For WiiWare, Nintendo Summit Brings More Questions Than Answers

With the Japanese launch of WiiWare already a distant memory, most industry watchers expected Nintendo's recent media summit to answer the questions about the impending U.S. launch of the games-on-demand service on May 12.

But while the games they showed at the event were almost uniformly excellent, that doesn't count as "details." Several very important things are still not known, like: When are these games coming out? How much space will they take up on our Wiis? How much will they cost? And, really, what are the games we'll see on day one?

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M_Prime3814d ago

WIIWARE is a great idea.. 360 and PSN do it.. quick cheap fun games.. what more can u want?

i'm actually pretty excited about LINE RIDER if it comes to the WIIWARE