Xbox One: Hands-On Impressions | IGN

IGN - "After months of checking out the Xbox One from behind a pane of glass, we finally got to cradle one in our hands. Get our thoughts, here."

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Sitdown1499d ago

Which is completely opposite from what was said in this video

HurtfulTimez1499d ago

really? because not once did i hear him say its small in anyway or even its smaller when u actually hold it. he said its 'not massive' which is different from 'not big'

IMO its pretty big compared to ps4 but I suppose thats me comparing it to the size of current gen consoles that have had thier redesign. so as he says in the vid, guess it looks 'normal' lol

mewhy321499d ago

This can be summed up easily. It's big, it's bulky, it's black, and it comes with a spy camera. There ya go. Move on.

ohiostatesman1498d ago

Incredible sleek and gorgeous console.

P0werVR1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )



Yeah, hurtful times indeed!

As some reviews of it so far as claimed that it seems big, but until you actually see up close and handle it, it's not as big and quite normal and sleek.

darthv721498d ago

The look is very solid and well designed to fit in with the majority of other home A/V equipment.

just dont block the

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My_Outer_Heaven1499d ago

Big and ugly... looks like a VCR player from the 80's

Count1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Nobody had a problem with the size of the Ps3.

HurtfulTimez1499d ago


because the ps3 actually looked different to a set top box. xbox made there design to look like a set top to blend in with other devices under th tv. so when xbone (sorry Major Nelson im too used to calling it that now) is compared to a set top box it looks huge compared to other set-top boxes. my only gripe is that its horizonal standing only

YNWA961499d ago

Your just a hater, I was too young to own a VCR in the 80's. Now I can feel redemption when I get my X1.... will be the same width as my other components, finally some consistency. Sick of everything being and different size and shape under my TV!! Wish they all came the same way....

No_Limit1499d ago

It is big with big vent and a power brick because it needs to extract heat from 2 GPUs. :D

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Wikkid6661499d ago

Said it's about the same size as the GS4

Christopher1499d ago

Doesn't look _that_ big to me. I say this as far as initial products that have not seen miniaturization over time.

BallsEye1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The guy is tiny.

here's size comparison.
It's smaller than original ps3

mxrider21991498d ago

its taller than the original ps3 not thicker but almost as thick and you cant have the ONE vertical has to lay horizontal plus the original ps3 had hardware for BC with all ps2 games the xbox one does not

nukeitall1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I thought people didn't care about the box just 4-5 months ago?

All of a sudden, they now do!

Good thing Xbox One has plenty of quality AAA games then!!!

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redcar1211499d ago

Looks good to me can't wait to get my one maybe ps4 next year

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JuniorCE1499d ago

Too big for next gen console...

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