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Call of Duty: Ghosts 'on track to be most pre-ordered game of 2013'

Call of Duty: Ghosts is "on track to be the most pre-ordered title of the year," GameStop has claimed, despite publisher Activision stating that pre-orders for the upcoming shooter "are well below the record-setting pace" set by last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Trenta27  +   719d ago
Wasn't it last week that the CEO of something or another said that it had pretty low preorders because people didn't know what console to get it for?
mewhy32  +   719d ago
Well I have to say that I'm not really surprised by the high pre order numbers. I mean it's a rinse and repeat recipe by Activision at this point.
SanMarco  +   719d ago
How bout most "traded-in" game for 2014
Gamer1982  +   719d ago
Hardly anybody pre-orders this game anymore, most people I know buy it launch day at stores like Morrisons, TESCOs, and ASDA as they always do some crazy deal like get the game for £25 if you spend £100 on shopping. In fact it happens every year now that nobody I know who does buy the game buys it from there normal source of games.
thekhurg  +   719d ago
I think he was talking exclusively about next-gen. This statement encompasses every platform the game is releasing on, not just focusing specifically on PS4/Xbone.
Gamer1982  +   719d ago
I think BF4 may beat it to that.
Donnieboi  +   719d ago
Wow, have the people who pre-ordered this actually SEEN the game? It looks terrible imo. Looks like the same old engine, even on next gen hardware (when watching on youtube even in 1080p). Sad.
wellard  +   719d ago
It is the same engine isnt it?
Gamer1982  +   719d ago
It is the same old engine just re-branded a new engine and if anybody actually seen the PC version in previous years they would have an indication of how its going to look on ps4 and xbone. I'll give you a clue.. Not much better than PS3/360 version. Don't forget these games are gonna be based off PC code as its easiest way to port and the engines gonna be upgraded a bit sure as there adding a dog (giggle) but its still gonna look like the PC version. Get on youtube and look at black ops 2 videos for pc @ 1080p. Thats what your looking forward to on your xbone PS4 from COD ghosts.
AceBlazer13  +   719d ago
God dammit, again?
Deividas  +   719d ago
Not really sure why everyone's so surprised...
As much as it pains me to say it, people kinda like call of duty. But GTA is giving it a run for its money
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shadowwizard  +   719d ago
GTA V says hi.
ZBlacktt  +   719d ago
Have they seen GTA V's numbers? Heck have they seen BF4's numbers, lol.
PSnation4  +   719d ago
gta v has a chance.. BF4 no..just no
xruiner89  +   719d ago
BF4 pre-orders are beating Ghosts.
XboPS   719d ago | Spam
BLAKHOODe  +   719d ago

I think BF4 is beating COD on PS3 pre-orders, but across ALL consoles, COD is dominating BF4.
Deividas  +   719d ago
Top 10 preorders, 4 call of duty and 2 Battlefield. Battlefield will not outsell COD, will NEVER happen. GTA V though, thats a different story
ZBlacktt  +   719d ago
Yeah, I guess most are sticking with the current Gen on COD/BF on XBox. They get the $10 upgrade I bet. While the PS players are pretty much moving up to Next Gen.

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ritsuka666  +   719d ago
BF4 will never surpasses new COD.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   719d ago

That's what happens when the behemoth that is GTA comes along.
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Pandamobile  +   719d ago
Or maybe it's because that game in launching in a week?
thejoker1000  +   719d ago
F*******ing KIDS
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n4rc  +   719d ago
I would have ended up getting it like all the others.. Just because people play it and I like fps games..

But with bf4, titanfall etc... Cod just isn't worth the time.. Better games to play
TheBurger29  +   719d ago
wow so many fanboys... lol they are all just mad because Ghost is going to suck compared to all the other amazing games coming out!
dmeador  +   718d ago

Who are you replying to? That is about the opposite of a fanboy statement. He is getting it (like a lot of people do) bc there are a ton of people, and probably friends, playing it. He then says there are better games out there. I completely agree
HeyImBen11  +   719d ago
Wow, what a 100% PR lie LOL!
byeGollum  +   719d ago
Cod just ran away with success . .
Nes_Daze  +   719d ago
Thanks to the crapload of preteens and teens, and "men" that think COD is the best thing ever. I played Black Ops 2, no it's not a horrible game, it was a good game, but completely overrated. The online multiplayer was good, but frankly, I got more fun out of MAG on my PS3. I kinda understand why people keep buying these games, but I don't want to say something that will offend some people on here...
wellard  +   719d ago
I always think that its because people get used to COD mechanics and are too scared to face the learning curve of better, newer games. Its a shame, but to be fair i dont care as i dont have to buy it and i am free to do my own thing (BF4)
Nes_Daze  +   719d ago
I do think that is part of the reason, one of my friends hates BF, he gets completely obliterated in every match, he's just too use to the arcade style of COD.
wellard  +   718d ago

Sorry i cant reply to your comment but yes i completely agree with what you said however your refering to people who took the leap and tried something new. Im refering to people who arent as open to trying new games as your friend is. Ive got 2 good friends on Live who point blank refuse to buy new multiplayer games because they they dont want to try and learn something new. COD is a comfort zone for them that they to date havent stepped outside. Its a shame
Vip3r  +   719d ago
Too bad it'll be the same kids that buy every COD each year and for the folk buying new consoles.

Ghosts won't be anything special.
xDHAV0K24x  +   718d ago
Tons of grown men buy the games too
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o... console gamers!!!!!!!!!!
RickHiggity  +   719d ago
TheCagyDies  +   719d ago
Funny, I just canceled my preorder yesterday and then this article came out.

I canceled it because there was way too much handholding, just look at the campaign videos,
"Shoot him or let him pass" "Shoot him and I'll take this guy out" "Use your dog and go left and kill that dude, I'll shoot everyone else". LIKE STFU, let me figure out how to take these guys out myself. There is no strategy or thinking involved, it looks like a rail shooter and the MP, same old same old.

I'm going to use the preorder money to buy a second controller for the new system.

Oh well COD may be trash to me but it's still gold to somebody else, maybe a 12 year old.
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johny5  +   719d ago
PR Bullshit
GTA V will destroy this piece of $!IT!
qzp  +   719d ago
Almost everyone shits on COD yet articles like this pop up, almost hard to believe. When i see whats tending in searchs its mostly gtaV, BF4. Who are these people that keep buying this game? I don't know anyone who is getting ghost or even impressed by it.
skept3k  +   719d ago
Believe it or not, but I feel like a lot of family are actually picking up COD, and every year they get more and more buyers.

I'm 25, but I have 2 younger brothers that are 7yr and 9yr old. They love Halo of course, but now they were allowed to play COD and love it.

You get all the older gamers talking down COD, but I'm sure my family are not the only ones that have already pre-order Ghosts for Christmas for their kids.
iceman06  +   718d ago
This is true. Until it isn't "cool" anymore, CoD will continue to sell millions. Most people that I know that play it actually claim that they don't really like. It's just "something to do with my friends". It's more like a social event than a game to them.
samekratos  +   719d ago
cause stupid noob's need call of duty
BLAKHOODe  +   719d ago
LOL @ the Call Of Duty success hate. It's as if the success of this game dictates every gamer here's life. All of you have a choice rather or not you want to buy it. If you do, enjoy it. If you don't, enjoy something else.
wellard  +   719d ago
Could you please tell me how COD dictates my life? Could you find one single plausible way in which cod has an effect on my life? No, I didnt think so.
GenHero  +   719d ago
i think u need to read what he wrote again...
BLAKHOODe  +   719d ago
That's EXACTLY my point. Please re-read.
wellard  +   718d ago
well i deserve a few bubs down people and i owe blackhoode an apology. Sorry man, i didnt read what you wrote properly and im a douche. Again i apologise
PSnation4  +   719d ago
Battlefield will never surpass COD.. just because of gameplay.. there are millions of young casual players.. they rather play dumb down easy shooters like COD than actually try to learn and adapt to battlefield gameplay..
310dodo  +   719d ago
Day 1 on my PS4.
cannot wait to use the share button and create a soldier.

Gameplay reminds me of COD 4 in ways.
Very excited to play this with friends on my ps4
DoggyBiscuit  +   718d ago
I pre order this game and I planned to stand on that long as$ line when it comes out, all I'm asking from infinity wards is I hope this game don't suck just like MW3
FantasyStar  +   718d ago
The comment section today is just...angry.
csreynolds  +   718d ago
Bull. A week or two ago, it was reported by multiple sources that Ghosts pre-order numbers were lower than those of MW3 and BO2.

I swear the PR team is making this up as they go along...
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dmeador  +   718d ago
Looks like the poeple who like COD aren't the ones that come to the hate filled N4G boards, haha.

COD is like the top 40 music of gaming, it is catchy and fun for a little while, and 20 million people listen to it. But after that its forgotten, and another one just as "good" comes along. I listen to some top 40 every now and then, but that doesn't take away from the million other great artists and songs that are out there that I prefer, and those are the ones I hear a few years later and they are still awesome.

Let these people buy/listen to what they want, and stop being gaming hipsters
310dodo  +   718d ago
love this comment.

I play all kinds of games.
I absolutely still love COD, because that's how I keep in touch with friends.
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koolaid251  +   718d ago
Call of duty makes like a Billion dollars in the first few days of release.
Glitchysugar  +   718d ago
It's called Call of Duty Ghosts because the series died a long time ago.

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