David Cage on doing what “no one expects”, creativity & PS4 being “way easier” to develop for

OPM: He divides opinion like few other creators, but it’s hard to deny that the man makes some of the most interesting games around. We sat down to chat with David Cage about the future and Beyond…

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GarrusVakarian1690d ago

You can always count on David Cage and QD to do something different.

I look forward to B2S and their next gen projects.

minimur121690d ago

Well if you think about it, we expect him to do something unexpected, so is it really unexpected anymore? :D

Also how would he know about it being easier to develop for, he's the game director, tells the actors what to do and how lol

Irishguy951690d ago

Yeah he doesn't have a clue about much besides making his game be as similar to a film as possible.

Angeljuice1690d ago

You don't seem to have much of a clue about anything.

PSVita1690d ago

You obviously have no idea at all about what a director does.

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bryam19821690d ago

I want to see a kara game the tech video they show left me speechless

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wheresmymonkey1690d ago

The problem with Cage is that he can't write a convincing third act. The Nomad Soul just ended, Fahrenheit jumped the shark and Heavy Rain fell into its own plot holes.

I'm looking forward to Beyond but I think i'm going to rent instead of buy it,

CGI-Quality1690d ago

Based on feedback, Heavy Rain was quite convincing. Sure it's a matter of opinion, but I don't think he's failed in his visions. Quite the opposite.

wheresmymonkey1689d ago

The killer manages through magic and nothing else be in the two places at the same time. It compltely ignores an entire section in which you are actually controlling the character just so it can fudge its ending.

CGI-Quality1689d ago

Doesn't matter what YOU think of it, the point is it was a well liked game and because of it, more will come from the studio. Period.

wheresmymonkey1689d ago

In which case neither does your opinion. however most people agree that the ending of heavy rain was garbage.

Also what i just stated was a fact, not an opinion. go and replay it. the ending doesn't work for the reason i just stated.

I also never said i didn't enjoy the game. In fact if anything i stated i was QD fan, The Nomad soul is IMO one of the most underated games ever made.

I'm just a little tired of Cage banging his drum about story telling when he's not all that great at it.

BG115791690d ago

Does this mean that David Cage with the help of Sega is going to produce Shemue 3? Now that would be unespected.

CGI-Quality1690d ago

Doubtful, unless Sony has a hand in it. Then again, imagine how awesome that would be!

fluxmulder1690d ago

This man's capacity for self-promotion is unmatched. Shut up and get on with making your game.

CGI-Quality1690d ago

Then you completely misunderstand him. I find this is a common occurrence.

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