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No Surprises Left for Tokyo Game Show 2013 says Yoshida

Whatever surprise Sony had in store for fans related to its Playstation brand all has been revealed, nothing is left for upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2013 event. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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Wizziokid  +   602d ago
That's a shame was hoping to see what some the other big hitter devs are working on. I suppose I can wait, some solid games coming out in the launch window
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Insomnia_84  +   602d ago
Come TGS....BOOM!! Surprise madaf..!! Everyone left =O
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The_Con-Sept  +   602d ago
Aw man1!1!!! Seriously nothing left? No surprise like the PS4 reveal? Sw ahit.... Looks like it is going to be more football from Microsoft live....
NukaCola  +   602d ago

With a major event like TGS, a blatant blunt "no" is just a silly troll remark on Sony's behalf. Expect more suprises and great news.
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iamnsuperman  +   602d ago
It is slightly likely to have something. Kaz has trolled us before but yoshida says things straight with no bull so I don't know really
Septic  +   602d ago
Yoshida could so easily be trolling us.

I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow, completely oblivious....as I got up and brushed my teeth....took a shower...wore my suit...half asleep...drove to work...eyes barely open...thinking...bah another day of work....8 days left for GTA 5....feels like 8 years...

All the while, N4G is exploding with the news that:


It could happen.
ZodTheRipper  +   602d ago
y u no show The Last Guardian? :'(
mewhy32  +   602d ago
At TGS we'll see more of the same great, awesome, stuff that the rest of the world has been seeing from Sony. I'd like to see the redesigned Vita. That'd be cool. Or maybe The Last Guardian. What would really be awesome would be the reveal of a new God of War or Uncharted game!
DragonKnight  +   602d ago
Yoshida is a known troll. I would expect a surprise or two.
ZHZ90  +   602d ago
I am sure Sony will surprise us.
FamilyGuy  +   602d ago
WTF, wasn't that enough already?

Sony revealed so much, other than some fan requested games what more are you guys wanting?

I'm 100% sold on the PS4, The Vita Tv and the PS4s games lineup, future games and its feature set. What more do they need to do?

The VR headset is pretty much the last hardware request.
MazzingerZ  +   602d ago
During dec will come ND game announcement
Ezz2013  +   602d ago
sooo, Yoshida is saying that they will show the new ps4 game that
called "No Surprises Left"

cool :D
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Bigpappy  +   602d ago
This N4G lingo keeps changing on me, so I have to ask for clarification. Tell me if I got it right:

yoshida lies to gamers and say that there will be no new reveals at TGS, then reveals new stuff at TGS, that is just trolling gamers and that's cool.

If someone at M$ says that Kinect has to be connected to X1, then weeks later they say you can now disconnect Kinect, that is flat out lying to gamers and that's uncool.

I am lost on this lie/troll thing. Please help.
ohiostatesman  +   602d ago
The last guardian will still be released but it will be a huge money loser for Sony. Sony sunk too much money into this niche game that only a vocal minority care about. Its been in development even before the PS3 was released. And has yet to see any returns. Very troubling.
sak500  +   602d ago

You are so obsessed with Microsoft that you even mention in an article which is about SONY and has nothing to do with MS. In secure much?
n4rc  +   602d ago

are you honestly serious? go take a look in the xbox only post about the dgpu... hundreds of troll comments by ps4 fanboys..

someone even mentions xbox in a sony thread and all hell breaks loose...

why am i not surprised?
sak500  +   602d ago

That's what i'm saying. Did you not reach his comment? He's downplaying MS even when the story is on a negative side about sony not having any more surprises for TGS. So sarcastically he's saying all they'll see is football from Microsoft.

The SDF members have been trolling all MS articles for quite sometime in recent times similar to the times of 360 and PS3 launch in 2005/2006. Once the reality set in that both consoles were much closer to each other in performance then over hyped by KK KH they lost their steam.

Now again before the launch and by MS's own fiasco they got fuel for their negative campaign against MS. However when MS did 180 and things turned much better for X1 these sony loyalist became insecure that they are trolling every article with a smear campaign against X1.
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stage88  +   601d ago
This confirms it will be full of surprises! Yay!

Yosp always trolls before big events, he's great Sony PR.
JoGam  +   602d ago
I smell B.S. I think yosh is lying about having nothing to show.
AznGaara  +   602d ago
Wouldn't be the first time. Remember before E3 2010 they said "There's no Twisted Metal" lol
Dee_91  +   602d ago
lmao of course he is joking
ssj27  +   602d ago
No BS here, he knows that we know deep down that TLG will be showed with a release date!

So he is not lying, we know it and it will not be a surprise.

Wishful thinking haha
The Great Melon  +   601d ago

Deep Do... I see what you did there... I think.
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kewlkat007  +   602d ago
Except Japan will have to wait for February for the PS4...Ohwell.

Sony knows where the biggest and most important markets are.
filipakos  +   602d ago
xbox and wii u arent anything special in japan that why they start with EU and US where the real antagonism begins and let things go smoother in japan
HammadTheBeast  +   602d ago
Not really.... they know that MS can't possibly do anything in Japan, and Nintendo's Wii U isn't the greatest, so they know they have time.
cleft5  +   602d ago
PSVita TV is probably going to be a real big deal. That paired with the PS4 is going to be great. I am interested in seeing what they do with that in the West. A device that lets me play Vita games for $100 is something I want.
iamnsuperman  +   602d ago
I am with you on this. This will be one of the cheapest Consoles on the market so I suspect Vita software sales to go through the roof with this device on the market. They only issue Sony has is advertising it as it might be quite hard to advertise it clearly and with no confusion
The Great Melon  +   601d ago
PS Vita TV has incredible potential if they allow Gaikai on it. Rather than just being a TV version of the Vita, it can become a PSN portal that allows you to play practically any game on it. I bet that's why they are waiting to release it in the West. They probably want to market PS+ and PS Vita TV as a powerful duo.
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MotoDot  +   602d ago
I don't know why people are complaining about the games , PS4 have a shit-ton of games already .
MYDEATH21  +   602d ago
dale_denton  +   602d ago
he's trolling us.... as always
iMixMasTer872   602d ago | Spam
otherZinc  +   602d ago
You mean VitaTv didn't excite you guys?
RyuCloudStrife  +   602d ago
Did not excite me... But its nice...
imt558  +   602d ago
Don't trust Shu on this one.
Eonjay  +   602d ago
That pre event was way more than I was expecting. And considering the fact that Microsoft probably wont show up... I think its easy to declare Sony the winner of TGS. Thats three for three from Sony.
RyuCloudStrife  +   602d ago
I don't trust him Shuhei is just goofing around, greatness awaits.
kenshiro100  +   601d ago
sak500 and n4rc: Its funny how you guys can't even take a joke.
nick309  +   602d ago
Hopefully at the video game awards there will be more ps4 & vita exclusives shown.
Ksar   602d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Irishguy95  +   602d ago
Yeah, he's lying.
Insomnia_84  +   602d ago
I like the way Sony lies compared to that other company.

Sony at the beginning of the year in an interview "we will let the competition announce their system first". Two weeks later Sony in New York City "Ladies and gentlemen, the PlayStation 4!" LOL

"PS4 will release this holiday season" and then "PS4 release date Nov. 15" LOL

Sony's lies put a smile of joy in my face.
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SirGarrick  +   602d ago
November 15 is the holiday season. It comes out just before American Thanksgiving, which is the start if the holiday season.
So please refrain from posting anti-Sony remarks after reading a strictly Sony article. Don't you have better things to do?
Sony doesn't need anything else to have a successful launch, things are good enough.
Now go do some Zumba on your Kinect.
johndoe11211  +   602d ago
@ SirGarrick

I think you misinterpreted his comment. :-)
Timmey  +   602d ago
remember this one?


"We've never been first, we've never been cheapest" :D
devwan  +   602d ago
@Timmey but he did say:

"I think, ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first, that's cheapest"

Nice one, Jack - enjoying this perfect world!
ZHZ90  +   602d ago
B-radical  +   602d ago
Alot of vita stuff......I might look into getting one when i get a ps4 in a couple of years
ZodTheRipper  +   602d ago
You'll be pretty late to the party ...but hey at least the gir... games will be cheap then ;D
AutoCad  +   602d ago
ya surprised they releasing a new model..im with you,probably get it with the ps4 later on.
pyramidshead  +   602d ago
Hmm, gaf insiders say otherwise. Interesting :P
whoyouwit04  +   602d ago
Really? Gaf insiders say a lot of shit. while I'm sure yoshida is joking you should use a better source then a damn Nea gaf insider.
pyramidshead  +   602d ago
I'm not talking about 'general gaffers' here you know, but there are a select few c;.
Irishguy95  +   602d ago
There is a crowd on Gaf who give a decent amount of Reliable leaks. They should be taken with a bit more than a grain of salt.
creatchee  +   602d ago
I hope he's trolling. The news we were all waiting for couldn't have been 2 new Vitas and Deep Down.

In other words, show us The Last Damned Guardian.
devwan  +   602d ago
It's Yoshida, of course he is, he's the best at it - TLG confirmed!
Wizziokid  +   602d ago
Yeah I was wondering what this news was? nothing really caught my eye I mean Deep Down looked awesome but I wasn't waiting for that ??
abzdine  +   602d ago
being able to play Vita games on screen has been something we have been waiting for. Do you imagine KZ: Mercenaries on a big screen?

And on top of that even PS4 remote play will be shown on TV and that exceeds my expectations concerning remote play.

Now is there more i think there will be, if not from Sony then it'll come from other publishers.
Mikelarry  +   602d ago
they delivered on all aspects so no more surprises im cool. i just want to get the console now and play all the new games and test out the new features that comes with this system
whoyouwit04  +   602d ago
No he's not, there will be the same surprises as before which is indie, indie indie.
T2  +   602d ago
Funny how u meant it as a slight against Sony that they added even more games to their impressive library ...
Sad that most of those Indies like rapture , deep down, shadow , look better than most ms exclusives ...
monkey602  +   602d ago
It could be to throw us of the scent. But then again there is a lot going on at the moment and a lot has been shown. Time will tell
Shane Kim  +   602d ago
It's Yoshida, you can bet more surprises will come at TGS.
Sharius  +   602d ago
i think sony have an other press at TGS?

maybe i'm wrong
IHassounah  +   602d ago
Yes they'll do , Microsoft too ; I would love to hear more about the new Yakuza and maybe some gameplay , but why did Yoshida say no , I'm disappointed they don't have more surprises
Sharius  +   602d ago
they said they let MS make the first move too
IHassounah  +   602d ago
@Sharius the news your saying was gonna be true , a week later the head of Sony Computer Entertainment had stepped down , a month later they announced the PlayStation conference to be held in New York and Yoshida was then raised to be the head of Sony Computer Entertainment
pacosanchez88  +   602d ago
when are those conferences?
ABeastNamedTariq  +   602d ago
Hmm.. I feel like he's hiding something. We'll see!
IHassounah  +   602d ago
Microsoft will have 8 new games to reveal at TGS , please don't tell me you won't have new games Sony

Edit : why do I have disagrees ? I didn't do anything
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awesomeperson  +   602d ago
Don't ask why you have disagrees - you'll get disagrees for anything, even if you state a clear-cut fact.

People probably disagreed because they are not happy Microsoft may announce 8 new games at TGS. Or they don't believe it, or something.

I don't know, to be honest, it'ld seem a little strange for Microsoft to really try to appeal to the Japanese audience considering how they usually fare. Mind you, that could be all the more reason to try.
Kayant  +   602d ago
What 8 new games?? Really I haven't seen any news on this. Link?
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Narutone66  +   602d ago
I don't know about any news regarding MS having a conference at the TGS. Since Japan isn't even a tier 2 country where the XB1 will be releasing. So it's highly unlikely that MS will reveal 8 new games at TGS.
munish23  +   602d ago
Do you have a link that says MS is showing 8 new games?
fooltheman  +   602d ago
Sony showed new games at there pre tgs-conference..
It was around eight too...
eight games we aren't going to see overseas...
Kuse  +   602d ago
Once again nothing great coming from the Indiestation Camp...

just more Vita nonsense, but seriously though keep trying to be like Nintendo. lmao
Omran  +   602d ago
you said the truth . . to be like nintendo
is better than to be like microsoft lol
LordNikon  +   602d ago
This fanboy drivel just gets more and more pathetic.
D0ffy  +   601d ago

It always has been, always will be. Most people are generally morons who have nothing better to do than blindly defend their company even though said companies don't really give a shit about you personally in the end.

I for one am getting a PS4 at launch. Does this mean I give a flying f*** what anyone else is getting? Of course not. Am I gonna try to persuade anyone into getting a different brand of console? Of course not, cause that's just insanely stupid and a futile attempt.
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AD705  +   602d ago
When is the tgs show gonna be on today. Or did it already happen?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   602d ago
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AD705  +   602d ago
When is the tag show gonna be on today. Or did it already happen?
Dagobert  +   602d ago
There goes the hope of The Last Guardian coming to the PS4.
Inception  +   602d ago
Yoshida-san, we all knew you still have some aces up on your sleeves for TGS :D
IcicleTrepan  +   602d ago
Just wondering why you call him Yoshida-san. Would you call Larry Nelson Mr. Nelson? Makes you sound like a cult member.
kalkano  +   602d ago
Maybe he respects Yoshida more than Larry...
Inception  +   602d ago
@Icicle Trepan

Lol, how unknowledgeable. If Lary Nelson a japanese like Yoshida-san, than i will call him Larry-san / Nelson-san too. This is how it works in japan if you respect people that in the same age or older than yourself.
Bathyj  +   602d ago
What's more believable, there are no more surprises, he was going to keep it secret but the tough questioning on Twitter made him cave. , or he choose to keep some for TGS.
I am just astonished that most of you on here are actually taking Shu seriously when he said "no". Of course there will be surprises at TGS this year.
HeyImBen11  +   602d ago
A bit suspiciously to say something like that, especially from Yoshida ;). Can't wait for the big surprise.
Npugz7  +   602d ago
Lame Sony! Lame!!!
No_Limit  +   602d ago
I like his straight to the fact no BS answer.
Hicken  +   602d ago
You think he's telling the truth?
devwan  +   602d ago
@No_Limit I like his playful messaging as usual, of course there is more to come!

ps You just *wish* he gave a "straight to the fact no BS answer"
#24.2 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CrimsonStar  +   602d ago
Why would he wish that? I don't think anyone would wish anything but good news for the competition . Just take a deep breath and take off your tin foil hat .
No_Limit  +   602d ago

Why would I wish that? I can't wait for Uncharted 4 and the next game from Santa Monica as I have been stated in many of my posts. I just like the way he answered the question as oppose to someone like Major Nelson and his indecisiveness of responding to answers; which I also stated in my older posts.
#24.2.2 (Edited 602d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
Pancit_Canton  +   602d ago
I'm not falling for this one shu. He's trolling again. I'm sure he's saying the opposite and wants to see our mind blowing reaction on the TGS. LAST GUARDIAN goes DEEP DOWN. :)
criticalkare  +   602d ago
Well, onto VGA reveal and next year E3
jay2  +   602d ago
Then today was pointless. Why show it all before the.tgs
TheGrimReaper0011  +   602d ago
No surprises left
So they are going to show The Last Guardian? =P
I know, I know, I just want some news, a new image, some info, I dont care, just ANYTHING
Lboogieskells  +   602d ago
I was waiting on a fighting game I could enjoy on my PS4 and Shu and the Crew delivered.

:) Guilty Gear Xrd
Ketzicorn  +   602d ago
Guilty Gear,Gundam Game, Yakuza,Vita TV, and more not bad for a pre TGS show but I still don't know what the whole thing we were waiting on announcement was supposed to be.
lashes2ashes  +   602d ago
Remember this was for Japan. The announcement they were referring to was the Japanese release date. I'm sure everybody in Japan were waiting to hear when it comes out just like how everybody at e3 was excited for the west release date to be announced.
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