Roku box with some Vita game functionality."

LMAO, sure if the roku box, had both a Quad core cortex A9 CPU and A Quad Core SGX543MP4+ GPU than yeah, Sure the Vita TV box is just a Roku box with the ability to play Vita Game functionality...


You just never Quit. keep it up though you are always good for a chuckle.
XboxFun  +   724d ago
"sure if the roku box, had both a Quad core cortex A9 CPU and A Quad Core SGX543MP4+ GPU than yeah..."

LMAO, and this matters to me? You spout this off as if this was some sort of importance to a consumer like myself. All I need is to watch Hulu and Netflix, which Apple TV and the likes has already provided. And if I have a PS4, why would I play any Vita games?

So basically it's a roku box that can play some Vita games. Glad you clarified that for me.
Drekken  +   724d ago
The people trolling this device is so short sighted it comes off as pathetic.

I can stream my PS4 to my bedroom without disconnecting the console for $75, plus have access to all the PSV library.

Try again short sighted troll.
joeorc  +   724d ago

"LMAO, and this matters to me? You spout this off as if this was some sort of importance to a consumer like myself. All I need is to watch Hulu and Netflix, which Apple TV and the likes has already provided. And if I have a PS4, why would I play any Vita games? "

Because it's not just for PSVita Games only!
Do you not freaking get that, The fact is if i Have one PS4 i do not need to by a 2nd for my bedroom, i can just get this and a DS4 controller!
ricochetmg  +   724d ago
you hating
microgenius  +   724d ago
is this an accessory or a different machin than vita?
rainslacker  +   723d ago
Think of it as another version of the Vita. One without the OLED screen that hooks up to your TV instead of being able to play while on the move. It's ultra portable, but still requires a TV to function. Otherwise it's pretty much the same as a Vita.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   724d ago
The only thing I hate is that it's white and not black so it doesn't match the PS4 well.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   724d ago
a black version might be released later after a successful launch.
nades_all_night  +   723d ago
I would think so. But if not, and it's successful (which I'm 99.99% sure it will be) I'm sure we will see skins, or cases for it.
ZHZ90  +   724d ago
I really don't get PS Vita TV, yeah I did saw the video but I don't get it... I can connect Vita TV to my PS4 and play Vita games on it or something...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   724d ago
It is a 100$ console.

You can play vita games, psOne games, and stream your Ps4 to another TV. -you can use DS3, AND DS4 controllers.

Netflix and other apps.-like how Apple Tv works, and soon Gaikai.

(I will have the Ps4 in the living room, and Vita Tv, in the bedroom, or den, depending.)
#20.1 (Edited 724d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CuddlyREDRUM  +   724d ago
Seems like everyone was just ranking on Xbox a few months ago for this TV TV TV crap.

I am not interested in this, and a bit stupefied as to why they are going to do something that makes the 360 HD DVD player seem like a good idea.
nades_all_night  +   723d ago
Oh, I guess I'll bite. The Vita TV is not TV TV TV crap. It is a console. It allows the consumer to play Vita, and PS1 games on an HDTV. With Gaikai, PS2 and PS3 games will also be accessible. It will also allow the consumer to play the PS4 remotely in another room of their home without having to move the PS4 from room to room. It doesn't require a cable/satellite box and also doesn't require consumers to access hulu/netfilx and other apps behind a paywall. Oh...and the 360's HDDVD was NOT a good idea. This is a great idea by Sony and will not be TV TV TV, but it will SELL SELL SELL.
marcelliuss1  +   723d ago
IDK this is a good piece of tech for those who don't like small screens, but I don't think it will catch on like Sony thinks it will. The Vita TV reminds me of the peace of tech Nintendo made for the Gameboy advance where you can attach it to the GameCube and play Gameboy games through the TV. I also think this will hurt the Vita in some way because too my understanding you wont need to buy a Vita to play Vita games, so in the long run the Vita could become useless seeing as it can do everything the Vita can except on the go gaming.
MAULxx  +   723d ago
One big question... Will the PS4 eventually be able to play Vita games? I don't need the second screen option but would be cool for Vita exclusives.

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