Prizefighter to include Wii Fit Balance Board support

Don King Presents: Prizefighter will be hitting the Xbox 360 this spring, but in September the game will be released on the Wii and DS. It's the Wii version that sounds most exciting, with developer Venom Games including support for the soon to be released Wii Fit Balance Board.

"We're also including Wii Fit and the Balance Board, and we're very excited about this," said Matthew Seymour, Executive Producer, 2K Europe. "Myself and the developers love the Balance Board, and we'll be utilising that not to fight, because that would be a little weird, but for the training games. So doing the jump rope training game, and push ups and all of that kind of stuff, will all be nicely woven using the Balance Board."

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wiizy3897d ago

now that sounds great.. the wii and wiifit has developers thinking again.

PS360WII3897d ago

alright alright. It's starting to happen more and more devs will be using that balance board.... hopefully ;)

3897d ago
ManOnFire3896d ago

Does anyone know if this would be optional ? I would think it would have to be because not everyone that is interested in thier game will have the balance board. I love the idea of using it though because it will immerse you even more into your role as a boxer. I will keep my eye on this one and hope it comes out great.