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New GTA 5 Screenshots Depict New Vehicles, Airplanes

GR - "A host of new vehicles and airplanes are depicted in newly released GTA 5 screenshots." (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

mewhy32  +   725d ago
RockStar never ceases to amaze me. They have cranked out a title here that looks nex gen on current gen hardware. I mean this game really looks awesome.
NukaCola  +   725d ago
They've literally fed us a handful of vids and pics with only a few briefings of info. Rockstar are the kings of torture but its all going to end soon when I break that seal and pop this beast in the ole PS3.
Campy da Camper  +   725d ago
I want to get this game so bad but I just know its gonna release on nextgen and as I would happily upgrade I know holding off to see it for the 1st time on ps4 would be mindblowingly awesome.

charted  +   725d ago

When has R* failed to please? People might say GTA IV but I didnt think it was such a bad game.
itspeaks  +   725d ago
I don't understand how a game that won several GOTY awards can years later be touted as the true black sheep of the series. I can't tell you how many hours I packed into tearing up the streets of Liberty City. Yeah it was a little dry, but I don't think that warrants the back lash that has occurred since GTA 5 was revealed.
FlyingFoxy  +   724d ago
I put GTA 3 and GTA IV in a similar category, they are both dull in my opinion.. Could be the fact they are both in liberty city and are not much fun. Liberty City stories is decent and has funny scenes, but all the other games are way better. Vice City, and San Andreas are best. Vice City stories is great too. You can't beat the humour & freedom of those ones.

V looks like it's taking the right path, it looks a lot like SA and then some.

Now i just want to be able to stand/crouch on top of moving cars in multiplayer, then all the online needs is 64+ players on PC and a Cops n Robbers mode like in SA-MP. This has huge potential, cant wait.
DARK WITNESS  +   724d ago
" I put GTA 3 and GTA IV in a similar category, "

GTA3 and GTA4 are in the same category in the sense that when R* made both those games it was more about the engine and technology and getting that side of things right, following on from that, once the engine is in place then the deeper story, fun missions etc follow on.

Dan Houser basically said that in an interview I read at the time GTA4 was being released.

so if you think about it, you had GTA 3 which was more of a technical experiment. Then you had vice city, San andreas etc which were all built off of the GTA3 engine but focused more on content, story missions etc..

Then next gen started and they built the rage engine. GTA4 was more like the technical experiment for that and then you had the expansions built off it. only difference was instead of other GTA games, they did RDR etc off the back off it.

anyway, what he said was basically along those lines. I really wish I could find a transcript of the interview online. All I remember is that it was in one of the london magazines that you pickup on the tube.
tristanwerbe  +   725d ago
don't judge a game by it's company but this game will be good anyway
evilhasitsway  +   724d ago
I know right just think what gta 6 will be like makes your mind wonder off to a place that is something I call heaven.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   725d ago
Dat sunset.
MrReeves  +   725d ago
Dat chopper
FlameHawk  +   725d ago
Prcko  +   725d ago
Dat release date.
nerdeu  +   724d ago
Dat ass. (wait a minute ...)
Felonycarclub8  +   725d ago
I can't wait to get behind the wheel of one of those 18 wheelers, I always had a thing for 18 wheelers. Loved that old truckin game from sega 18 wheeler so I can't wait to just drive one of those big rigs cross country.
Iltapalanyymi  +   725d ago
fucking BOEING HOLY SHIT! 7 days!!! :3
Slysi  +   725d ago
Just need the game now, the last 7 days will drag
thejoker1000  +   725d ago
7 days.. to the end of my life
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TheFamous1  +   725d ago
the beginning*
Jovanian  +   725d ago
Ugly low res screenshots...the least they could do is make a few good looking bullshots

Its not even out and the game looks like it has aged very poorly
TheFamous1  +   725d ago
You're a special kind of stupid.
desertpunk86  +   725d ago
cancel my preorder of xbox one so i can use some of the money to preorder gtav special edition.

consoles don't start the next generation games do and gtav is a next gen game that happens to release on current gen consoles.

ill get the xbox one when titanfall comes out,now thats a real next gen game!
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claud3  +   725d ago
incredible as always
FogLight  +   725d ago
Oh man, seven days!

I still remember when the reveal trailer came two years ago... Wow, time really passes fast huh?
Cuders  +   725d ago
today some kids ( 13 ) and 15 tried to tell me how cod ghosts was going to be better than gta 5. and used the word innovative in the same sentence as cod. what a damn shame this will be the best game this year.
Snookies12  +   724d ago
*shakes head* Can't blame them though really. They never grew up in the golden age of gaming. All they've known are graphics and have been sucked into the FPS craze. It's a sad state of affairs, but oh well. Their loss after all. I'll be enjoying the hell out of this game for months to come.
FlyingFoxy  +   724d ago
it's like San Andreas, looking forward to this.. Looks a ton more fun than IV.

I may have to get my original 360 up and running for this, but i will still wait for a PC version and hope for a minimum of 64 player online.

Give us something better than SA-MP R*!
Plagasx  +   724d ago
That first Screenshot with the Boeing looks like it came right out of Fast and Furious 6 lol
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xBraiNshOcK  +   724d ago
Here goes the 7 slowest days of this month.

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