No Surprises Left for Tokyo Game Show 2013 says Yoshida

Whatever surprise Sony had in store for fans related to its Playstation brand all has been revealed, nothing is left for upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2013 event.

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Wizziokid1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

That's a shame was hoping to see what some the other big hitter devs are working on. I suppose I can wait, some solid games coming out in the launch window

Insomnia_841442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Come TGS....BOOM!! Surprise madaf..!! Everyone left =O

The_Con-Sept1442d ago

Aw man1!1!!! Seriously nothing left? No surprise like the PS4 reveal? Sw ahit.... Looks like it is going to be more football from Microsoft live....

NukaCola1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

With a major event like TGS, a blatant blunt "no" is just a silly troll remark on Sony's behalf. Expect more suprises and great news.

iamnsuperman1442d ago

It is slightly likely to have something. Kaz has trolled us before but yoshida says things straight with no bull so I don't know really

Septic1442d ago

Yoshida could so easily be trolling us.

I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow, completely I got up and brushed my teeth....took a shower...wore my suit...half asleep...drove to work...eyes barely open...thinking...bah another day of work....8 days left for GTA 5....feels like 8 years...

All the while, N4G is exploding with the news that:


It could happen.

ZodTheRipper1442d ago

y u no show The Last Guardian? :'(

mewhy321442d ago

At TGS we'll see more of the same great, awesome, stuff that the rest of the world has been seeing from Sony. I'd like to see the redesigned Vita. That'd be cool. Or maybe The Last Guardian. What would really be awesome would be the reveal of a new God of War or Uncharted game!

DragonKnight1441d ago

Yoshida is a known troll. I would expect a surprise or two.

ZHZ901441d ago

I am sure Sony will surprise us.

FamilyGuy1441d ago

WTF, wasn't that enough already?

Sony revealed so much, other than some fan requested games what more are you guys wanting?

I'm 100% sold on the PS4, The Vita Tv and the PS4s games lineup, future games and its feature set. What more do they need to do?

The VR headset is pretty much the last hardware request.

MazzingerZ1441d ago

During dec will come ND game announcement

Ezz20131441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

sooo, Yoshida is saying that they will show the new ps4 game that
called "No Surprises Left"

cool :D

Bigpappy1441d ago

This N4G lingo keeps changing on me, so I have to ask for clarification. Tell me if I got it right:

yoshida lies to gamers and say that there will be no new reveals at TGS, then reveals new stuff at TGS, that is just trolling gamers and that's cool.

If someone at M$ says that Kinect has to be connected to X1, then weeks later they say you can now disconnect Kinect, that is flat out lying to gamers and that's uncool.

I am lost on this lie/troll thing. Please help.

ohiostatesman1441d ago

The last guardian will still be released but it will be a huge money loser for Sony. Sony sunk too much money into this niche game that only a vocal minority care about. Its been in development even before the PS3 was released. And has yet to see any returns. Very troubling.

sak5001441d ago


You are so obsessed with Microsoft that you even mention in an article which is about SONY and has nothing to do with MS. In secure much?

n4rc1441d ago


are you honestly serious? go take a look in the xbox only post about the dgpu... hundreds of troll comments by ps4 fanboys..

someone even mentions xbox in a sony thread and all hell breaks loose...

why am i not surprised?

sak5001441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


That's what i'm saying. Did you not reach his comment? He's downplaying MS even when the story is on a negative side about sony not having any more surprises for TGS. So sarcastically he's saying all they'll see is football from Microsoft.

The SDF members have been trolling all MS articles for quite sometime in recent times similar to the times of 360 and PS3 launch in 2005/2006. Once the reality set in that both consoles were much closer to each other in performance then over hyped by KK KH they lost their steam.

Now again before the launch and by MS's own fiasco they got fuel for their negative campaign against MS. However when MS did 180 and things turned much better for X1 these sony loyalist became insecure that they are trolling every article with a smear campaign against X1.

stage881441d ago

This confirms it will be full of surprises! Yay!

Yosp always trolls before big events, he's great Sony PR.

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JoGam1442d ago

I smell B.S. I think yosh is lying about having nothing to show.

AznGaara1442d ago

Wouldn't be the first time. Remember before E3 2010 they said "There's no Twisted Metal" lol

Dee_911441d ago

lmao of course he is joking

ssj271441d ago

No BS here, he knows that we know deep down that TLG will be showed with a release date!

So he is not lying, we know it and it will not be a surprise.

Wishful thinking haha

The Great Melon1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


Deep Do... I see what you did there... I think.

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kewlkat0071442d ago

Except Japan will have to wait for February for the PS4...Ohwell.

Sony knows where the biggest and most important markets are.

filipakos1441d ago

xbox and wii u arent anything special in japan that why they start with EU and US where the real antagonism begins and let things go smoother in japan

HammadTheBeast1441d ago

Not really.... they know that MS can't possibly do anything in Japan, and Nintendo's Wii U isn't the greatest, so they know they have time.

cleft51442d ago

PSVita TV is probably going to be a real big deal. That paired with the PS4 is going to be great. I am interested in seeing what they do with that in the West. A device that lets me play Vita games for $100 is something I want.

iamnsuperman1442d ago

I am with you on this. This will be one of the cheapest Consoles on the market so I suspect Vita software sales to go through the roof with this device on the market. They only issue Sony has is advertising it as it might be quite hard to advertise it clearly and with no confusion

The Great Melon1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

PS Vita TV has incredible potential if they allow Gaikai on it. Rather than just being a TV version of the Vita, it can become a PSN portal that allows you to play practically any game on it. I bet that's why they are waiting to release it in the West. They probably want to market PS+ and PS Vita TV as a powerful duo.

MotoDot1442d ago

I don't know why people are complaining about the games , PS4 have a shit-ton of games already .

dale_denton1441d ago

he's trolling us.... as always