Sony Delays New PS4 in Japan to Focus on U.S. Holiday Sales

Sony will release the Japanese version of the PlayStation 4 console three months after reaching shelves in North America as it seeks to avoid the supply issues that caused the preceding model to miss initial targets.
The timing will allow the company to focus on meeting demand for the peak holiday shopping season, Andrew House, chief executive for Sony’s game operation, said in Tokyo. The console will be released Feb. 22 in Japan, compared with Nov. 15 in North America and Nov. 29 in Europe. Sony’s machine will reach 32 markets this year.

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xHeavYx1683d ago

Well, it's not like they will have any competition in Japan

mewhy321683d ago

You're right. In Japan they completely dominate. They want to get in the best shot at the bone's home market. By the looks of it they are taking the market by storm and they're going to need to throw as many units at the U.S. as they can manufacture.

Regis1683d ago

Dude just calm down we get that the PS4 is better and they got the majority of the US market and you keep saying like they never had the advantage in the US in the first place. They will make plenty of PS4s for sure and I can see going into gamestop after Holidays, because I was stupid and didn't preorder PS4 and still see them not on shelves.

ohiostatesman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

In my opinion. I think the PS4 has yield issues. Based on the late Japanese launch. Plus there was a factory fire that just made gddr5 chips. Sony might be in trouble this holiday but its just my prediction.

XB1_PS41683d ago

@ohiostatesman You have a link to that fire news?

M-M1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


I agree, They already have a great amount of other products dominating in other countries, so dominating in the US is like the homerun. It also looks like they're over prepared to meet demand this time, so a lot more people might have their hands on PS4s sooner than they think if they didn't preorder.


Here's my prediction, you just made that account to troll. I'm right, deal with it 8|.

AsimLeonheart1683d ago

I agree; Japan is their home ground with decades of dominance so there is no hurry. Although I am puzzled by the sensationalist title for the article. How can Sony "delay" the PS4 in Japan when they never announced any released date for Japan in the first place? I guess a "PS4 release DELAY!" makes a much more sensational news.

Name Last Name1683d ago

So Japan gets Infamous SS on launch day?

kneon1683d ago


In my opinion you're full of it. Stop making stuff up just because your beloved console isn't doing very well, it doesn't change anything and makes you look like a fool.

The preorder allocations for the the PS4 were several times higher than those available for the XB1 and were increased several times due to the high demand. If anyone is having yield issues, it's Microsoft.

Sevir1683d ago

How is it a delay when the only regions announed for 2013 was North America, Europe and UK? to delay would mean to announce a date then revise it.

I mean MS Said NA and Europe and UK and then revised its shipments with Only 13 Markets. Is that a delay?

user55757081683d ago

the xbox brand has no real attachment rate in japan

ps4 will have no problem there. only competitor is the Wii U in japan or if you want to get technical the 3DS because it will prob be the best selling console of this gen.

gaining back the market share in north america is key to sony and ps4 dominating the next gen

Cerberus21251683d ago

The factory fire ohiostatesman is talking about it's from company that supply mobile chips to Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell and Sony,it has nothing to do with PS4.

badz1491682d ago

the PS3 is still owning the console scene in Japan with many games still coming. and I think they are pushing the Vita TV first before the PS4 over there. it's not a smart move to push 2 new hardwares all at the same time. Plus, there's no Christmas or Black Friday or anything in Japan like in the West for them to garner massive sales out of the gate too.

personally I think it's about catering to the correct audiences. Japan are huge on handhelds while the west are huge on home consoles. so why not try to shoot different bullets at different targets here, right?

it's still coming albeit a bit late and gives the Wii U a room to breath and Nintendo a chance to pull something big before it launches next year. Xbone is not a concern over there though as it's still not having a solid launch date over there either!

SilentNegotiator1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Don't you need to announce that you're launching in a region in a certain time frame BEFORE it can be "delayed"?

Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall an official announcement that Ps4 was launching 2013 in Japan.

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Tony-A1683d ago

That's why I think it was a very smart move on Sony's part. I swear, every strategic move they've pulled since the Feb. reveal makes me feel like they had this idea down from the moment they got all the hate on PS3.

They can wait to give their home country the new hardware for a few reasons:

1. The seventh gen started off rough for them in Japan because all they bought were Wiis.
2. Releasing the PS4 in February 2014 gives them time to produce as many PS4s as they can for Japan, giving them time to focus on selling those current units to the US and EU.
3. Unlike the 7th gen, Nintendo isn't dominating in Japan and MS isn't even going to bother marketing or giving their product to Ninty and Sony's land.
4. They strategically placed it on February 22nd, giving them just enough time to have the PS4 launch there along with a ton of very popular Japanese titles. The Japanese launch lineup is killer!

Another smart move. Makes me feel like it wouldn't be this perfect if they never got killed in PR back in 2005 - 2007.

mistertwoturbo1683d ago

Wow didn't really think of it this way. They are going after the U.S. market hard. Sony is really fine tuning themselves this time around.

Foxgod1683d ago

So basically if theres no competition, which they still have from Nintendo anyway, you get the bad end of the stick....

xHeavYx1683d ago

The PS4 has no competition in Japan, the 3DS is not a home console, they already know the PS4 will fly off the shelves in Japan.
Not sure why I waste my time with you, all you do is troll Sony articles

ZBlacktt1683d ago

I think you know what he was saying..... real gaming consoles ( PS4 and X1 ). Notice how those two are the only ones ever talked about? There are adult toys and then there are family/kid toys.

Magicite1682d ago

ur dumbest creature on this site, always going antisony, are you some MS hired gun?

Persistantthug1683d ago

Makes sense to me, because for whatever reason, Japan seems to not like home consoles as much anymore these days. I'm not sure why though.

MizTv1683d ago

Japan just don't like xbox
It's a fact

ZBlacktt1683d ago

Well, who came blame them? Worst fail rate in console history. To the most flip flopped console in gaming history. What do you trust?

MizTv1681d ago

I lost trust when I got rrod 9 times
In my eyes they suck

aceitman1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

my question is how is it a delay when the launch date was never announced, they got ps3 1st on nov 11th, usa 2nd nov 17th of 2006 and Europe got it in march 2007 . so its kind of reversed .

Seraphim1683d ago

I think this has less to do w/ lack of competition and just goes to show how small Japans gaming market has become. Not to say it's completely irrelevant but it has slowly shrunk over the past decade to the point where Sony is doing the once unthinkable. Releasing in the West first while hosing Japan.

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Kydawg1683d ago

I want your opinion please. Do you think this story is a duplicate of this one?

FogLight1683d ago

No, it isn't a duplicate since the story you linked didn't mention the reason why Sony made a February release date for PS4 in Japan. At least that is how I see it :)

nyobzoo1683d ago

well it's not really delayed if there was never a release date to begin with

Foxgod1683d ago

Well, there was never a release date for B priority country´s either.

Foxgod1683d ago

And they bashed the X1 for not releasing everywhere, the ps4 doesnt even release in its home territory.

Regis1683d ago

I know right however you could say the same for microsoft in Europe

Foxgod1683d ago

They are releasing in Europe, and Europe is not MS home territory.

mark134uk1683d ago

X1 isnt even welcome in japan

YNWA961683d ago

Fox, these arguments are always like this.... Forget it.... Watch world war z, and you will see what fanboys really look like...

wishingW3L1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

32 > 13

it was always 32 and it was known since the reveal back in Feb that they were releasing the PS4 on Japan in 2014. They never claimed to lunch in 32 territories only to back down and say 13 or do 180's on other of their claims.

pyramidshead1683d ago

It's a good strategy to be fair. Sony got this on lock. Why debut the console to the market least excited for it? Console usage in Japan is on the decline, but they are all over hand helds. Hence the lil TV thing thats debuting there instead of over here. It's a nice trade off. Western markets are clearly the more demanding for the actual hardware so it's kind of a no brainer really. Over 1million pre-orders etc etc.

Chevalier1683d ago

Yeah well not only are MS getting killed on home turf and UK they aren't releasing 32 countries like Sony so yeah if your surprised they're being made fun off your an idiot.

ZBlacktt1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Because the US is 47% of the global market. Your highest demand is your fastest way to make a profit. Or to generate revenue to containing supplying the demand. It's not personal, it's business.

The US and Japan got the PS3 first in 2006. All of Europe didn't get it until the spring of 2007.

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JunioRS1011683d ago

I sort of feel like a spoiled little fucker for living in the US... but hey, I'm not the one makin' these choices.