The death of Nintendo has been greatly over exaggerated not to mention fictional


I find it hilarious (and somewhat pathetic) soon after Nintendo announced the Wii U price cut we have many so called Journalist jumping the gun and calling the death of Nintendo. Just in a matter of days after the announcement of the price cut, the internet has an influx of “Nintendo is doomed” articles emerging. I can only envision these people as vultures – disease ridden opportunistic cowards waiting for the first sign of injury to go for the kill. Unfortunately, Vultures, Nintendo isn’t dead so you can feast on someone else while you wait for them to die (if that even happens).

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diepdiep1555d ago

Agree. It's bad enough when fanboys on this site say nonsensical stuff and get bubbles for it while others get down-voted for stating facts.

SilentNegotiator1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Only a site like "mii-gamer" even thinks that there is a "death of Nintendo" mythos outside of some idiot forum posters anyway and thinks that there's a need to "debunk" it every week.

1555d ago
SilentNegotiator1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You've been a member a few days and you're questioning me?

5 does not a significant amount make. A few morons claim that Wii U is outright "doomed" or Nintendo "dying" and a couple of articles that are lucky to reach 80 degrees doesn't mean that there is any significance to the belief.

Just because I keep on the tail of the spamming Wii U fanboys and Xbox for the last few ridiculous months, doesn't mean that you can say I'm not a gamer.

"I love how you call them "idiot forum posters" You seriously just called yourself an idiot"

If you stretched any further on that, you'd make Plasticman blush. I clearly meant forum posters that are idiots, not that all forum posters are idiots. It's pretty sad that you felt the need to pretend to be ignorant to that fact to attempt to make me look hypocritical.

Fanboyssuck271555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Good Read, heres some reasons why Nintendo are far from dead.
- Super Mario 3d Land
- Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
- Super Mario Kart 8
- Super Smash Bro's
- Pikmin 3
- Wonderful 101
- Bayonetta 2
- Yarn Yoshi
- X Monolith Soft
- Monster Hunter
- Sonic Lost World
- Zelda Wind Waker Remake
- Watch_Dogs
- Brand New Zelda Game
- Rayman Legends
- Splinter Cell: Blacklist
- Batman: Arkham Origins
- Assassins's Creed 4
- COD: Ghosts

Not to forget the new IP'S that have yet to be named aswell as the possibility of Metroid, Starfox and F zero.
Plus a load of indie titles.

People forget who's:

A.) Been in the console business the longest


B.) Are the owners of the most famous and sales-generating IPs in the industry?


Agreed - when people think of next-gen systems, they think of XBOX and PlayStation. But they're not thinking of those exact systems - they're thinking: "OMG - PRETTY GRAPHICS!" Where as Nintendo are all about quality gameplay experience not just something that looks nice.

When people think of Nintendo - they think of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, Starfox, etc. IPs like that. They think of their childhood memories of playing these games non-stop with smiles on their faces.

I'm not dissing Sony or Microsoft here - I'm just saying; people are in it for the specs these days. It baffles me that just because a console doesn't have 'XYZ' amounts of RAM or this graphics card or that graphics card - people lose their heads over it. You might as well go out and buy a PC if all you care about is specs.

Nintendo's IP's have more mass appeal than Sony's and Microsofts put together, and they certainly sell more.
So Nintendo is and always will be very much alive!

AKR1555d ago

Well isn't that an original comment you got going there!

AKR1555d ago

Don't know why I'm getting so many disagrees...He copy and pasted a comment that I typed out before, that's why I jokingly said "Well isn't that an original comment you got going there!" I don't mind, I just found it strange to see my comment used by someone else...

Take a look:

Irishguy951555d ago

That's pretty sad actually. He must have stored it in his 2GB of RAM that he doesn't need for gaming

Dylken1555d ago

well said, bubbles for you

thomasmiller1555d ago

Yes it has but try telling that to all the biased media who hate nintendo and all the 5 yr old acting sony and microsoft trolls who want nintendo out of the hardware business, no matter how much proof you show them that nintendo is not doomed, their empty little heads can not come out of delusional world and face reality,, wait and read the comments you'll see what I mean! watch the little babies whine and cry saying they "KNOW" nintendo is doomed, yeah, just like so many people Know when the end of the world is coming, both completely stupid!!!

AKR1555d ago

That was a good read.

I don't know why people have this unwarranted hate against Nintendo. It's okay to have your company and console of choice, but if you're going to spend the day ranting-&-raving by putting the rival company and console down, while showing an unhealthy (and rather pathetic) devotion to your favorite, who only care for your money, then you have a problem.

It's like fanboys believe that they are an extension of their system/company of choice, and as long as that system and/or company seems more attractive than the others - that suddenly gives them the right to act like stuck-up, snobby, rude, rich people. It's sad, really.

But whatever. Nintendo has been in the game business for 30 years. They own the most popular IPs in gaming, and are sitting on the mounds of cash they made with Wii & DS, as well as the mounds of cash they're MAKING with 3DS.

If you honestly think they're just going to prop out overnight - you have another thing coming. Ignore that Sony has been losing money for nearly 10 years (I know things have picked up, but if they start losing money again, what do you think they're gonna do with the PlayStation division?)

Yes, just ignore all that and doom the most long-standing and richest runner in the video-game industry.

Genius. So let's say that Wii U turns around like 3DS. What happens then? What is everyone going to say then?

"Well just wait for the next console. It'll fail, big time!" Wii was "doomed" - yet it outsold PS360. 3DS was "doomed" - yet it's outselling the Vita, and everything else. Wii U is "doomed" - but the big~hitters haven't arrived yet. When they arrive, and it doesn't sell - THEN - it's dead, but until then, can everyone stop being a Mini-Patcher?

Yep1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

When you're a fanboy and it's a fact that the company(ies) you're not a fan of has/have nearly a 0% failure track record, you begin to get jealous and feel that it's unfair for this to be the case and demand that they fail.

Who in the right mind would have such intense personal connections to a corporation that not even the employees that work there care about as much? The fanboy.

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